The hits just keep coming. Please put your hands together for the newest stars of the MicePod, Mousetalgia! If you are a podcasting nut, then you’ve no doubt already run across this EXCELLENT show. And if you haven’t heard of them, you are in for a real treat! Mousetalgia is brought to you by the same folks behind and We couldn’t be happier to have them on the MiceChat team. Please help us extend a very warm welcome in the comments section below! – Dusty

This week on Mousetalgia: Marketing Disneyland; and animator Jack Kinney

Bob Witter, director of marketing for Disneyland in the ’90s, talks to Mousetalgia about his time with the park and the development of various campaigns (starting with Indiana Jones and “40 Years of Adventure”) that helped launch the resort’s marketing efforts in a new direction. Witter talks about Indy, finding corporate sponsors, working with Jay Leno, and more. Also, Jeff and Kristen discuss the late Disney animator Jack Kinney’s time with the studio via his 1988 book, “Walt Disney and Other Assorted Characters.” In his book, Kinney shares accounts of the earliest days at Disney’s studio, and discusses how the team endured the depression and built the world’s premiere animation studio under the leadership of Walt Disney. Plus – remembering San Jose’s late Frontier Village and its Disneyland ties; we host a signed book giveaway; Halloween Time arrives at Disneyland; learn the secret to creating Trader Sam’s Shipwreck – and more.

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  • Prof. Emelius

    Welcome to MiceChat!!! You are my favorite podcast. Glad to have you join forces with one of my favorite web sites.

  • Welcome to MiceChat Jeff and crew. We are THRILLED to have you and your amazing show join our awesome MicePod lineup!

  • Thanks! We’re really looking forward to bringing our shows to the Micepod. We have lots of good stuff lined up for the next few episodes, so this should be a fun ride!

  • Gozer the Traveler

    This is without a doubt my favorite Disney podcast. I’m thrilled that more people are going to be able to hear this wonderful show!

  • Welcome Jeff and the Mousetalgia Gang! Nothing but love my friends. 😉


  • Sarafina

    I love Mousetalgia and hope everyone gives it a try because the team of Jeff, Becky, Kristin, and Dave is perfect and it makes me look forward to it every Monday!