Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’re taking a look at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, which starts today! We have almost 50 photos for you, so let’s go!

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Welcome to Epcot!



At the front gate, work is still being done on some of the turnstiles.



Food and Wine is upon us, and the front of the park has been spruced up, as it is every year. The display for this year is quite colorful.







The colors continue inside the park.



I never got to mention this great shout out to Communicore outside the new Starbucks location.



Installation is in place for the Cranberry Bog, which is always quite popular with guests.




World Showcase Promenade also gets sign treatment for the festival.






Scotland is new to the festival this year.




Extra tables are out for people to enjoy their food and drink at.






This should all be open now!




The new restaurant in Morocco is rising quite quickly.





I really like the detail going into this building, but I do worry about the closing off of this pavilion. Having the lagoon right there but not being able to see it anymore is kind of a shame.




More tables.




The new restrooms at the American Adventure are now open, and they are a welcome addition. I’m not one to take photos inside a restroom, so you’ll have to take my word for it, but they are huge, and very nicely done. There are also lots of nice flowers in the area right outside.




The Chase Lounge for this year’s festival is at American Adventure.



Signage for the Eat to the Beat concert series.



I love an empty Epcot!








I could photograph this park all the time and still come away with new things.





Not sure if they had an issue with the Friendship boats, but they were using these when I visited.




Time to go!




Epcot Food and Wine Festival has arrived. There’s no better way to enjoy it than with your MiceChat pals. If you’ll be in the parks on October 18th, Rixter and Mickey Maxx are putting on another of their wonderful SIP and NIBBLE events. Dusty, Fishbulb, Monorail Man and all the crew will be there as well. And best of all, the event is free.


They’ve been holding this event for years (long before D23 stole the idea). It’s a leisurely stroll around Food and Wine Festival in which we stop at EVERY booth to eat and drink a little something. Since it would be nearly impossible to eat a full item from each stand . . . we share. It’s the secret to making friends and remaining standing at the end of a long but lovely day.  The event is free to attend (you’ll still need to get your own park tickets) but we kindly ask that you sign up HERE so we’ll know how many supplies to bring. 


If you’d like to join us for the Sip and Nibble, sign up HERE



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Well, that does it for this week. Will you be visiting Food and Wine? How do you feel about the new Morocco restaurant? Let us know in the comments!!

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  • FerretAfros

    Is it safe to assume that the old American Adventure restrooms have closed, now that the new ones are open? Or will the old ones remain as well?

  • Lord Alfred

    “I really like the detail going into this building, but I do worry about the closing off of this pavilion. Having the lagoon right there but not being able to see it anymore is kind of a shame.”

    That was my first reaction as well, but I think if we look at all the accolades given to the placemaking at Harry Potter at IOA, and of course various places in Disneyland, what we come away with is that having big open vistas is not necessarily a good thing. Being completely enclosed by a theme tends to elicit greater feelings of immersion and “charm” in the guest.

  • I’m so excited for Food and Wine Festival, always a highlight of my year. I’ll be at the MiceChat event on the 18th. Can’t wait!

  • QPerth

    Thanks for a wonderful intro into the food and wine festival Cory, I always look forward to your updates from any park, as I’ve not yet been to WDW myself, it gives me my weekly fill until I finally get there one day!
    Some incredible photos this week, the Empty Epcot one of the bridge is wonderful, but the mirrored ‘leg’ of SSE shot is just breathtaking. Something really special about that shot, well done!
    That small, tiny nod to Communicore is cool, it is just so pointless that Disney does not reintroduce those icons back into Epcot (and make similar new ones for TT etc). They are so visually perfect, easily recognisable, and easily followed on maps and signs. I hope one day to see that Epcot reintroduces those symbols and signage, and in FW makes the fonts the same again.
    Thanks again, until next week, have a wonderful week! -Q

  • wdwprince

    I’m at Food and Wine now. Scotland has some of the best food. Both of their dishes are strong.
    Vegetarian haggis and salmon are delicious. But the real winner is the chocolate whiskey tart with shortbread and sweet cream. Delicious! Looking forward to the Go Gos tomorrow.