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Published on September 13, 2013 at 2:00 am with 30 Comments

About Cory Disbrow

Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • billyjobobb

    Disney is fully aware that there are alot of merchandising opportunities for little boys, but precious few for little girls. Too bad they think girls only want to be princesses and play dress up.

    I know why they do it, but I think the park loses alot by parking the characters in their own space like this. I wish they’d be able to come out from behind the ropes and interact a little.

    As for the mine train, I was there in February and it doesn’t look a whole lot different. Got a chuckle out of the picture that had the sign saying “coming soon” soon as in 2 years?

    Haunted Mansion just isn’t in the greatest spot. I know it looks amazing when you’re on the river, but from the park it is just so lacking. At Disneyland it really has a great presence. And it has a front lawn….

    • soletrain

      at disneyland with the princess fantasy faire youl still see princesses up at the entrance all the time. i’m sure wdw will do the same! it is cool to have them at both spots!

  • billyjobobb

    Corey, thanks for the pictures.

    When we got there earlier this year, I was so excited seeing the tangled bathrooms. I think is was only because every week you had some sort of an update on them.

    I peeked through the fence and kept hoping they’d take it down while we were there.

  • Instidude

    I was at the park in mid-August, and as a yearly visitor, could see an improvement in the maintenance of the entire park. There is more painting going on than I’ve seen in years, and they even seem to be keeping it up during higher crowd periods.

    As for Fantasyland, my kids are much older than the target audience, but we still enjoyed the area. The level of theming going into the dwarf coaster is not fully seen in your photos. After seeing the construction first-hand, I can see why the ride is taking so long to complete.

    • CaptainAction

      WDW MK and monorail and monorail resorts were built in appx 1,500 days. That was with the construction technology of 1970. Read it here I think. This kiddie coaster is approaching day 1,000 at the close of the year 2013.
      Perhaps the cars lift off the tracks and fly over New Fantasyland so guests can watch other guests eat stuff and buy stuff in New Fantasyland. There has to be some Peter Pan technology that is unseen by the average guest for this kiddie coaster to be approaching year 4, right?

  • I’m underwhelmed by Magic Kingdom’s Halloween Decorations. Aside from some nice elements on Main Street, they really don’t carry it over to other parts of the park. Since they make SOOOO much off of the Halloween parties, I really wish they’d decorate the parks a bit more. Though, I know it’s much cheaper to just use lights, projections and music to fill in the gaps, it just doesn’t seem Disney quality to half-ass it like this.

    I’m looking forward to the MiceChat Sip and Nibble at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival and can’t wait to see you all. Save the date and I hope to see you all there!

    • michael darling

      Precisely. Since they are trying to pull in people a month and a half before Halloween for parties, you’d expect more atmosphere throughout the park. Main Street is tastefully done, but the imagination runs wild with all that could be done at the Hub and throughout the Lands. True, there is an excitement that you can feel, as the sun goes down and the effect lighting comes on, but they are lacking during the day.
      I like the thought of the Lonesome Ghosts being in every Land, and riding certain rides, like tourists.
      Come on, Disney. BE Disney!

  • wdwprince

    I feel the same as you Cory. Would have been nice to have a new attraction that is not just for little girls. Mine Train looks the same as it did 8 months ago. And yum, flavored ice. Cost 5 cents, retails $4. But hey that doesn’t tick me off, it’s Disney. Just put some of that profit back in the park in ways that all of us can enjoy.

    • Haven

      Yes, 4 bucks for shaved ice (which looks the size of a dixie cup) is too steep for me. My best theme park find was last week at Knott’s where I bought their cookie ice cream sandwich…just over five bucks, 2 huge fresh cookies, real soft serve (I was expecting a celophane packaged treat) and rolled in chocolate chips. Two of us shared it and well worth the price tag! Arrrgh (imitates Homer Simpson).

  • pumpkinmickey

    The regular FastPass is being phased out. In order for the FastPass+ system to work properly it is open to all attractions including character greets and parades.Guests will be allowed 3 FP+ per day.

  • bkeyes19

    I will miss the Sip and Nibble event by two days! 🙁

  • ParkerMonroe

    Fantasyland proper IS heavily skewed towards girls. I’m sure Disney sees this as fair and necessary due to how testosterone heavy Adventureland has become. Frontierland has a mostly masculine feel as well. But let’s not forget Tomorrowland… which (with all the Pixar overlays) has basically become “Fantasyland for Boys”).

  • Jim1013

    I was just at the MK last weekend and there was a long line to have a photo op with Princess Merida from Brave, at least that character is a departure from the other princesses. Those little princess outfits look so uncomfortable and hot to me, it seems like its more for the parents than the kids, like when people dress up animals up in little outfits for fun.

  • Big D

    Man is that mine coaster taking forever to get done! It seems like it’s been going on for years already!!!

