Happy Labor Day! The holiday brought Disneyland‘s busy summer season to an end over the weekend with high temperatures and events and changes across the resort. Despite the heat, over 25,000 runners turned out for the annual Disneyland Half-Marathon events which made their way through both theme parks, Downtown Disney and the streets of Anaheim. In Disneyland, construction continues on the new Starbucks location on Main Street, USA as it nears its September opening and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad‘s refurbishment continues in Frontierland. Meanwhile, two Disneyland classics are soon closing, potentially forever. In Disney California Adventure, Paradise Pier celebrated the end of summer with a party at the pier that featured Disney characters in costume and various sideshow acts.

Don’t miss your weekly Disneyland Resort crowd forecast — provided by our friends at MouseAddict — in the Weekly News and Information Roundup at the end of today’s update!

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Welcome to Disneyland!

The Labor Day holiday weekend marked the official end of summer for the Disneyland Resort.

Fall color can already be seen in Town Square flower beds

A look at wait times just before noon on Saturday.

Refurbishment Round-Up

On Main Street, window signage went up at the new Starbucks location.

The newly-expanded and remodeled Market House with Starbucks is set to open later this month.

Original Starbucks logo on the window

“Since Seventy-One” references Starbucks’ opening year of 1971 but is left open enough to suggest “Since 1871,” which would fit with Main Street’s theme.

What you may not have noticed was the signage along the Market House facade has also changed.

Over in Frontierland, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment continues…

More signage has gone up on the rebuilt Rainbow Ridge facades

Panhandle Hotel

On the ground, the repaved Big Thunder Trail has reopened with new themed pavement replacing some of the last remaining painted slurry in the park.

The repaving project also included replacing much of the safety railing along Big Thunder Trail. The new handrails brought safety netting to portions where there is inadequate fall safety.

Sort of seems a bit excessive, no?

Speaking of fall safety, more tarps and scaffolding along the Fantasyland rooftops went up while work is to install themed safety railing continues…

Creeping in…

Halloween Time continues to creep in as the popular holiday season gets closer to its September 13 start date. Main Street window displays continue to get seasonal decorations added.

In the Penny Arcade, candy displays are now changed for the fall.

Seasonal treats are now available

Main Street’s Fortuosity Shoppe has been invaded by a murder of crows once again for Halloween.

Back in Frontierland, Big Thunder Ranch and Jamboree closes tomorrow to install its Halloween overlay

Over in New Orleans Square, the Haunted Mansion is now closed to install its popular Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay.

In Tomrorowland, Space Mountain closes next Monday to install its Ghost Galaxy overlay

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Glowing Away

A couple of classic Disneyland experiences are closing soon and neither of them are expected to return in quite the same way that you can currently experience them. In Tomorrowland, the Captain EO Tribute is on Disneyland’s refurbishment calendar to close for three months, starting next week. The closure is set to stretch into late November but fans of Captain EO aren’t expecting the classic 3D show to return.

Disney hasn’t made any announcements as far as replacements go, but there’s little chance a permanent replacement could be installed in three months time. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Michael Jackson movie closed permanently on Septmeber 11 and the Magic Eye Theater remained dark indefinitely following the closure. We’ll see what happens in the coming months but if you’re a Captain EO fan, you should make a point to see the show one last time just in case it does close permanently.

In New Orleans Square, we told you last week about rumors surrounding the quiet Court of Angels. Current rumors suggest the courtyard will be closed to become Club 33’s new main lobby as part of a larger expansion for the private club.

In recent years Disney has tried to turn the courtyard, which is tucked away off New Orleans Square’s main path, into a revenue-generating space. During the holidays, the courtyard has been converted into a holiday ornament shop, and last year the Pirate’s League kid makeover experience set up shop in the space during Halloween Time.

Now, the space is expected to become part of Club 33’s expanded footprint, which will effectively (at least on paper) make the space a permanent revenue-generator. There’s nothing wrong with making Club 33 bigger to make more money, but it’s a different issue when the club – which has traditionally been out-of-sight and out-of-mind to the average guest – begins to take over space once open to all park guests and makes it space that only a privileged few can enjoy.

