This Wednesday Starbucks finally opened on Main Street U.S.A. after years of rumors and speculation.  Many are happy with the change and many others are not. We’ll take you on a tour and let you decide for yourself if the execution of the new coffee shop fits in. We also explore the idea of Thor coming to . . . Tomorrowland. We also round things out by showing you what is behind the first door on the Haunted Mansion Holiday gingerbread advent calendar.  And finally we share our thoughts on the permanent refurbishment of yet another Tom Sawyer Island icon.  We start with news about a free MiceChat Eye Spy game on October 6th that we invite you to join in on . . .

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Starbucks on Main Street

Wednesday morning Starbucks finally made its debut on Disneyland Park’s Main Street U.S.A. It was argued by some that the arrival of the coffee giant was was sure to kill any feeling of home town charm in favor of the mighty dollar. Is this true? Does the space feel more like a Walt Disney World shop than something that is more at home in Walt Disney’s original park? Let’s take a look and you let us know what you think.

















As we enter the corner door, we are immediately confronted with a confusing configuration of queue lines. Of course, a smiling cast member was there to direct customers, but still it gave me a bit of pause. Basically, the counters have been constructed at the far corner, directly opposite the entry. You can choose to go the left or right of the cooling case that shelves the bottle water and fresh fruit as you make your way to the counter.

















Some of the little touches remain. Although the seem shoved to the far periphery in favor of making more room for the massive crowds that are certain to descend on this location.


This is the only indoor bit of seating in the main Market House floor.
The good news: there were plenty of outlets for guest to use, situated at key places near tables.


The several party lines along the walls were not working the day of opening.
The checkerboard sits at a wall to the right of the entrance.
The cast uniforms are cute and period appropriate.



The Book Rest
The old Disneyana entry room is now indoor dining for Starbucks. You can no longer enter from the street. You must enter through the Market House. Festooned with old books stacked on shelves of dark stained wood, it is certainly a cozy spot. Dark and intimate, it seems like it will be the perfect place to people watch while sipping a latte.



The walls feature references to Peter Pan and other sources of material that Disney has mined for inspiration. It is here that the potbelly stove was relocated, serving as an anchor to those little touches from the previous market house.







Oliver Twist must have been on sale, because there are lots of copies of it on the shelves.










Here’s a little video we took of the new space:

So, what do you think of the new Starbucks on Main Street? We’d like to know what you think works and what doesn’t in the new Market House and Book Rest.

Feelin’ Thor

November 1st will mark the first time a Marvel character will be meeting and greeting with guests at Disneyland.  That’s right, Thor will be setting up shop inside Innoventions and hammering guests with salutations.  The exhibit and character spot will be located next to the successful Iron Man interactive display.




Disney offers a convoluted storyline to excuse the fact that the character is suddenly in the land of Tomorrow…

Astrophysicist Jane Foster, who established a special relationship with Thor, has been studying the “Bifrost,” a cosmic bridge that allows Thor to travel between the Nine Realms, including Earth. She has determined that the Bifrost is set to open again in Southern California and pinpointed the precise location as Innoventions at Disneyland park.

Inside Innoventions, Foster and her team are preparing for the opening of the Bifrost with the installation of Thor: Treasures of Asgard, a collection of objects brought to Earth straight from Asgard. After viewing the exhibit, you’ll be invited to enter a chamber where the Bifrost will transport you to Asgard for an audience with Thor himself!

Got that? Ready to enter the “Bifrost”? The exhibit precedes the new film, Thor: The Dark World, which is scheduled to be released on November 8th.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

The Advent calendar gingerbread house featured in the ballroom scene of Haunted Mansion Holiday has revealed what is behind its first door.  A new surprise will be revealed every week until Christmas.


Notice the Jack Skellington in the bottom right of the gingerbread house.


Big Thunder Refurb

The train is moving along, slowly, but surely to the final destination.  Yes Big Thunder is still under refurbishment and is not set to return until February of next year (with the possibility that the date may slip even further).  Here are current pictures from the construction site.










Treehouse of Horrors

Set in a perpetual state of “refurbishment,” the Treehouse on Tom Sawyer Island has been walled off for months now under the guise of improvement. In reality, the fall and fence scenario that has been playing out across the resort has hit this classic spot on the island and Disney’s still trying to figure out what to do about the situation.






The march of time and safety continues throughout the park.  But it is a shame to see classic elements like the tree house tangled up in this mess. Will it be boarded up?  One wonders what else on the island may disappear soon.







