In the first of a series of Disney California Adventure “then and now” comparisons, Yesterland looks at some spots around Grizzly Peak.

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: DCA Then & Now, Part 1: Around Grizzly Peak.

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  • Bongo

    For the peak of Grizzly Mountain, I think it actually looks better with the overgrown trees. While it may not look as tall and majestic as before, from the angles posted, it almost looks like the peak is off in the distance. In my mind, it makes it seem more like a real mountain top. With the shorter trees, the peak looked just as it is, but with the trees overgrown and you only being able to see the peak’s peak, it makes it seem more distance in size relation, and that traveling closer will make it grow larger. Like if one travels into the mountains and looks up at the forest canopy line from the ground and sees a small mountain peak in the far distance, this is what it sort of looks like to me.

  • eicarr

    Lookin’ great. Besides the billion dollars, the tree growth is REALLY helping DCA out. Never was a big fan of the cartoonish bear head (would have loved Half Dome) so I don’t mind that it’s being obscured by trees as the Carthey Circle takes center stage as the park icon.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    The grizzly Peak icon of DCA really shows how bad planning always ruins things. From inside the park it’s actually fairly hard to see that is a bear. When you do see it it doesn’t look like a peak any longer, but it looks just simply like a pile of rocks. It’s not like the Matterhorn which is instantly recognizable both inside and outside the park. Also careful placement of trees around the Matterhorn help to preserve its illusion of being a real mountain.

  • billyjobobb

    Have you ever been to Northern California? They have these things people come to see called forests. Forests that have giant redwoods in them.

    I much prefer the view of trees when you’re on GRR to seeing all the surrounding sprawl of Anaheim…..

  • danielz6

    Grizzly peak is still my favorite part of DCA even after the refurbishment. I love the themeing and tranquility. It really reminds me of big thunder trail over at Disneyland. I always wished they’d replace the kiddie play area into something for everybody…maybe a nice country style restaurant or some sort of show further exploring the native amarican mythology around the peak, something to compete with Knotts’ Mystery lodge would be awesome (most people don’t read the placard in front of the attraction explaining that the mountain has nothing to do with live bears, but rather an ancient battle between the bear and wolf deity, which is why animatronic bears are not necessary in the attraction) .

    • billyjobobb

      I never liked the kiddie areas and thought they were a waste of space. Then somebody reminded me that parents with kids go there and let the kids run out some energy that bottles up from standing in line.

      I’ve loved them ever since.

      • danielz6

        Oh I agree that kiddie areas are essential to the park…like bugs land or toon town. It’s just that this side of the park is extremely limited with space due to the Grand Californian taking up the entire west side of the walk way (which should’ve been used for attraction space and a larger land imo) so I’d prefer the little space that there is be spent on attractions for all to enjoy…I say let the kids run around in bugs land.

  • stu29573

    Put me on the “prefer the trees” list. I too think it looks much more natural with the larger trees. I also like how you have to look twice to see that it is a bear. After all, how many natural mountains look exactly like animals? DCA seems to be settling in and getting some actual history. All good, in my book!

  • Werner Weiss

    I like trees too. And I like Grizzly Peak; it was one of the more inventive and better executed features of DCA 1.0. So far, Grizzly Peak is still at least partially visible from many locations in the park.

    However, the trees will continue to become taller and more dense. Grizzly Peak is likely to be lost in the forest from most vantage points. I assume that most trees will be allowed to continue growing, but that steps will taken to make sure Grizzly Peak is not lost entirely. Grizzly Peak may wind up as something guests see from Grizzly River Rapids, but not from elsewhere. (That’s just a guess on my part.)

  • DisneyDesi

    Awesome entry! I am so amazed how you are able to get the exact same angle for each photograph. That sure is talent.

    Looks like everything in 2013 is better than it was in 2002. I really wish they made Grizzly Peak a more predominant feature as the central icon like Mt. Prometheus or the Tree of Life. I think the larger trees around it make it seem more realistic. It looks too narrow though in both images from that angle to realistically look like any mountain.

    The wood-bear looks so much better now. Before it looked like a Six Flags entrance but now it looks appropriate and fun. I’m sure plenty of people love taking photos under the bear. I’m glad they left it.

  • Eagleman

    I’am amaz ….how tall thos tree’s are now….
    and I think they look great……….

  • Disney Vault

    i hate how in the old picture you can see the soarin building in the background. And now the trees have filled in and really help separate the areas from each other.

  • QPerth

    These are terrific Comparrison shots, thankyou so much for making them and sharing with us! I only had one very quick visit to DCA in May 2010, the area around GRR was always a beautiful area, and I think the tree growth will make it even more beautiful. I’d be interested to see in in person again to compare, especially after the huge changes DCA had in the last few years. I think these shots in general show improvements.