It’s true that right now information is largely unclear and unofficial. Disney has yet to make any official announcements on the issue and rumors have been conflicting and unclear. If Club 33’s entrance does relocate to Court of Angels, it would make sense for the space to be closed to the public so that the club can maintain the same sense of exclusivity for its members. It’s also worth mentioning that Disneyland’s hugely popular “A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour” takes guests into the Club 33 lobby and Disney uses that as a major selling point for the tour – if the new Club entrance was open to the public, Disney would lose a big selling point of one of its most popular tours.

While Disney’s financial interests in the Court of Angels is a major point in this discussion, the importance of the Court of Angels to the guest experience is equally important, if not more so. Disney photographer and blogger Tom Bricker over at Disney Tourist Blog summed up the issue quite well and I encourage you all to read his piece on the subject.

At the end of the day, it’s true that many guests probably won’t notice if Club 33 expansion closes the Court of Angels to the public. But even if that argument is true, that doesn’t mean it makes anything right. There’s a reason that Disney theme parks are built with these sorts of hidden corners, pathways and courtyards. As Tom discusses, these spaces are the “Disney details” that set Disney apart from the competition.

It’s spaces like the Court of Angels that allow guests to explore and discover; it’s these little corners of quiet discovery that make the entire Disneyland experience believable. Being able to take an unexpected turn around the corner from the main path into a hidden courtyard makes places like New Orleans Square feel real and lived in. Places like the Royal Courtyard (which was turned into an overflow Pirates of the Caribbean shop in 2006) and the Court of Angels are part of the reason why New Orleans Square feels so authentic and hits such a strong nerve with so many guests. So, while Disney may see the empty space in the parks as opportunities for increased profits, they’d do well to take a moment to consider why the original park designers included these spaces. There’s immense value in these spaces that Christmas ornaments, Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirts, or Club 33 membership dues can never recoup. These spaces are a large part of the magic that Disney endlessly touts in its marketing but so often fails to understand and respect.

The Court of Angels is the last of New Orleans Square’s wonderful hideaways and even if fan outcry does nothing, I think it’s important that Disney hear what its paying customers think about decisions like this. In 2006 The small Royal Courtyard between the Port Royal and Pieces of Eight gift shops slipped away and became overflow retail space. In 2008 the invaluable original Disney Gallery became the lavish, but now-often unoccupied, Disneyland Dream Suite and nobody but Disney benefited. Hopefully the Court of Angels rumors end up being false or plans are changed – but if it does go away, then if nothing else, hopefully Disney will notice the fan outcry and perhaps start to notice that we aren’t always just complaining to complain and that some things are worth saving.

Welcome to California Adventure

Summer wrapped up in California Adventure with a party on Paradise Pier for Limited Time Magic.

A look at wait times Sunday afternoon.

Limited Time Magic

[center]Attend an End of Summer Party at the Pier
at Disney California Adventure
August 26 to September 2, 2013
Disney celebrated the end-of-summer last week with a “party at the pier” for Limited Time Magic. The offering ends ofter today’s Labor Day holiday. Below is Disney’s information on the summer parties:

The sun might be setting on summer, but before it does, Limited Time Magic wants you in attendance for a celebration at the shore! Just as August comes to a close, take a jovial stroll down to Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure Park where you can find a most vibrant atmosphere, one bustling with fantastic boardwalk-style variety acts. Then, discover some of your favorite Disney Characters, each one perfectly appointed for a day at the beach. It’s only going down for a limited time, so grab your friends and family, and join all the fun under the sun at the End of Summer Party at the Pier!

Disney characters were out in vintage beachwear

Sideshow acts roamed the boardwalk, adding a lively atmosphere to Paradise Pier.

