The Window to the Magic Podcast is the longest running Disneyland-centered podcast on the Internet, and has been releasing shows since July 2005, Disneyland’s 50th anniversary.

AND NOW, we are the newest podcast to join the Micechat family, and are very excited about this brand-new opportunity to meet all of you, and to surround you with the magic of Disney!

In the inaugural episode of the Window to the Magic podcast on Micechat, we take a look back at the 55th anniversary of The Disneyland Resort, and listen to our host, Paul Barrie, as he explains what he experienced on this exciting day. On this episode you will get to march along with Disneyland’s All-American College Band, hear the official re-dedication of Disneyland, enjoy a currently closed for refurbishment ride, and enjoy some music from the now extinct Carnation Plaza Gardens.

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The Ultimate Disney Audio Adventure, “A WindowtotheMagic” is brought to you by “Disney Sounds Guy” Paul J Barrie, Jr and by his co-hosts Jeremiah Good & Magic Joe. WTTM is a free weekly trip into the wonderful world of the Disney Theme Parks & Resorts, and the feeling of “being there” through 3-D (binaural) audio. The show includes audio adventures from Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and include an audio game called “Where in the Park?” which is a game played with your ears! Are you a Disney Nut? Do you love the PeopleMover or the Adventure Thru Inner Space? …then this is the podcast for you!

For the full show notes for this and every Window to the Magic episode, along with more information about this podcast and for links to other exciting things that we are involved with, please follow this link to our official website.

  • Paul, welcome to the MicePod! Your show is the perfect fit for our audience and I know our readers are going to love it!

    • Thanks, Dusty! I look forward to sharing our vast collection of audio adventures with our new micechat family! REMEMBER TO LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES to Surround Yourself with the Magic!

  • caltex

    Awesome news! WTTM always brings back great memories.

    • Thank you for listening! We are excited to be here, and we are glad that you are excited, as well!

    • rickjohn72

      I have been listening to Window To The Magic for over three years and been a recurring supporter about two and half, It is by far my favorite Podcast. I’m so excited to have another avenue to listen, and give others an opportunity hear it maybe for the first time. Thanks Paul and Jeremiah for all the hard work.

      • Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for your continued support of the show! We are excited to be on as well… Thanks for spreading the love!

  • EpTxGuy

    Fun podcast! I’m anxious to hear more. Thank you for this.

    • Thank you for listening! We are excited to be here, and we are glad that you are excited, as well! There are many ways to enjoy the back catalog of WindowtotheMagic episodes. You can listen to them here on when we start to share the classic episodes, you can find us on iTunes (search wttm), and we even have a wttm podcast app for apple and android! Enjoy!

  • Internitty

    Great listening thank you for the effort you put in. I am blown away by the sound quality, I’ve been looking for a recorder and mic to record this good live, I hope I can find equipment as good as yours 🙂

    • I am very appreciative of the fact that you not only noticed the sound quality, but also took the time to come to and make a comment on the wall to mention it. You would be surprised at how inexpensive the equipment is that I use when I record in the parks. However, the equipment that is used in post production costs a pretty penny. Also, there is a fair amount of acquired knowledge that assists in the audio quality as well.

      Again… Thank you very much for your kind words, and for noticing the sound quality.

      • Internitty

        When it comes to making great recordings I am a firm believer that the most important thing is experience so I completely understand what you mean by “acquired knowledge”. Can’t wait until next weeks edition 🙂

  • jchamb268

    Two fantastic things in one place? Doesn’t get much better than this.

    As always Paul, it is a pleasure to listen to your shows each week.

    Please become a recurring supporter of WTTM, not only do you get bonus content but you help keep a fantastic show going.

    • It is awesome to see some familiar names here on mic, and I am glad that you are still enjoying the show, my friend!

  • Eric Davis

    Welcome to MiceChat! So glad to have your incredible podcasts join the MicePod!

    • Thank you, Eric, for the warm welcome. We are excited to be here, and we are looking forward to getting the opportunity to share our podcast with so many new listeners. We know that everyone here has a passion and love for Disney, and that is exactly the people that we do our show for… Enjoy!

  • Timhotep

    Awesome podcast and welcome!! This is truly a great addition and I will enjoy catching up on what I’ve missed so far! I listen to my Micechat podcasts everyday at work, so having you here now is stupendous!!!!

    • Thank you, Tim, for the wonderful welcome, and have fun listening to the back catalog. There are over 385 shows that are currently availabl in the back catalog, and each one should be an awesome and fun experience for you. Enjoy!

  • CreepyMonkey

    Paul, welcome to the Micepod family! So excited to have you join our family of shows! 🙂

    • … And we are super excited to have the opportunity to be here! Thank you so much for making us feel welcome.

  • Paul…You Rock My Friend. Welcome bro! 😉


    • Your check is in the mail, Doug.


  • Tannerman

    Excited to see additional exposure for WTTM. Surround yourself with the magic, MiceChat!

    • Hi, Steve! Thanks for stopping by the new digs. Pretty Swanky, huh?