Disneyland kicks off Halloween Time with a very busy Friday the 13th party

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Published on September 16, 2013 at 5:05 am with 47 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • TodAZ1

    On another topic, I thought the new HMH stretchinig room effects were pretty cool! :)

  • grrandram

    I really HATE HATE HATE all those stupid railings going up all over the place. They ruin the look of the entire place. Especially on Sleeping Beauty Castle. There’s a special place reserved in hell for the jackass who decided that Disney needs to put those railings everywhere. A very special place. For those people who say “safety first”, they can join him.

  • MagicMike

    I attended the “Unleash The Villains” event at Hollywood Studios. While the park may have ran out of some food items I know Farfax Fair served its typical menu selection well past 9:00pm (because I ate there). Sold out of “all” food around 9 p.m might be a slight overstatement.

  • Malificent2000

    Sounds to me they should have blocked out all annual passes for Friday’s event. That would have deterred many of the locals that fill up the park for these types of events.

  • Stanley

    Is there anything we can do about the Court of Angels?? Its one of my favorite places. I hate to see it go to the privileged few – but also hate that its taking away a detailed, thematic part of New Orleans Square. Anyone want to sneak in picket signs? Make the news. What about a Change.org page, Facebook, Instagram account letting the public know what major change they will shortly see if nothing is done???

    • The Lost Boy

      I couldn’t encourage an in-Park demonstration more. Not only would it give those who see the need the opportunity to make their point, but more importantly it would give the guest gene pool a good cleaning.

      • Larry Parker

        You can email your concerns to Disneyland at their website at: http://www.disney.go.com/Mail/Disneyland/mailForm.html

      • The Lost Boy

        Storming the Bastille demonstrates a much higher level of commitment than sending a mere e-mail. I’m sure that not unlike The Haunted Mansion, the Park’s security facial recognition database “always has room for one more…”

  • wdwfan22

    Once again Miceage doesn’t have a clue of what occurs in Florida. Disney Hollywood Studios did not sell out of food on Friday the 13th or merchandise for that matter. All limited offerings were even available on Saturday the 14th as well. You really should check your facts before posting, because it really makes us Floridians question your California updates as well.

    • tenchikiss

      At Villains in Vogue they ran out of the T-shirt, the Ursula ears, and Maleficent ears. I could not find WHERE the popcorn bucket had been sold when when I asked the manger at Villains at Vogue he said it was sold out too. Hours before most of the horde was let in the park. Now the ears and popcorn bucket I did find at the Magic Kingdom the next day. So perhaps it was restocked at Hollywood Studios on Saturday as well but at the party Friday night all that stuff was sold out. Several quick service restaurants were reopened after management realized how AWFUL things were. And because you know…there was hardly anyone staffing the park. But they had been closed earlier in the night thus limiting where people could get food. While I was in line several people were told “sorry we are out of that, sorry we are out of this”. So I am sure at the end of the night the food choices were very scarce if you wanted real food and not sugary cookies and treats.

      If anything Miceage didn’t go far enough to talk about how awful things really were in Florida.

    • WhaleOfATale

      Actually the food at Hollywood Studios was sold out very early in the evening – people couldn’t even get water. The merchandise was available the next day, and they restocked food as well (imagine!), but there was no food to be had in the park on Friday evening. “Check your facts.”

  • MrOCT31

    Hum, sounds like it was a good thing I went to the park yesterday and not Friday! Yesterday, while it was hot, there was a lot less people in the park then I expected and was very easy to walk around with a lot of wide open space. The longest wait we had was at the conjure a villain tent, but the wicked queen we got to see was excellent! Loved the update to the HMH as well. As for the rest of what’s going on, who’s surprised anymore by anything WDW err.. Disneyland does? Was disappointed at the lack of Halloween over in DCA however.

  • Rongo

    Regarding Club 33: I think we are rapidly approaching a tipping point. People who spent big bucks to be a part of a club that Walt designed, vs. people who pay big bucks to have an exclusive experience. I have always yearned to be a member of Club 33, but you know what? With the opening of 1901 and the expansion of 33, it doesn’t seem special or connected to Walt any longer. It just seems like yet another way that DLR is creating different classes of guests. Which, frankly, also seems un-Waltlike.

  • Haven

    Looks like Court of Angels is going the way of Knott’s Church of the Reflections, Our Little Chapel by the Lake, the California Missions dioramas, basically all the charming elements of the parks of yesteryear that don’t generate direct revenue. I say, lets keep the Theme’s in theme parks!!

  • Larry Parker

    To voice complaints re: Court of Angels closing, Disneyland has an email access: http://www.disney.go.com/Mail/Disneyland/mailForm.html

  • scarymouse

    Great job guys, This is my favorite time of year. I really like the omnibus view and all the offerings at Disneyland for this Halloween season . Very disappointing about the lack of festiveness at DCA ……very upsetting. Very puzzling , is there going to be any decor or what? Duffy in a pumpkin outfit and some stuff in the tower’s gift shop…..What? Its not like Disney to miss out on a chance for more profit. With the response for the Friday the 13th , I am shocked… Would have thought they would be doing something to stay in the spirit of the season….bummer listening to the podcast now …keep up the good work guys!

    • grrandram

      Spirit of what season? Summer barely ended. It’s not even Halloween yet. Although you couldn’t tell at the park. It felt like October already. I’m not big on clutter or lots of decorations, so it didn’t bother me that DCA was regular.

      • MrOCT31

        I would think most consider mid-Sept. thru Oct. 31st to be the “season.” You don’t wait for just the day to enjoy most annual events especially Halloween! Just like all of Dec. into Jan. is the Xmas season, we’re entering/entered the Halloween season.

  • grrandram

    RE: railings

    I’m really upset about those railings being put up all over the Fantasyland village, Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Casey Jr. Train, etc. The park now needs to fall under some sort of protection for works of art. The castle and the village are more than standard buildings. These structures are actual art. You don’t go messing with another person’s art. Cal OSHA doesn’t have jurisdiction over art. So if their book calls for railings to be installed where they have never been for over 50 years, that’s too bad. That rope railing they put on the Matterhorn ruins the illusion of the forced perspective. Whoever put those railings on the castle should be given the Old Yeller treatment. Alice in Wonderland was ruined. Part of the charm and magic of that particular ride is riding down the leaves at the end. Just leaves. No railings. I don’t know if ever there was an incident on Alice. How could there be? That ride is so slow and tame. But if parents mind their kids the way they’re supposed to, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve heard of other incidents in the park, but come on. Over 50 years this ride has been there and nothing has happened. Some yokel with a bug up his arse that works for Cal OSHA decides to alter the art? No Buddy. Get the _______ out of here.

  • WhaleOfATale


    Thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough post. I enjoyed seeing the updates for Halloween Time and I really look forward to seeing the decorations in person!

    I also wanted to let you know that your points about Club 33 and the Court of Angels make great sense, and we can only hope that those in charge of this travesty will see the light.