Card tricks and magic

A clown-type character joked with guests and had fun activities for kids

A contortionist performed on a small stage near Mickey’s Fun Wheel

A video clip of some of the live entertainment

[center]Celebrate Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
at Disney California Adventure
August 26 to September 2, 2013
For this week’s Limited Time Magic, Disney is repackaging a bunch of things it normally offers at Disney California Adventure and calling it an celebration for Oswald. Below is Disney’s blurb on the offering:

Come along for a moment 86 years in the making‚Äîon September 5, 1927, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit debuted in a short film titled “Trolley Troubles.” And to celebrate the anniversary, you’re invited to attend a Limited Time Magic party for all things Oswald at the Disneyland Resort! Hop on over to Clarabelle’s in Disney California Adventure Park for a delicious Oswald Ice Cream Sundae in a souvenir Red Car Trolley cup. Also, be sure to stop by Oswald’s or Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park where you can find Oswald-inspired merchandise that will have you smiling from ear to ear, including artwork, vintage signs, Oswald Ear hats and more!

All of the merch that Disney is promoting this week is always available at Oswald’s and the special sundae is always available at Clarabelle’s…

Actually not limited time:

[center]Unleash the Villains on Friday the 13th
at Disneyland Park
Friday, September 13, 2013
Disneyland will stay open until 1 a.m. on Friday the 13th with 13 Disney villains meeting with fans around the park in the evening to celebrate. Below is the information Disney has released so far on the event.

Coming Friday, September 13, get ready to experience the most spine-tingling bit of Limited Time Magic yet at the Disneyland Resort! From 8:00 PM until 1:00 AM‚Äö√Ñ√Æa.k.a. the 13th hour‚Äö√Ñ√Æthe Disney Villains will be waiting for your arrival as they make their way to various areas of Disneyland Park. Come along for this devilishly delicious affair, on a night jam-packed with 13 dastardly Disney baddies and a host of fiendish festivities. It’s a one-time event you won’t soon forget‚Äö√Ѭ∂ even if you try! And be on the lookout for further announcements and more details as the date of the event draws closer, only at Disney Parks!

[center]Disney California Adventure Park After-Hours Event
A Limited Time Annual Passholder Magic Event
at Disneyland Park
September 5 & 19, 2013
Passholders can enjoy an after-hours party at California Adventure on September 5 and 19th with select attractions, dining locations and more available.

    Disney California Adventure Park After-Hours Event for Annual Passholders

    At this Limited Time Annual Passholder Magic event, Passholders can experience select Disney California Adventure Park attractions, merchandise and dining locations for an additional 3 hours after regular Disney California Adventure Park closing.

    Thursday, September 5, 2013
    Thursday, September 19, 2013

    After regular park closing on these days (currently scheduled at 8:00 PM) until 11:00 PM.

    Special Gift
    In celebration of The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition—releasing for the first time on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and HD Digital on October 1, 2013—registered attendees can also get a special gift upon exiting the event (while supplies last).

    Event Details

      • Registration and wristband distribution for the event will begin at noon on the day of the event near Ticket Booth #4 in the Main Entrance Esplanade at the Disneyland Resort.
      • All participating Annual Passholders must present their active Annual Passport to the event Cast Member to check event availability and to register and receive an event wristband. Photo ID may be required.
      • Registration must be completed in person near Ticket Booth #4 in the Main Entrance Esplanade on the day of the event only; no phone reservations or other registration will be accepted.
      • Registration and distribution of event wristbands will continue while event wristband supplies last.
      • This is an all-ages event. However, all participating Guests ages 3 and older must be valid Annual Passholders on the day of the event. Children under 3 may attend the event as long as there is space available and they receive an event wristband during the registration process.

      • It is recommended that all members of your party register together to help ensure that everyone receives an event wristband.
      • More information

Marathon Madness

Disneyland hosted its Half-Marathon Weekend over the Labor Day weekend. The event drew 25,500 runners from all 50 states and 15 countries. Runner Jimmy Grabow from Runner Springs, CA won the title in the Disneyland Half-Marathon again this year.

Stephanie Dinius, from Palo Alto claimed the women’s title.

The Disneyland Hotel convention center hosted the half-marathon’s Health and Fitness Expo over the weekend.

Lots of official event merchandise

The expo floor was filled with booths from major sponsors and other organizations, companies and retailers.

The New Balance booth had the popular RunDisney shoes again this year

The RunDisney booth had event medals on display

The new medal for this year’s inaugural Dumbo Double Dare event

This and That

Back in Disneyland, Indiana Jones Adventure got another small update, with another new voice for the idol Mara. This time the voice is now closer to the original – a nice improvement from the previous voice.