The safety railing project along the rooftops of Fantasyland is still going on.  Thankfully they are trying to blend the railings and safety walls into the existing surroundings.




Snow White Grotto

The small corner of the park with Snow White’s wishing well and Seven Dwarfs statues is receiving an overhaul.  We love seeing these little touches being maintained.  Especially when so many of the other intimate areas of the park are being removed in favor of the greater good.




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And now, for your listening pleasure:

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And so we close another chapter in the ever changing story that is the Disneyland Resort.  What are your thoughts on the brand new Starbucks on Main Street U.S.A.  Are you upset that the old Market house is no more or are you happy with our new coffee bean overlords?  What should be done with the tree house on Tom Sawyer Island.

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  • danielz6

    It seems like the Starbucks addition has been tastefully done and well themed. However I will probably never set foot into the market house as I have no interest in visiting a store with a generic Starbucks menu that I can visit anytime outside of the park. It would be like going to McDonald’s or Burger king inside Disneyland. I would never do that as when I’m in Disneyland I’m only interested in tasting the unique offerings that they have, not the everyday and mundane. Or better yet its like replacing the ice cream parlor with a cold stone, I would no longer have an interest in eating there. I have not visited Fidler Fifer and Practical as well since they discontinued their unique hot sandwich offerings for the same reason. Now if they’d offer unique specialty coffees that can only be found inside the park then I’d be willing to eat there occasionally.

    • StevenW

      When Disneyland is serving hamburgers and pasta, it is really that unique and special?

      Starbuck’s menu is not generic. It is Starbucks. Disneyland’s new store made it more generic in presentation with the bland look of the store. Thus, your argument is a complaint about Starbucks being made to fit Disney.

      If they wanted to add McDonald’s and Burger King, only the food remains. The presentation will fit Disneyland and you will complain about that.

      Anways, people like Starbucks because the coffee is better. You can’t make the same argument about McDonald’s although we can say that people do enjoy its own unique hanburgers, fries, and chicken nuggets. I’ll take Starbucks over Disneyland’s coffee.

      • disneyland255

        Danielz6 was making the point of going to the parks for exclusive creative foods….not something he can go across the street and get. I understood what he meant and didn’t take it as whining.

      • DobbysCloset

        The fries at McDonalds are absolutely NOT generic fries!

        I’m not picky about my coffee, but my fries? I can remember when the hamburgers and fries were so bad at Disneyland we kids wouldn’t eat them…

        My sister is a Starbucks-only fan and for her getting a Starbucks coffee drink on the way in to the Magic Kingdom or 1930’s Hollywood will make her visit even more pleasurable.

      • danielz6

        You replied “Disneyland’s new store made it more generic in presentation with the bland look of the store. Thus, your argument is a complaint about Starbucks being made to fit Disney.”

        To my comment which started:
        “It seems like the Starbucks addition has been tastefully done and well themed”

        Actully read the comments you are replying to please.

      • The Lost Boy

        Bringing back McDonald’s french fries to the Park would be a good idea.

      • StevenW

        @daniel. You wrote “Actully read the comments you are replying to please.”

        You mean where you said “I have no interest in visiting a store with a generic Starbucks menu that I can visit anytime outside of the park”

        And I said “Disneyland’s new store made it more generic in presentation with the bland look of the store. Thus, your argument is a complaint about Starbucks being made to fit Disney.”

        Before I wrote that sentence, I said “Starbuck’s menu is not generic. It is Starbucks.”

        Perhaps you should follow your own advice to read the posts in their proper order.

        You concede the store is well themed, yet you criticize the Starbuck’s menu as being generic…. as compared to what? The Startbuck’s stores outside? That’s not the definition of generic (definition: Not having a brand name). In other words, while Disney is well themed, it is actually generic, not the brand name of Starbucks.

    • Gregg Condon

      As was said already, the quality of coffee is much better than it was in the previous market house. Why Disney could never make a decent cup of coffee is beyond me.

      As far as “unique” food, again, as was already said, having Corn Dogs, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs … even Coke kind of eliminates that argument.

      The fact that other fast food burgers from places like Carls, The Habit, In N Out, etc are better than what’s served in Disneyland doesn’t help either.

      • coffeecheryl

        actualy having ‘fair’ food does not eliminate the argument because that is the kind of food Walt introduced. I will agree that the masses may prefer Starbucks but that doesn’t make it a quality coffee. Burnt, overdone, overroasted. Why do you think the sweet coffees and fraps are so popular, it covers up the blah. Yes, I will probably go in to see the changes and may buy something on occassion but I will seek a more reasonable priced cup of coffee.

