The management of Disneyland Paris is taking advantage of smaller crowds and temperate weather to attend to a number of small projects throughout the park. Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog takes us on a guided tour. ~~Rick


Here we go on another Disneyland Paris update. Special thanks, as always, to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster!

The first Autumn rains have arrived in the north of France but DLP can still expect fair temperatures – and maybe an Indian summer – until the end of October. It’s still not too late for you to visit the park and enjoy decent weather.


In Main Street U.S.A, at Town Square, the surface construction is complete and the parade is now back on its normal route…


If you look closely, you’ll see that the top of the Main Street Transportation Co. building sports a strange net. At first, I thought it might be there to prevent pigeons from landing on the roof, but I quickly dismissed that theory…


In fact, a rehab on the building is scheduled for next quarter. The net is there to prevent construction debris from falling on the guests.



On to Frontierland, and we see that the entrance with the Fort is missing something that has been there for many years. The moose horns over the Fort entrance gate have been removed. Did you know that Michael Jackson was in the park on the night these horns were attached to the overhead beam? It is said that he liked them a lot! Now, the moose horns are gone – who knows where and why…


On the teepees, the smoke effect appears too white and it looks more like a steam than smoke. An oil mixture would make the smoke appear more realistic.


The sky was breathtakingly blue over Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain Island.



What is a bit less blue, however, is another missing item: a large timbered 3 stamp mill on Big Thunder Island. On the Big Thunder locomotives, the engine’s front driving light is missing and, although the bracket is still there, the large drive wheels are also missing.


At Phantom Manor, some maintenance is taking place at the exit of Phantom Manor’s ride.



Speaking of Phantom Manor, there is good news for DLP fans! DLP Merchandising has introduced new products themed to Phantom Manor. They released these T-shirts several months ago…


Now they have released other cool items for sale in the Park or at the Disney Gallery inside Disney Village. Many of these products are adapted from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion merchandise but re-themed to Phantom Manor:
(Photos: forum Disney Central Plaza)



In Adventureland, we notice that fences have been placed between the Frontierland and Adventureland entrance.




Nothing unusual to see Adventureland, where the Temple du Péril was working fine…



It’s also the time of the year when Adventureland vegetation is at its best. You really feel immersed in a tropical land.


Not much new is happening in Fantasyland, where Peter Pan’s Flight is also surrounded by fences for the refurbishment that is taking place.


Toad Hall Restaurant, one of DLP Fantasyland’s lesser known but best themed restaurants, is open again!


At Discoveryland’s Space Mountain, you may be asked – as it happened to Max – for a bit of help. Space Mountain cast members might ask you to take a badge at the entrance of the queue line that you will then surrender to a CM before boarding the train.




This is done to determine the queue waiting time. The CM will scan the badge on a terminal and the waiting time will appear automatically at the entrance of the ride.  A similar system is used in the state-side Disney parks as well.



That’s it for today’s DLP update. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with more news from the Disneyland Paris Resort.

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