Our friends at Dlandlive.com have a video of the updated effect.

In Downtown Disney, work continues to get underway at the new Starbucks location…

Next to the Downtown Disney Monorail station, the Disney Pin Traders shop has reopened after a quick refurbishment.

New signage

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Weekly News & Information Round-Up
Weekly Theme Park Hours
September 2 – 8, 2013
[B]Disneyland Park[/B] [B]California Adventure[/B]
8am – 11pm
10am – 7pm
9am – 10pm
9am – 11pm
8am – 10pm
9am – 10pm
[CENTER]For a complete listing of theme park hours,
visit the Disneyland.com Theme Park Calendar
[center]Closure and Refurbishment Schedule[/center]
[b][center]Disneyland Park[/center][/b]
  • [b]Market House:[/b] Closed for conversion and expansion for new Starbucks location. Opens September 2013.
  • [b]Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:[/b] Closed for extensive refurbishment through February 2014.
  • [B]Matterhorn Bobsleds:[/B] Closed September 3-5 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Haunted Mansion:[/B] Closed August 26-September 12 for Haunted Mansion Holiday installation.
  • [B]Big Thunder Ranch:[/B] Closed September 3-12 for Halloween overlay installation and November 1-7 for holiday overlay installation.
  • [B]Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island:[/B] Closed September 3-4.
  • [B]Mickey’s House:[/B] Closed September 3-26 for refurbishment.
  • [B]King Arthur Carrousel:[/B] Closed September 3 – October 10 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Mark Twain Riverboat:[/B] Closed September 9-12.
  • [B]Space Mountain:[/B] Closed September 9-12 for Ghost Galaxy overlay installation.
  • [B]Captain EO Tribute:[/B] Closed September 11-November 20.
  • [B]Sailing Ship Columbia:[/B] Closed September 17-19 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Mad Tea Party:[/B] Closed October 14-24 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Storybook Land Canal Boats:[/B] Closed October 14-24 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Casey Jr. Circus Train:[/B] Closed October 14-24 for refurbishment.
  • [B]”it’s a small world”:[/B] Closed October 27-November 7 to install holiday overlay.
  • [B]Dumbo the Flying Elephant:[/B] Closed October 28-November 11 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Alice in Wonderland:[/B] Expected to close early 2014 to install permanent safety railing on outdoor ride portion.
[b][center]Disney California Adventure[/center][/b]
  • [b]Muppet*Vision 3D:[/b] Closed September 9-12.
  • [b]Toy Story Midway Mania!:[/b] Closed September 16-19 for refurbishment.
  • [B]Flik’s Flyers:[/B] Closed October 27-November 14 for refurbishment.
[b][center]Downtown Disney and Disneyland Resort Hotels[/center][/b]
  • Starbucks Coffee: New Starbucks store under construction in former BLINK by Wet Seal location. Opens this winter.
A weekly look at projected crowd levels at the Disneyland Resort.[/center]

September 2 – 8, 2013


About This Week’s Estimates
Our Addictometer™ crowd estimates are designed to give you an idea of how busy the resort feels. These estimates are an average for the day — levels will fluctuate from open to close.

  • Summer is over, school is in session, and we’re entering what is now a very short off-season at Disneyland.
  • Area hotels are all booked for Monday, but empty for the rest of the week.
  • Over the next two weeks, a slate of refurbishments are scheduled, as well as preparations for Halloweentime… which, like Holiday Time, comes earlier and earlier!

Are you already a Mouseaddict? Be sure to submit your wait times to help us help you!

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[center]Headline Roundup
A quick look at noteworthy Disney theme park headlines from around the web.[/center]
OK – That wraps up this week’s edition of Dateline Disneyland. Did you visit the parks this hot holiday weekend? What’d you think of the Party at the Pier? How do you feel about the Court of Angels rumors? Join the discussion and let us know in the comments section below!

Happy Labor Day to all of our readers here in the USA!

