Welcome to the all new IN THE PARKS weekly updates.  With this entry we give you an idea of what is going on inside Disneyland Park.  The Matterhorn is still down, but walls could come down any day now.  While on Main Street, the Carnation Cafe is nearing completion and a projected opening date of June 13th.  Finally we look behind the fences at Fantasy Faire Village to see what’s left.  It’s a small Disneyland update but there is more In The Parks goodness and links to the other topics below!


We also have a brand new look for our weekly In The Parks column. Rather than bringing you one big long article every week, we are going to be delivering lots of smaller stories which are easier for you to read and share on mobile devices and to your favorite social networks. We’ll still bring you the same amount of content we always have, it will just be much easier to find and share than ever before. We hope you enjoy!

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The Matterhorn is nearly ready to reopen and the walls could be coming down any day now. The rumors of a soft opening persist, but the official reopening is set for June 15th.

Show elements like the beautiful waterfalls are all functional and cars are testing regularly.

The new single seat  bobsleds are red, blue, or teal in body color and look fantastic.


More paint screens have gone up and obscure our view of the progress thus far. there is an impressive amount of copper being used to create the canopy in the outdoor portion of the restaurant. The scheduled opening for this location is June 13th . . . tick tock tick tock, that’s less than a week away. They’d better hurry!

Look real close and you can barely see through the scrim.


Let’s stroll past the construction site of the new Fantasy Faire Village area. This will be the new meet and greet and show area for the princesses (located just off the central hub to the west side of the castle. Facade work has begun on what used to be the old western buildings leading to Frontierland. This project will be completed sometime in 2013.

Lots of demolition going on right now. We’ll keep you up to date as this project continues.

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Bob Gurr Luncheon and Book Signing Event – June 30th

One of our all time favorite Disney Imagineers is Bob Gurr, father of the Monorail, Autopia, Matterhorn, and just about every Disney attraction with wheels. He’s a true legend and an all around nice guy. And lucky for us, there is a limited opportunity for you to grab a copy of his new book and join him for lunch at the Anabella Hotel (just behind DCA and next to the Anaheim Convention Center) on June 30th.

Secure your spot and your book today (HERE)

We’ve just learned that the limited collectors edition (the red edition) of Bob’s book, Design Just For Fun, has now sold out! BUT we’ve got 100 copies of that edition waiting for those who attend this event!!! These are the last 100 red collectors edition copies available.Bob plans to share some wonderful tales, answer attendee questions, and meet with everyone to sign their book!

Bob Gurr + Lunch + Fantastic Stories + Last Copies Of An Amazing Book = A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!


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