      • John Keola Lessary

        I have to agree with coffeecheryl. Market House’s coffee was great. The free refills made it even better. Starbucks coffee is often overcooked/burnt tasting and I’m not a huge fan of it. I do get the flavored drinks/mochas/fraps as it is easier to handle. With that said, I’ll still stop in and get a mocha on our visit and check the place out. Still really bummed about the free refills, though.

  • ghosty4

    I ALMOST FELL OUT OF MEIN UPPER PERCH! I was wondering if they were going to open the doors on the advent calendar themed gingerbread house in Haunted Mansion Holiday!!! That is a spectacular detail right there!!

    Also… the window on the Market House now proclaims, “batch roasting coffee since seventy-one”. I hope they mean 1871. That is a pretty horrible detail right there. (Since I know they mean 1971… on a window on Main Street USA. THE SHAME!)

    • Monoautorail

      It obviously says “Seventy-one” without the year so as to be a sly reference to both. Not a mistake at all.

    • WookieCookie

      Starbucks was founded in 1971, so they changed the date to 1871 to make it appropriate for Main Street.

    • Gurgie

      They left it intentionally vague to fit in with the theme. Starbucks fans know that it’s because the coffee shop was founded in 1971. Non-coffee drinkers (are not a die-hard Starbucks fan) can view it as an 1871 reference, tying into Main Street.
      The ONLY reason I know all of this is from a previous In the Parks (or was it Dateline?)

  • fnord

    It would have been totally acceptable in Tomorrowland. Particularly since they are adding
    one to downtown disney. Just leave it out of main street or frontierland.

    • DLFan1995

      Yes, that would make more sense and actually give Starbucks a feeling of lasting into the future (a’la Taco Bell in Demolition Man).

      • DobbysCloset

        Imagine the opportunities for theming! Was there a Starbucks on Tattooine? Did they serve Starbucks on Jabba’s Pleasure Barge?

  • FerretAfros

    The Cinderella, Pinocchio, Alice, and Snow White “books” in the eating area appear to be the boxes that the old Storybook Ornament sets came in. Interesting choice, since the boxes weren’t especially high quality, and don’t really look like actual books

  • ScottOlsen

    Just one question–can you still get a pickle?

  • LoveStallion

    I can’t wait to see the poor cast members who attempt to capture the essence of Thor. And I trust it’ll be the movie Thor and not the comic Thor.

    • Sparky

      Chris Hemsworth was filming a movie in the Downtown LA building that I work in and also passed within inches of me on a plane I was on in July, so the park one is going to have to be really good, haha!

  • bamato

    I’m happy to see well themed windows on main street. With any luck, it won’t go the way of DCA’s windows….

  • rstar

    I don’t drink coffee at the parks generally, but I might use the Book Rest. The look is okay, but not “Old World”. I guess they did a decent job of blending the two ideas, for a shop I will never visit.

  • TCadillac

    I went in Innoventions for the first time since it opened I think in 98…?? It was a snoozer of an attraction back then and it is still a giant underwhelming bore. If this is what the houses of the future will be like count me out! I wish the Thor would strike the building down with his might hammer. I’m really hoping Iger and co. announce the impending capital investment in Tomorrowland at the Japanese D23. Fingers crossed :/

  • Bob Gurr

    What a delightful quiet period decor spot for a morning cup of tea, or maybe a coffee. The branding is immaterial, the look and feel is delightful. This will be my main stop. Possibly It’ll be less crowded, since negative blog complainers will not be there, thus making it a very positive meeting point for pleasant and non-picky guests.

    • I’m with you Bob. I think it looks good overall and the Book Rest is GREAT. I’m a fan of the FF&P at DCA and stop there on nearly every trip. The new Starbucks at Disneyland will help take the load off of the FF&P (along with the new Starbucks in Downtown Disney).

      Really appreciate Norm’s photos and video. My only quibble is the main room is a bit chaotic with the awkward queue lines. But there’s really no overcoming that with a popular spot requiring lines (same problem at the Gibson Girl across the street). This is FAR superior to the crappy job they did with the Starbucks at Magic Kingdom in Florida (which is bare bones in comparison).

      • KingEric

        I agree, this seems very tastefully done, and appropriate to the theme regardless of the brand that is inside. Love the details and the look.

    • DLFan1995

      The Book Rest is fine. If they just hadn’t screwed up the Market House with the huge queue. If they had kept the charming MH counter and just expanded for the Book REst, I believe there would be a lot fewer complaints.

