Lads and lassies, we have a nice update for you today from the Disneyland Resort.  Disney California Adventure and Disneyland are both experiencing a wonderful lull in attendance.  So, if you can get out of work, or school, this is a great time to hit the parks.  It’s also a great time to go see Oswald in DCA.  Well, not really SEE him, more like see a bunch of Oswald merchandise.  But, what did you expect from Limited TIme Magic?  We also have the latest information from the Big Thunder Mountain Refurb where a train was recently spotted on the tracks.  Don’t get your hopes up, the current schedule still has it opening in February.  Lastly, we have the winner of last week’s Photoshop contest.  Did FrankenPressler win?  Read on and find out.


For a limited time, Disney California adventure will, as the Disney Parks Blog puts it, bring back “…all things Oswald.”  What does that mean?  Well, not too much really.  There will be no Oswald walk-around character, so don’t ask.  Instead, it appears that they will merely be highlighting the character with fully stocked merchandise shelves and treats inspired by the tall-eared character.













Meh.  The celebration of Oswald will be continuing through Sunday, September 8th.


With the return of the school year, kids are hard at work terrorizing the teachers, leaving the streets of DCA relatively empty.  It’s not going to last long, but it’s lovely to stroll through the parks during a lull like this.






We have some VERY special news and a great opportunity for you to sail away with the beloved Disney Imagineering legend, Bob Gurr. 

Bob Gurr will be joining us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy.

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Last chance for the current MiceChat news and rumor podcast, next week will be a brand new show.

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From DCA we head to Disneyland Park. Right now we are experiencing one of the few “off-season” moments left in the calendar year for this charming little park.  With school finally back in session the park can be downright empty at times!

Even more Halloween merchandise and decorations have crept into the stores and windows on Main Street USA.  We know about Disney showcase, more on our display decorating contest in a minute, but the other stores are getting spooky now too.



Jack Skellington merchandise is here all year long.




But these cookies and costumes and Halloween shirts are new.  Well, no, the cookies are from last year, but hey, who’s keeping track?






The decorations in this store are simply brilliant.  Step into the Fortuosity shop on the left side of Main Street U.S.A. and you will instantly see a theme done right.  They kept in step with the turn of the century look of Main Street U.S.A and stocked every nook and cranny with vintage decorations.


But the fun doesn’t end there.  No, the store has a theme of it’s own in that it has been invaded by a murder of crows.









Find the witch crow and you get a prize! (not really)














It is a breathtaking overlay that you should make a point of seeing if you visit the park before Halloween (that is if the store doesn’t transform to Christmas before Halloween is over).

King Arthur Carousel

The King Arthur Carousel is currently down for a well-deserved refurbishment.  It is scheduled to return on October 11th.



Safety land

The work continues along the rooftops in Fantasyland. Safety first people!

IMG_0389 IMG_0390



This week, the Big thunder Trail reopened.  Now the rough-hewn dried mud look runs from the front of big thunder, all the way over to Fantasyland’s border.





Along the higher ledges new netting has been installed in the railings.


Amazing to think there was once a time when guests were expected to have at least a tiny bit of personal responsibility and common sense.







A Big Thunder train has been spotted on the track. They have been pulling it through testing clearances as well. That big white disk with the extensions simulates the widest reach of a guest’s hands.

This was seen by our new ITP photographer, Disneyloon. What do you say folks, should we keep him?


We’re getting closer to Halloween. So that must mean Christmas, right?  Well, no, but Jack Skellington and his crew will be fully moved in and the attraction is set to open with the kick off of Halloweentime at the Disneyland Resort on Friday, September 13th. While we enjoy this overlay, we sure do wish they’d wait until AFTER Halloween to install it.







Last week we had several MiceChatters suggest what they thought would look better in the rather boring Halloween display inside Disney Showcase.  And even after the many great ideas our readers sent in, the display still hasn’t been changed.


Last week, our readers voted among the 5 eligible entries, (what, no love for the tasteless Miley Cirus and Robin Thicke display?), we finally have a winner.


daveyjonesHitchhiking Ghosts

Congratulations to DaveyJones and thank you to all that entered.  Davey will be receiving a wonderful bag o’crap from the MiceChat prize vault. Let’s hope that the Disney Park Enhancements team takes some inspiration from this clever, classic design and livens up this dead spot.