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  • Internitty

    Thanks Andy I always look forward to your updates. I think we can kiss the Court of Angels goodbye, if we look at the greed infecting the resort there is not a chance that if they see a chance for a buck they’re not going to seize it. I dread what is going to happen this Christmas, so rapidly approaching. The last couple of years have taken the Disney out of Disneyland.

  • DisneyDesi

    All of these safety railings are ridiculous. The railings on the castle look terrible. Hopefully they are just temporary fixes until they can create something that looks like it belongs.

  • Haven

    Whew, I have been so concerned about Disneyland not having enough financial generating space that I have been wondering how they have remained open for the last 58 years. I am so happy they are able to find some extra space in the Court of Angels.

  • whamo

    I love the Court of Angels almost as much as I loved the old Disney Art Gallery. It’s a crying shame we’re going to lose it. It’s the most beautiful spot in the park. On the other hand, those marathon t-shirts looked fantastic. I want one of those disappearing cat and Mad Hatter masterpieces. Those are so cool. A few of the other ones caught my eye as well. It’s hard to believe 25,000 ran in that heat. I bet they were sweating bullets.
    I can’t wait until the weather cools off little bit so I can enjoy the park again.

  • Peoplemover Priit

    Sad to say but I believe Disneyland’s “improvements” are trending downhill…

    • tonyrr1

      Agree completely.

    • Algernon

      Welcome to Coney Island. Hurry, hurry, step right up–everybody is a winnuhhhhh!!!!

  • tonyrr1

    First off, one of your better updates Andy; well done. Fabulous photos, and thanks so much for posting so many of the Court des Anges. Having been to New Orleans, there are indeed some small, quiet nooks in the French Quarter and surrounding areas that are calms in the midst of the typical busy-ness of that area, and I think Court des Anges pulls off that quiet vibe nicely. I never visit Disneyland and not take a moment to breathe and observe in Court des Anges, and it seems there are always little details there that I don’t remember seeing the last time.

    If Disneyland management does what’s being suggested, that will be a serious loss for the park and to we non-privileged guests. I suppose they could fall back on the Walt-ism about Disneyland never being finished and always changing, but there are just some pieces of the park that, for aesthetic or character or quality-of-guest-experience reasons, should really be inviolate. It feels akin to removing Snow White’s wishing well and turning it into a Fantasyland character meet & greet or something. Of course, as long as they refuse to put the Rocket Jets… er, Astro Orbiter… back on top of the PeopleMover station where it belongs, nothing will surprise me.

  • bayouguy

    The update was great. That one sunset picture (sunset over Rivers of America) was beautiful. Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend doing whatever.

  • jcruise86

    Andy, I wish I had written this about New Orleans Square:

    “It’s spaces like the Court of Angels that allow guests to explore and discover; it’s these little corners of quiet discovery that make the entire Disneyland experience . . . Being able to take an unexpected turn around the corner from the main path into a hidden courtyard makes places like New Orleans Square feel real and lived in. Places like the Royal Courtyard (which was turned into an overflow Pirates of the Caribbean shop in 2006) and the Court of Angels are part of the reason why New Orleans Square feels so authentic and hits such a strong nerve with so many guests. So, while Disney may see the empty space in the parks as opportunities for increased profits, they’d do well to take a moment to consider why the original park designers included these spaces. There’s immense value in these spaces that Christmas ornaments, Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirts, or Club 33 membership dues can never recoup. These spaces are a large part of the magic that Disney endlessly touts in its marketing but so often fails to understand and respect.”

    • jcruise86

      Andy, I shouldn’t have deleted “believable,” at the end of your first sentence after “experience.” Without it, the sentence seems a bit hyperbolic. My bad. Thanks for writing so well!

      –Tom Sinsky

    • Larry Parker

      Regarding closing of the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square, here’s the email link to Disney where guests can voice their concerns(as I just did, and I encourage others to do likewise): https://disneyland.disney.go.com/help/email/

      • I’ve voiced my concern, and I also encourage everyone to do the same.

      • caseyj

        I just sent an email as well. Thank you for posting the link.

      • The Lost Boy

        Thanks for the link. I let the Park know that I’m looking forward to the changes at Club 33. I think they will be great improvements.

