This is Part 2 of our WindowtotheMagic Podcast introduction for MiceChat MicePod Listeners!

On this show, we introduce you to our Background Music Loop shows, with our most popular loop show ever, the Disneyland Main Street USA 2012 Loop! Paul took a day off work on March 9, 2012 to record the very first looping of the newly rerecorded and updated background music loop at Disneyland. It is a wonderful loop and you will enjoy it!


The Ultimate Disney Audio Adventure, “A WindowtotheMagic” is brought to you by “Disney Sounds Guy” Paul J Barrie, Jr and by his co-hosts Jeremiah Good & Magic Joe. WTTM is a free weekly trip into the wonderful world of the Disney Theme Parks & Resorts, and the feeling of “being there” through 3-D (binaural) audio. The show includes audio adventures from Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and may include an audio game called “Where in the Park?” which is a game played with your ears! Are you a Disney Nut? Do you love the PeopleMover or the Adventure Thru Inner Space? …then this is the podcast for you!

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  • KingEric

    There is something special about the Main Street USA music loop at Disneyland. Great job capturing the new loop.

    • Thanks, Eric! You are correct about Main St USA… Its awesome!

  • ScottOlsen

    I seem to remember when there was no music on Main Steet, with the exception of the Disneyland Band. Am I correct?

    If nothing else, the music does sometimes seem loud nowadays.

    • I always recall there being music… Anyone else out there have a memory of a time when there was no BGM on Main St. except perhaps when there’s a performance of some kind going on?

  • rickjohn72

    The shows with nothing but music are awesome! I remember when you first aired this show just wonderful. Thanks again for all your hard work.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Rick! We’re gald that you enjoy the music shows. Do you enjoy the other shows, too, or just the music ones? Either way, it’s ok, and thanks for listening/commenting!

      • rickjohn72

        Been a listener for years love all the shows the where in the park games are some of my favorites also, though it seems a while since you done one here’s Hoping 🙂

      • disneycoug

        Paul, you know the MiceChat community would love the ultimate music show – your audition tape for the parade!

  • Yeah… Yeah… You’re sweet. It’s coming… Someday. ;0)

    Once I have finished the “This is WindowtotheMagic…” introduction shows, then I can start with a twice weekly release schedule of “Classic” & “Current” WindowtotheMagic episodes.

    That is, assuming that Micechat management approves the plan…