Disneyland gets ready for Friday the 13th and Halloween Time during the brief off-season

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on September 09, 2013 at 5:05 am with 19 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • jcruise86

    Thanks for the link to Tom Bricker’s excellent blog about the Court of Angels. I also liked 40+ comments that followed his blog.

    And THANK YOU, Andy, for including details like DCA’s fountains running longer and the menu updates at Disneyland’s Mexican restaurant. (I’d prefer black beans), and for your own great photography and eloquent comments.

  • Jafar00

    Andy, do you know why WOC is not on the schedule starting in October? Would they start the holiday overlay that early or begin refurb that early?

  • Eric Davis

    Great update as always! Two thumbs up!

  • The Lost Boy

    The regurgitative hand-wringing over safety rails and Club 33 is becoming trite and hackneyed.

    • It may seem that way to you, but both ARE big news and should continue to be shared. As Disney rolls out more and more ugly railings, we will be here to share the results. We’ll do the same with the Club 33 construction which is about to commence.

      Just because a few folks don’t like hearing about something that is happening in the parks is no reason for us to stop letting others know what’s going on. Better to be informed of what’s happening in the parks than to be blinded by pixie dust. 😉

      FANTASTIC update Andy! Really appreciate your hard work and beautiful photography.

      • Skimbob

        Dusty I couldn’t agree more.

      • The Lost Boy

        Rerunning an article from the end of July and repeating a portion of an article from the week before isn’t news.

    • Dizzey

      For you, perhaps, Lost Boy. For the rest of us it’s a means to commiserate and maybe get some “fan feedback” into the mix. Otherwise those of us who truly love the park and it’s quieter spaces will get trampled by the commerce machine. We may get trampled anyway, but at least we’ll get to express our mutual sadness over a poor turn of events. Perhaps in the final analysis, if DL starts to lose its sense of “special” and attendance numbers start to decline, the decision makers can look into the blogs for what happened. That’s my fantasy, anyway…

      • sixalex

        What Dusty said!

        I read the article when it first appeared and re-read it this week. It is fair and balanced and worth my time. If it is not worth yours, then make a choice and skip it.

        Not everyone checks in each week. This is important enough to many folks that it get repeated. Do you complain when the news repeats itself from 6:00 am at 10:00 pm? Same thing, but with cooler pictures.

        Thanks Andy. Good call on the article.

      • RandySavage

        Well said, Dizzey.

        Fantastic photos, Andy, and appreciate your calling attention to these types of negative changes.

        I second the request for pics of the old Royal Courtyard, pre-Pirate merch.

  • eicarr

    Great update!

    Does anyone have photos of The small Royal Courtyard between the Port Royal and Pieces of Eight to jog my memory? If I remember, it added a lot of open-air atmosphere.

    I wish all the Oswald stuff would stay at BVS(especially the t-shirts). The sundae looks fun and I want to try it(I never buy sundaes). Even if just a small S.H.I.E.L.D. poster… I love any addition of Marvel to the parks.

  • StarDustFairy

    I wonder if the new additions to King Arthur’s Carousel are individual safety railings on each horse and a new stained glass wall sectioning off a special few horses for park guests paying a premium.

    • CCS

      Touche! Mary Poppins’ horse, Jingles, may find himself cordoned off and all by his lonesome…..

  • Indy Hat Guy

    You could say that that Starbucks has… NO WINDOWS AND NO DOORS….

  • sixalex

    I’m not sure I understand the negative opinion about the Fastpass at Haunted Mansion. We use it all the time and enjoy the opportunity. Isn’t bypassing the line what the Fastpass program is all about? It is optional participation and some choose to wait in line or decide to ride on the spur of the moment, others plan a Fastpass entry for later in the day.

    If anything, I would like to see the Fastpass program create an option to choose when you return, rather than be at the mercy of the random algorithm presently in place.

    I’m not necessarily in disagreement with your view, just not sure I understand your point. Do you feel like this about all Fastpass entries?

    Stardustfairy cracked me up with that carousel comment.

    Add my vote to some pics of the older courtyard. I have never seen it!

    Thanks again Andy and Mice Chat. Great stuff!

    • StrikeYerColors

      Personally I love using FP for most things that currently, but I think it is completely unnecessary for any Omnimover attraction to use it. The popularity of Haunted Mansion Holiday is not that much higher than the regular Haunted Masion, I don’t think. I think it seems more popular because it is open during the busy Christmas season, when ALL lines are significantly longer. On a normal Saturday the line for Pirates or HM might be 20 minutes, but on a very busy Saturday that could almost double to 40 or so. But with the addition of FP, the standby line will be an hour or an hour and a half or even more on a busy weekend at HMH. They give out too many FP (because the attraction is high capacity and can “handle” a lot) and it makes the standby wait very slow, but they still run out pretty early in the day and anyone who arrives later in the day (or maybe doesn’t know how to use fast pass at first) doesn’t get one. Without FP and having to stop the standby line to let them in, the wait would probably hover around 30 minutes or rarely exceed 40, like it did the first part of October last year. It’s not really going to be a long enough wait where people say, “gosh, I wish this ride had a FP because I would have gotten one this morning to avoid this wait”. Waiting maybe 10 or 20 minutes isn’t that big of a benefit when you consider how long the standby gets.

  • richboi117

    I am STILL so tired of CalOsha idiot-proofing the park. Stuff like this really makes me sad California is so pro-safety on everything!! Aiaiaiaiai!!!

  • Susie63

    Why do you still have BTMRR listed as re-opening Feb 2014 on your refurb list?