Fall in is full swing at the Disney Parks, and the Halloween parties are one of the most fun events of the season!  While guests can show up sans costume, I think part of the fun for adult guests is getting to dress up and traipse around like a five year old.  Here are a few tips for enjoying the parties incognito.

Who Should I Be?

While lots of party-goers choose to go the Disney route when choosing a costume, plenty do not.  Characters do play around quite a bit when seeing Disney costumes, but you may also get some good-natured ribbing when wearing non-Disney costumes, as well.


Another fun option is to choose a group costume when partying with friends and family.  I’ve seen several bands of Peter Pan casts, Wizard of Oz crews and Incredible families.  The major park nerds (which most of you may be) often base costumes on attractions with one of the most popular being the Haunted Mansion.  I love seeing hitchhiking ghosts, murderous brides and tightrope walking girls wandering the parks!

Get Park Wise: Low on time, cash or creativity?  Trying to talk Grumpy into participating?  Mouseketeer outfits are quick, easy and not too “costumey.”  Pick up some white shirts and iron-on letters.  Affix your names to the shirts a la the Mickey Mouse Club.  Pick up a classic ear hat in the park, and voila!  Almost instant group costume!

Another quick and easy costume? FastPass! White tee and iron-on transfer paper.

What Should I Wear?

When in doubt, go for comfort.  While a full body costume may look fantastic, is it practical for your plans?  If you’re wanting to hit the coasters during the party, will your hoop skirt fit on Space Mountain?  Will that gorilla suit make you pass out from heat exhaustion?  I do love seeing those of you who go all out, though.  There are some fantastic costumes at the parties!


I’m a fan of regular clothes being transformed into costumes.  Yellow skirt, red and blue top, red bow…hello, Snow White!  Aloha shirt, shorts, hike up your socks and carry your camera around your neck…cool and comfy tourist.


Are There Any No-Nos?

Yes-yes!  According to Disney, costumes should be child-friendly.  That means cover it up, keep it not-so-scary and remember you’re in a family zone.  Additionally, costumes should not be violent or offensive, have sharp or protruding parts that may strike other guests or include realistic weapons.  Masks are permissible, but they should not obstruct your vision, and Disney asks that your eyes be visible.  Any costumes that don’t meet the official guidelines and cannot be modified may result in a party-goer being refused entry to the party in the offending costume.  Another Disney biggie – guests dressed as Disney characters may not offer to pose for photos and may not sign autographs.

Taking pictures with other guests is a lot of fun, but remember that you can’t offer to pose for pictures when dressed as a Disney character.

More Tips

Consider bringing a change of clothes if you’re unsure about wearing your costume all night.  If you decide you want to ditch it midway through the party to hit the rides, you won’t have to buy a brand new outfit from the Emporium.

If you want to don your not-so-scary apparel throughout the party and you still want to ride, make sure your costume doesn’t have any dragging parts or dangling pieces that may trip you up when boarding or could get caught in a ride track.

Although it may ruin the look, remember your footwear!  You don’t want to have to run home before midnight because your glass slippers are killing your feet.

Little Flynn has tennis shoes under boot covers.

Have fun!  Get into it and enjoy your night out with thousands of other grown-ups running around in costume.  Nothing like trick-or-treating at Disney to make you feel like a kid again! Those are my Disney Halloween party tips, what are yours?

Have you dressed up for a Disney party?  What were you?  Any great costume ideas you’d like to share?