Heads up Disney fans, here’s a great opportunity for you to hobnob with Broadway’s finest at an evening of Disney music in Hollywood. Meet the stars of some of your favorite films and Broadway shows as they present a cabaret style show in Studio City. It’s the sort of show you’ll be kicking yourself for not attending if you miss it. And it’s just ten bucks. Wow!


Jon Binkowski discusses his career in the Themed Entertainement Industry as well as the creation, operation and closing of the infamous Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach. It’s one of those rare conversations where you hear someone think through their successes and failures. And Hard Rock Park was certainly a failure.


We end the update with a few choice shots from around the park.  Too often the details get lost in our rush to the next E-ticket.  Slow down, enjoy the park.




_DSC0018 _DSC0136




That about wraps things up for this week. A BIG thanks to new ITP Photographer, Disneyloon for his help this week. See you next Friday when we will have full coverage of the opening day of Halloweentime at the Disneyland Resort. Until then, we’ll see you In the Parks!


  • Instidude

    All I can say about the safety rails is – I’m glad Florida doesn’t have to deal with CalOSH! The railing/barricades look horrible.

    • eicarr

      Someone’s life is worth more than a silly little rail in my sight if I happen to be looking up while close to a building for some reason. The slower approval and construction pace of rides make me feel safer on California attractions too. Safety first!

      • realsurf

        You obviously have never dealt with OSHA inspectors. They are, by and large, technical bean counters. Most have never actually worked on a jobsite but are “book learned”. The OSHA-rat that started this whole safety mess with the Alice ride was in the park as a guest and decided to try to get some gold stars by making a big deal about a the safety of a 50 year old ride. This opened the flood gates of the OSHA-big-brother-nobody-ever-gets-hurt mindset. At least 95% of the on the job injuries are due to workers mistakes. But OSHA loves to fine deep pocket companies to put $$$ into the Calif. state bank vault.

      • grrandram

        Safety first! Puke.

  • disdad70

    Still don’t understand the lack of an Oswald walk around character.

    • jcruise86

      He was there for one day. Then he was kidnapped by a businessman, but escaped and returned only to be beaten up by Mickey and Al Michaels.

  • jcruise86

    Excellent photography, Norm! Thank you!

    “Left side of Main Street”? Which way are you facing? How about using east or east? Or “Left side as you face the castle.” 🙂

  • LoveStallion

    Nice to see the parks so quiet. I heard that even with hardly anyone in DCA, Radiator Springs still had a 45-minute wait.

  • MrTour

    “Amazing to think there was once a time when guests were expected to have at least a tiny bit of personal responsibility and common sense” So true!

    • I fully expect that in the future, we’ll all be placed in bubble wrapped suits and led around the parks by teams of lawyers. Then we won’t have to worry about stubbing a toe or accidentally falling through a double rail fence and getting wet in 3 feet of water in the Rivers of America.

    • daliseurat

      I agree,I don’t understand why personal responsibility had gone out the door. All this safety stuff is terrible. For YEARS workers and guest managed not to fall. One irresponsible fall or two by an idiot and everything has to be baby proofed.

      • Algernon

        A fall or two by an idiot with dollar signs in his eyes…

    • Sparky

      On a recent visit to the parks a couple of weekends ago I saw two examples, one in each park. In Disneyland, on Main Street, as a streetcar approached, clanging it’s bell and giving other warnings of it’s approach, a family ignored the warnings and continued to stand in the middle of the tracks. The streetcar had to stop while a Cast Member told the family to move out of the way. Over in DCA, a family blatantly walked right out in front of a Red Car Trolley as it traveled down Buena Vista Street, causting the trolley to have to e-stop. I don’t mean down the street a little ways, they walked literally right in front of it. How stupid can you be?

      I work for a law firm that does defense work for companies, including one that has equipment at the Resort, so I see full well how people don’t take responsibility for themselves in many of our cases. The problem, though, with going so far overboard in “bubble wrapping” everything, as the Resort is doing, is that is just “gives permission” to people to be even more lax about looking out for their own safety. There are certain environments where, even though there are safety precautions in place, you still have to be vigilant and watch out for yourself, as in a skin care manufacturing facility I one worked for. Or, around the Gold Line commuter light rail train that I ride to work. Working in the field that I now do, I certainly understand Disney’s need to protect itself, but there has to be a reasonable balance to preserve the integrity of the theming of the parks, while encouraging safety.