  • Monoautorail

    We (Disneyland) definitely got a better location than Magic Kingdom did–at least insofar as can be judged from pictures alone. But that is no surprise, is it?

  • TacAlert

    The window at Starbucks says “Batch Roasting Company”. At first I thought it said Bitch.

  • Laura P

    All the details in the Starbucks look wonderful and really evoke the main street feel! I’m so excited that two of my favorite things – Starbucks and Disney – are coming together. I’m not picky about my coffe, but I know plenty of people who are, and having well done Starbucks coffee to drink in the morning will make it a lot easier to convince them to get to the parks early with me, haha.

  • David Mercury

    Have the railings gone up around the wishing well yet?

  • Algernon

    Thor is a comic book character and belongs in Toon Town, along with Nemo and Buzz Lightyear. They should restore the old Subs and move Nemo to Toon Town, with subs that don’t go anywhere and have projections out the windows, since all Nemo is is going underwater to watch a bad cartoon, and the little kids won’t know the difference. Tomorrowland is supposed to be the world of tomorrow, not some kind of Pixar cartoonland. I used to enjoy feeling like I was walking into the future. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. Tomorrowland doesn’t look good, and it doesn’t feel good. It used to be my favorite place.

    • marksummer

      I don’t like to be negative, but I totally agree with Algernon. I’ve been coming to Disneyland pretty much since I was born in 1958. It was such a magical place to grow up in, and when Tomorrowland was redone in 1967, it was fantastic. I know many readers of Miceage have commented on this, but Tomorrowland is a shadow of its former glory. When the Peoplemovers, Rocket Jets on the elevated platform, Skyway, Carousel of Progress were all moving together, the kinetic energy was incredibly exciting. Just to stand in the middle of Tomorrowland was a real trip. I was lucky enough to get to ride the Flying Saucers before they were taken out, and even the original Tomorrowland with FSs, Skyway,(or swinging buckets, as we called ’em), Flight to the Moon and the flying spacemen and model airplanes were genuinely more exciting than what is there now. Don’t get me wrong. I love Space Mountain, (it’s probably my favorite roller coaster of all time) and enjoy the rebuilt Autopia well enough. Buzz Lightyear is great fun, but in the end Tomorrowland is just not anything like what was there before, in terms of showcasing the world of the future, and in terms of creating a sense of wonder, something Walt Disney was the master of orchestrating. Disney, the company has, and can do better. And when I think of all the money I’ve spent over the years at Disneyland, I feel like I deserve better. Don’t you?

      • DobbysCloset

        I was born in ’55; I share your experiences and have quite similar feelings about the Tomorrowland I remember.

        When I was at Disneyland last Space Mountain was down for a Halloween overlay and the only real ride in Tomorrowland that was at all tomorrow-ish was Space Tours which, as someone pointed out, is actually a fairy tale from “long ago.”

      • Kevinsharris

        I was born in 1977.

  • Rongo

    It looks pretty nice to me, although the queue looks quite daunting. I have to say I like the old Market House primarily because it was, well, the old Market House. But the reality is that it was like every other shop in the parks, carrying the same merchandise but with a checkerboard and stove. I think I like the idea that this location is now about a specific thing – a coffee house – rather than another outlet for the same range of gift items you can find elsewhere. Hurrah for specialization, even if it is Starbucks!
    Now, let’s get the rest of Main Street to be more like a real main street. Something different in every shop, please!

  • mickeyandme67

    From the video and pictures, I’m disappointed. I’ll reserve full judgment until I get to actually step a foot inside, but so far I’m not impressed.

  • BrerDan

    Well, *since* folks were invited to weigh in…..I have to say that I am not a fan of the new Starbucks space. The photos bear out my initial fears. It’s become a large, cavernous hall–yet again removing one of the more intimate spots in Disneyland. Is it tasteful? Mostly, yes. But, it’s not charming. The details are nice, but not all that different from many chain restaurants.

    Does it completely destroy the theme of Main Street? Definitely no. It mostly continues the aesthetic that is on the other side of the street with the Emporium and Ice Cream Parlor. I always appreciated, however, that we had one side that was more “designed for the masses” and one that was smaller in scale and designed to explore. Losing these more intimate spaces, in my opinion, is no different than the loss of the Court of Angels–it takes something away. Moreover, it just doesn’t really help convey the story of Main Street.