    • MarkW

      Agreed! Loss of Court of Angels, if true, would be sad, indeed. As a kid, it truly was magical when I discovered this little, out-of-the-way courtyard. Touches like Court of Angels do help make New Orleans Square “believable.” Taking away the little things that contribute to the fantasy of being transported to a different place and time hurt more than they may appear to do on the surface.

  • fnord

    Since they’re opening Starbucks in downtown Disney, it’s too bad they’re screwing up
    the market house on main street with a starbucks. Tomorrowland would have been
    perfect for one.

  • braggfamily

    I was one of those crazy people running the half yesterday. I couldn’t believe how hot and humid it was and I’m from Phoenix and was used to training in the heat. It effected my time but I’m glad I finished. Only just over 15,000 ended up finishing. We saw lots of people at first aid stations along the way. I really hope the court of angels doesn’t close as its one of my favorite places. It would be a shame to have it disappear forever. Bummed that Mansion was closed. Wished they could have kept in open through the holiday weekend. Do we really need it to be Halloween/Christmas so early in the season? We rode Indy several times. Liked the new Mara effects but it was always stuck on the future room and didn’t get to see the other two. I had thought they fixed the moving wall. Had a great time but think I’ll skip this race in the future and do Tinkerbell as the weather is much better. Thanks so much for your updates!

    • FerretAfros

      I think the 25,000+ number of runners was the total for the 5K, 10K, Half, and Kids Races. 15,000 finishers for the Half is similar to years past

      I’m also disappointed that HM was closed for race weekend again this year. And to make it worse, it will be closed again in January for the holiday removal during the Tink race weekend. Poor timing.

  • Tinkbelle

    Andy, you are a talent! Crystal clear, beautiful pictures and the information is comprehensive and well written. Your articles are so professional that I often feel like I’m reading something put out officially by Disney. Wonderful job.

  • eicarr

    It’s amazing how the tiny New Orleans Square keeps getting smaller and smaller each decade. This was simply the cheapest way to expand Club 33. Taking over the Tarzan Tree neighboring alley elevator and dream suite would be another cheap fix.

    I wish they could expand new orleans on the other side of the tracks with a private club 33 enclosed courtyard and a luxury mini new orleans hotel. Only members/guests could go to that side. It could really add depth and atmosphere instead of taking it away.

    • LoveStallion

      Would be nice, but they’d have to do some massive renovating to get it beyond the tracks, as the only accessible area is behind the berm by the train station. The Pirates show building gets in the way elsewhere.

  • waltopia

    I always enjoyed the court of angles to sit a while and listen to the a Royal St. Bachelors jazz echo around NewOrleansSquare. Good music went away a while ago, along with many other details that once made Disneyland great. I don’t however, see that making that staircase the new Club33 entrance requires closing the rest of the courtyard to guests. No one but employees could ever climb to the top of the stairs, so now Club33 suckers, I mean members, could use a door at the top, like the original ‘secret’ door. That does not mean other guests who have paid to see the park would need to be kept away from the courtyard downstairs. It could remain basically unchanged and still serve a new purpose.

    I also agree with the post above…..I think Starbucks in Disneyland is fantastic, except putting several more locations in and outside the gates at the same time, sure make the ultra expensive experience inside the berm a lot less special.

  • davidrusk

    Always enjoy your articles. That sunset over the Rivers of America was beautiful!

    Like most I think the small out of the way spaces make a huge difference in the atmosphere at Disneyland. Imagine lining up all the major attractions side by side. Zero magic.

  • shoewee

    I really hope those people that have been whining about Starbucks now shut their mouths. Disney does some crazy stuff, but they would never wreck Main Street with a regular Starbucks Cafe. I am amazed at how nice they have the outside of the Starbucks on Main Street in Disneyland. It looks beautiful. And even more important, it looks like it fits where it belongs. I never doubted Disney with the whole Starbucks thing. Hopefully this will stifle the naysayers.

  • LoveStallion

    Incredible sunset at the RoA pics. What sort of gear do you use?