    • It’s almost painfully slow. Universal and SeaWorld build whole lands in just a year and a half. All of Disneyland was built in just one year. Why is this mine train taking so long? It’s curious. I can think of a half dozen production companies who could have built this to Disney’s standards in half the time. Lets just hope this ride is spectacular and worth the long wait. It is certainly needed in attraction-deprived New Fantasyland.

      Release the dwarfs!!! 😉

      • tofubeast

        I am still holding out that when see what it looks like from the inside, we will be wow’ed and get why it too so long to build.

        I can dream……a dream is a wish your heart makes…. lalalalala

        Wish the MC gathering at EPCOT was just a few days later. Bah, I miss it again!

  • Big Picture

    When FastPass was first introduced in Florida, Haunted Mansion had FP, as did several other attractions (Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, for example) that didn’t need it. They eventually determined that FP was completely unnecessary and got rid of it.

    Why are they reintroducing it? Because of My Magic Bands and FastPass +. With people booking FPs up to six months in advance, they needed more attractions to be bookable on that system. All of those attractions for which FPs were phased out are now getting them back, and then some.

    I’m with you – I don’t like it. It complicates things unnecessarily. Some rides are much better off without it.

  • Kenny B

    Within five years the princess hall will close. That real estate is way to valuable to be taken up by a permanent meet and greet.

    • The sub lagoon sat empty for a very long time, also valuable property. I doubt there is much budget to replace a new meet and greet so soon . . . No matter how much we all hate it (and we do) tens of thousands of little girls are going to love it, and that’s all Disney cares about. They want to sell dresses and hair extensions. My guess is that the princesses will stay for a very long time. Perhaps only moving so they can take up even more space elsewhere.

      • Monorail Dreamer

        Maybe Disney cares about making thousands of little girls happy as much as they care about selling dresses and hair extensions. When my girls were younger, they loved meeting characters and princesses as much as they loved the rides.

      • CaptainAction

        Dusty is right. It’s a revenue center so it won’t be going anywhere.

        Man, I wish Disney had at least copied Disneyland Fantasyland. I love their Fantasyland. I’d be ok with duplicating it. Was real excited when I heard about a project called New Fantasyland, and then I saw it and I lost all my interest.

  • LoveStallion

    I’d never pay $4 for shave ice. There’s bound to be a Mexican dude walking around somewhere with a little cart within a five-mile radius.

    Now I completely understand the theming of the princess hall meet and greet la la la waste of space thing, because it has to blend with “old” Fantasyland, but my goodness, I hope when New Fantasyland is done, Disney actually invests some money to make the rest of Fantasyland not look like a half-a**ed carnival. My home park is the Anaheim property, and while we once had the medieval carnival Fantasyland, the 80s brought us such a wonderful overhaul that is quite immersive. Wish they could bring that to Florida. That’d leave only Tokyo in the rut of awful-looking Fantasylands (but even theirs has some interesting quirks).

    • From your lips to Iger’s ears. It’s time for the happiest land of them all to look a little prettier as well. Especially with the New Fantasyland example sitting just next door.

  • Orlando71

    Great update, the train looks like it is finally in sight. Cant wait to go when its finished. However i also have to say i think Disney missed an opportunity to change the facade for the PFTH, why wouldn’t they? I mean to be honest its quite ugly, especially compared to New Fantasyland, and also it looks nothing like the concept art. Disney felt they needed Pooh’s facade to be changed but not the others? I hope down the road they will tear down those tents….Please

  • Monorail Dreamer

    Great pictures! I look forward to this report every week. It is the details that make Disney parks special and you capture them perfectly!

  • mickdaddy

    Does anyone know if there is an official opening date for the Mine Train? We are planning a trip in July and really want it to be open when we go.

    • CaptainAction

      Should have opened two years ago.

      I’m afraid they are waiting for New Potterland. WDW is going to try and compete for interest of New Potterland with numerous shows and two E ticket attractions with one 30 second kiddie coaster with one dark area component. Ouch, very sad.

      New Potterland should open between May and June 2013. So I’d look for the Dwarf Coaster about that time. You might want to consider getting more bang for your buck at the new Potterland.

  • OprylandUSA

    The original FastPass (not to be confused with FastPass+) distribution for Mansion is where the Mike Fink Keelboats were. Like another poster mentioned, this is only FastPass+, which is coming to most other attractions that don’t need it (like the pirates game). Surprised you didn’t know this…

  • QPerth

    Great photos Cory, thanks so much for bringing these views to us! The Halloween colours do look great in the Park.
    I don’t understand why the Princes can’t be there to meet the girls AND boys alongside their respective Princesses. I would love to meet Flynn and Naveen and Philip, and even Prince Adam who never seems to make an appearance at the US Parks.

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