In a few days, it will be October 1. It’s the biggest anniversary date at Walt Disney World. Back in the days when Walt Disney World bus drivers often provided their own commentary to passengers, Werner Weiss heard an interesting theory about the significance of October 1.

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  • toonaspie

    LOL. The is the silliest myth yet. They opened WDW in October to avoid the overwhelming heat and crowds they had when they opened Disneyland in mid July.

  • dougeebear

    Actually, the fiscal year tie-in makes more sense than anything else. Although the May 1st opening of the Studios parks throws that off.

    • FerretAfros

      The Studios was rushed into development to beat out Universal, so I would guess they wanted it to open as quickly as possible, getting in a full summer season (and then some) before Universal opened, I’m quite certain that the other two were tied to the fiscal year, and DAK is Earth Day

  • janvincent_1313

    I do believe that if I were the lead over that bus driver that he would be reprimanded for telling guests false information.

    • Badgermann

      If that were the case, the vast majority of bus drivers would be written up.

      • Werner Weiss

        WDW bus drivers now seldom use the public address system on their buses. Prerecorded messages provide destination information to bus passengers. There may still be talkative drivers, but I haven’t encountered any in my more recent experiences. There was a time when it seemed drivers were expected to entertain passengers, or at least many chose to do so. It’s probably better if the drivers concentrate of safe driving, but something personal has been lost in the transition to prerecorded audio.

  • rwsmith

    “I edited some spelling, punctuations, and typos ro make them readable.”

    My favorite sentence from the article. Of all the sentences to have a typo.

    • Werner Weiss

      That’s pretty funny! Thanks for catching that. I’ll fix the two typos in the sentence. That’s what I get for working on an article after midnight.

  • Big D

    Hey, when I was hired at Disneyland, the person leading the orientation gave incorrect information about Main St getting narrower as it’s goes toward the castle to make Main St. look longer then it really is, and that if Main St were extended out all of the way, the two sides of the street would actually meet somewhere around the carousel. CM’s are just as susceptible to incorrect information as anyone else.

  • DobbysCloset

    That’s the most horrible thing I have ever heard about Walt; my hands are shaking. How horrid that some evil felt the need to perpetrate false rumors about Walt that questioned his military service. Obviously if Walt had been dishonorably discharged it would have been public record long before he became famous.

    Walt did some mean things in his life, particularly around the union issues, but acting out by drawing kamikaze cartoons as some kind of wacky graffitti artist? I feel like Roger Rabbit having sipped a drink.

    • Werner Weiss

      There are worse rumors about Walt Disney than the one about his supposed dishonorable discharge. At least that story is so ludicrous and so easily refuted (Walt never served in any branch of the military) that it’s more laughable than horrible.