    Great update, and I’ll be bummed if we lose the Court of Angels. I’m getting pretty burned out on Disney’s unending quest to raise stock value at all costs. I thought Iger would be a good thing for the company, but I think all he’s really done of positive note is mend fences with (and purchase) Pixar. The Marvel and Lucasfilm acquisitions could prove fruitful, but until I see the results, I will leave them out of the discussion.

  • Larry Parker

    Regarding closing of the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square, here’s the email link to Disney where guests can voice their concerns(as I just did, and I encourage others to do likewise): https://disneyland.disney.go.com/help/email/

  • ralzap

    Court of Angels is what sets a theme park from an amusement park. Disney Co. you decide! $$$$$$$$. I have already have to cut my travel to your park. Soon I will not be able to go at all.

  • animatronic

    What are the Oswald sundae ears made of? If they’re bananas – this guy is on board!

    • Tinkbelle

      Yes, they are bananas. It is a yummy treat. But it has been there since at least last April when I had it.

  • GhostHostJeff

    I hope Disney doesn’t do anything with the Court of Angels. This is one of the last little spots in Disneyland that, like you said, you can truly discover and enjoy. Disneyland is already full of retail shops, why do we need that space for any sort of retail during the Christmas season? Club 33 has done just fine with its small entrance tucked away next to the Blue Bayou. I’m all for Disney adding to the experience for all who come, but to take something away for pure profit and for an “elite” few is ridiculous and not the Disney I know.

    On the other hand, the Starbucks is a plus in my book. I think it blends in very well from the outside, and I will be getting a coffee there on my next visit!

    Thanks for another great update.

  • Soulquarian

    Ugh, safety nets along Big Thunder Trail are an eyesore in the pictures! I really hope it’s not as bad in person! This safety kick is getting so out of hand so fast!

  • BrerDan

    Sorry, this Starbucks naysayer isn’t going to stop 🙂 I never doubted that Disney would do a pretty nice job with theming to fit the Starbucks location into Main Street. My concern–which does appear to be justified–was with the transformation of a lovely series of intimate experiences into one large, cavernous hall. This is what happened across the way, and I still mourn the loss of the Gibson Girl glass elephant, prominent penny arcade machines, and more. I used to enjoy wandering through that section of Main Street and adored the connected series of small rooms. Yes, Starbucks is popular and necessitates a bigger space, but that’s part of why I wish it weren’t coming. I also really, really will miss the free refills. I would use those as a good reason to sit and take a little break throughout the day. Finally, I personally prefer the previously offered flavor coffee to Starbucks.

    Can I recognize that Disney has probably done the best they could once they made the decision to put it there? Maybe…but that doesn’t mean I agree with the decision in the first place. I think the creation of more cavernous cue line spaces and the loss of the inner rooms results in a loss of the “quiet discovery” that was so eloquently described relative to the Court of Angels. I think the same argument applies here. In both cases there is some logic behind the changes, in both cases there is likely going to be a pleasant enough final product, and in both cases there is something lost for the average park goer that she or he may not even realized they’ve lost.

  • Susie63

    When can we expect “official” word on the extended refurb of BTMRR?

  • Crazee4mm

    Did they have to install temporary hand railings for the workers who were installing the permenant ones? This is getting crazy. Why aren’t the other theme parks being forced to “baby” and “Idiot proof” their parks? The day is coming when Disney installs a giant Erecter Set type of elevator in front of the castle so that their workers don’t run the risk of tripping on the stairs inside while climbing. Nice to know that my AP price jumped so dramatically so that they could afford to install tons of unnecessary railings, netting, and “protective” measures so that the dumb-as-dirt guests and cast members can’t possibly come to any harm…regardless of how much they try.

  • mybelleprncess

    Thanks for the update,hoping the Court of Angels stays like everyone else here. The ROA picture is really nice.

  • LazyJG

    I agree that the Court of Angels is a major loss to Disneyland lovers but where were you all when the unique Carnations Plaza Gardens and the Swing Dance area that Walt himself danced on was ruined forever to help sell more princesses

  • QPerth

    Oh Andy, those pictures of the dusk sky over the castle and Rivers of America are just breathtaking. Literally. Wow.

    A wonderful update, thanks so much, the Parks are really looking gorgeous from where I am sitting!