    On balance I know that this will make lots of folks happy while also making Disney lots of money. I can’t really argue that–but what I’m seeing doesn’t hold the charm and interest that the former space conveyed. And, yes, I am a curmudgeon who actually preferred the flavored coffee (with refills!) over anything Starbucks serves. This new location doesn’t appeal to me or my other half, but, then, it’s clear we weren’t the intended audience.

    I will wait to reserve *final* judgement until I see it in person, but so far, it leaves me a little sad. That said, I know others are happy–so I can’t be upset about it, just disappointed.

    • DobbysCloset

      You use the word “cavernous.” As guests and strollers get larger and use more mobility devices, spaces that worked well fifty years ago no longer do.

      It’s as if average-sized adults tried to crowd into Toontown attractions…even the spaces people queue in have to be made larger…

  • Big D

    Oh, I thought the random numbers on the gingerbread castle were odd. I didn’t realize at all that it was meant to represent an advent calendar. That’s actually very clever.

    By the way that reminded me, did anyone else notice just how much it smelled like gingerbread in that room? I went a few days after it opened and I was overwhelmed with the smell. I don’t know if I’ve just never gone that early before and it goes away after a few weeks, or if maybe Disney is doing something to emphasize the scent as you go past that scene.

    • CCS

      Every year, the gingerbread house is a creative masterpiece and HUGE! The smell of gingerbread in that part of the ride is the genuine article — not like the fresh air/water or orange enhancements on Soarin’ Over California. I loved the Halloween-ish take on the “12 Days of Christmas,” too: 13 instead of a dozen.

  • Gregg Condon

    Great update. The Starbucks looks great.

  • realsurf

    They sell overpriced coffee milkshakes and mundane pastries…so what? So glad the millenials will be jamming the place so those who really get the park (sans plushies, churros and “fall fences”) will still be able to point out the really cool things that were once there.

  • Country Bear

    I agree that the Market House is less intimate (and homegrown) than it used to be, but given the realities of the modern world, the Starbucks location is as good as it could be. It looks like it has been designed to handle crowds very well. I can say without question that people will much prefer the new coffee over the old one. Nestle will forever be Nasty in my mind when it comes to coffee at Disney parks. Though not a huge coffee addict, I enjoyed and appreciated the new location in DCA and I’m certain this location will receive a positive rating as well (overall).

  • 4Apples4Disney

    It looks just like FF&P…and looks way too modern. I’m actually disappointed at this one.

    On a Big Thunder note: Where are the confirmations of closure coming from? I can’t seem to find anywhere online that it will re-open in February.

  • SpectroMan

    I guess it looks fine. Ironically it seems FF&P Cafe is never that busy, and having just returned from WDW I found that the MK Main Street AND Epcot FW locations never had any lines – just tons of CMs with menus eagerly looking for customers. I’m sure part of it is that they’re all new, but perhaps another part is…the public isn’t expecting something that’s found on any corner, USA in a theme park they paid $92 to get into?

  • Dreamsinger

    The theming of Starbucks seems alright. The only thing that doesn’t fit is the logo. Something about it just doesn’t seem to blend in with the theme. Personally I don’t like Starbucks (many in the Seattle area refer to it as Charbucks), but I certainly don’t have any issues with them being on Main Street.

    It’s sad that people have passed the buck on their responsibilities and in turn resort to suing places like Disneyland because of their irresponsibility or stupidity. Because of that, things like the treehouse get closed and safety rails that were never needed are put into place and usually detract from the theming.

    Thor in Tomorrowland? I know that Thor is part of the Avengers, but Thor on his own is more suited to Fantasyland. Even with the Stark Enterprises display he seems out of place without another of the techy Avengers by his side. It also seems insincere and hastily thrown out there. I would expect better of Disneyland, example being Star Wars Academy. That’s an awsome interactive show for kids, and for this big kid to watch.

    I would love to be in Disneyland, viewing the gingerbread house first hand. Out of the handful of times that I’ve been to Disneyland, only once have I had the opportunity to see the Haunted Mansion Make-over. It was great!

  • blowfishies

    Did anyone else notice, the book Moby Dick in the picture. It’s great that Disney is playing to Starbucks heritage, as Starbucks is named for the character in Moby Dick.

  • TwilitWings

    Thanks for the coverage, particularly of the HM Holiday update! Excited to see the gingerbread advent calendar evolve over the weeks. 🙂

    I’m personally a fan of what they did for the Market House and especially of the Book Rest. I understand the complaints about the menu, but I think the giant lines/queues, while unfortunate, are completely necessary. I remember what a pain it is to even find the line at times in the old Market House so I can appreciate them trying to help alleviate that issue.