      • Alan Kuehnau

        I don’t want to sound “Grumpy”, but I understand Disney adding to the safety factor to not lose its revenue stream. Remember, those that would fall through such railings, stand in front of the Red Car and the carriage will buy all the merchandise pushed.

  • rstar

    Keep Disneyloon! That’s a great shot of the clearance dohicky on the train! I never knew they did that! Very cool!

  • daliseurat

    MERCHANDISE is not limited time magic with OSWALD. Let’s get a walk arounf character. That would be AMAZING.

  • thjbriggs

    Love the update. I have a Southern California pass, and we visited this Tuesday, and it was incredible.

  • Alan Kuehnau

    Oh yes,
    Terrific pictures!

  • Soulquarian

    SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!!! Give me a break! That netting is terrible. I wish it wasn’t so easy for people who get into accidents, especially when they’ve done something deliberately to cause them, to win cases.

    If the law held people more accountable for their own personal responsibility, imagine how much better things would be.

  • biggsworth

    I still can’t believe they can’t figure out a Walk Around Character for SOwald BIG DUUUUHHHHHH how much planning and money does that really need. #facepalm

  • bayouguy

    So the Limited Time Magic ought to be “The Lull”. They can make a sundae too.

  • churrocharlie

    Nice work, Disneyloon!

  • David Mercury

    “Amazing to think there was once a time when guests were expected to have at least a tiny bit of personal responsibility and common sense.”

    Thank you! I made similar comments in a forum thread and was roundly lambasted for doing so by those who believe OSHA can do no wrong. I’m glad there are others who see the futility in trying to achieve 100% environmental safety, and the aesthetic damage that effort has already inflicted on this beautiful park.

  • scarymouse

    Nice shots Norm, I completely agree about waiting on the Mansion’s makeover till after Halloween, I always hated not being able to enjoy the Haunted Mansion on Halloween…. Wait till November to change it over or for that matter Let’s just have its own year round ride out by Toon town would be a nice spot..

  • Skimbob

    I personally think someone at OSHA had a personal ax to grind with Disney and that is how all the problems started. I have seen this with fire marshals as well. It is called abuse of power and it should be stopped. Disney has been around a long time and making them do all of this is simply crazy.

    Disneyloon keep up the great work. I have to have my weekly dose of the park since I only get to see it once or twice a year. It’s amazing how the photos make you feel like you are almost there.

  • Will G

    I don’t want to take one side or the other in the Safety Debate, because I think the right spot to be somewhere in between.

    It might seem a little crazy to require retrofits on an attraction that hasn’t injured anyone in 55 years, but just because no one has been hurt, doesn’t mean no one will be hurt.

    It’s also fair to remember that Disneyland has had fatalities. And while a high percentage of them were due to the victim’s own negligence, not all of them were.

    America sings, Columbia and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad come to mind.

    Disneyland isn’t perfect… And neither is OSHA, CalDOSH or the civil courts.

    Will G

  • 4Apples4Disney

    I’ve often said on this site that we need to be bubble wrapped and protected from anything and everything. We’re too politically correct, too worried about offending anyone over the slightest thing, and have grown weak and immoral. Don’t worry, the lawyers and the government will save us!

  • sonnyk155

    Stupidity should be a reason to deny claims. A reasonable person can avoid falling into the river. If you’re too stupid to not stay dry, you can’t get money for that. Survival of the fittest. If you fall in the river and die, then you won’t procreate and send more stupid people into the water. Common sense in the courtroom.

  • kindagoofy

    Here’s a Disneyland without any regard to safety. Nuthin wrong with killing your customers:
    Apparently, Action Park, which looks like it’s right out of a Simpsons episode, was open from 1978 to 1996.

    • David Mercury

      In a circumstance like that outside action is obviously warranted, and I”m glad that happened. But I cannot agree with the assumption that Disney would follow a similiar course without OSHA looking over its shoulder. As someone posted in the thread earlier, there should be a reasonable balance between providing protection to guests, and expecting guests (and employees) to avoid potential danger through simple common sense. It is impossible to idiot-proof an area the size of Disneyland. But apparently they’re not going to stop trying.

  • Tinkbelle

    Testing BTMRR? Isn’t that usually a sign that a ride will be opening soon?

  • The Lost Boy

    Disneyland can’t afford to hand-wring over the safety issue and must do what’s required to remain in operation as does every business in California. However, anyone who voted to put the current mess in Sacramento has no standing to complain about CAL OSHA.