Thanks to Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog, we have some announcements from Disneyland Paris. Park management revealed plans for the Halloween and Christmas seasons plus they announced the official name of the Ratatouille ride. PLEASE NOTE: P&P Projects in the Netherlands has requested the removal of two images from this article. We have complied with their wishes. ~~Rick

DLP Announcements, Official Title of Ratatouille Attraction Unveiled, and more
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


Disneyland Paris made a series of announcements on their Facebook page this week including the first visual and the official name of the new Ratatouille ride.

The name of the WDS Ratatouille ride will be “Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémi”. The picture above clearly shows the ride vehicle and also reveals that guests will be shrunk to the size of a rat with oversized sets all along the ride. Note that there is a play on the word “toquée” as “toqué” means crazy but in French the word “toque” also means a chef’s hat. So, in this case, one translation in English could be “Ratatouille: Remi’s Totally Crazy Adventure”. It seems that the original English working title “Ratatouille’s Kitchen Calamity” may not be used, but we’ll see…


The next DLP official news was about the Halloween Season:

Do you like to shake with laughter? Our first surprise is about to begin! As of 5 October, make way for the Disney Halloween Festival. Mickey and his Friends have prepared an unforgettable party for you in the Park, more invaded than ever by pumpkins and ghosts! Come meet Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie for a brand new Cavalcade before learning to sew at Minnie’s Costume Couture. And if you have a sweet tooth, Goofy will adjust his remarkable candy-making machine to make your “mouth water!

Jack and Sally as well as Disney villains will always be part of Halloween, plus the Disney Dreams! show will play every night, too!


Here’s the news about the Christmas season:

Would you rather shiver when a snowflake falls on the tip of your nose? Right! Well then come join us as of 10 November for the most magical Christmas at Disneyland Paris. Come meet the heroes of the next Disney animation movie “Frozen, the Snow Queen”, admire our new Christmas Cavalcade and dream of the presents you would like to discover on Christmas day at the foot of our brand new 24-meter tall Christmas tree … Last –but not least- make the dream go on and on by staying wide awake in front of our unique and mind-blowing nighttime show “Disney Dreams! of Christmas”. You have now understood that at Christmas time, more than any time, Disneyland Paris slips into its most beautiful light costume and piles on the presents, all for you!

Other news about the future was unveiled the Disney Gazette forum and it is a plan showing a project scheduled for between 2015 and 2020 of a new hotel and convention centre as well as a new bus station which will be built near the Disney Village and the Vinci parking lot.


Here’s the DLP pictorial update thanks to pictures of Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster. Since this week’s news featured the Ratatouille ride, let’s start with photos of the Ratatouille construction site.

The scaffolding has been removed from the part of the show building where the ride entrance will be.



Here are some closer shots…





…as well as pictures of the other buildings on the right.





These photos were posted by Disney Magic Interactive and shot at the EAS show recently of an exhibit by the PnP company. What is interesting is that PnP has previously worked for DLP on some floats of the Once Upon a Dream parade. Max and I think that these might show some of the oversized set elements which will be inside the Ratatouille ride. Remember that guests are supposed to be the size of a rat during the ride. Note the caption on the left: “Major theme park, 2014 attraction”. Does this mean that these are Ratatouille sets?

At the Disneyland Park, they have already started to put the Christmas lighting on Sleepy Beauty Castle – but you won’t notice it from the ground.



Peter Pan’s Flight is open again…


…but the Carousel de Lancelot is now in refurbishment!


Outside the parks, work is still going on at the new esplanade gate, the one leading to the Vinci car park, as you can see on the pics below from Disney Central Plaza and Dlrp Welcome.




We have a little bit of bad news to end this update. The new Lego Store at Disney Village will have a delay in its opening. A fake ceiling fell down during installation and now all work has been stopped.



Okay, that’s it for today’s DLP update. I’ll be back soon with a new one.

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Picture: copyright Disney, Max Fan – DLRP Welcome, Disney Central Plaza

  • jcruise86

    Thanks for that excellent update!

    Will the rat ride surpass Tokyo’s Pooh ride? Will this stop Disneyland Paris’ WDW-like decline that was recently reflected in the petition to Iger? What resort has stagnated more–Paris or WDW?

  • fnord

    If it features giant animatronics, I hope they work better than the yeti at wdw!

  • DobbysCloset

    Thank you very much for the lovely pictures of one of my favorite characters, Pluto. I hear that Parisians are very fond of their dogs…

    Having kept many rats over the years as pets, I know how smart and loving they can be, and I have always loved the Ratatouille movie. I would love having the experience of being “rat-sized!” It’s not all about being chased by a bad-tempered chef with a rolling pin — a crumb of cake and a sliver of cheese become a feast!

    Visiting Disneyland Paris would be a dream I hardly dare to dream…

    • fnord

      Can’t house elves apparate?

  • Orlando71

    Looks great! I have my fingers crossed that if this is successful they will bring it to her sister park Hollywood Studios. This would be amazing at Pixar Place………

  • DobbysCloset

    The Chihuahua has a question: “No parlez vous Francais. What does it say on the tombstone in the picture of Pluto holding the lovely bone?”

    • LoveStallion

      The Fastest Shooter in the West.

  • LoveStallion

    Awesome. I love DLP. Really, Ratatouille could have fit nicely in Fantasyland, but Disney Studios is so mind-numbingly awful that I’m glad they are getting another signature attraction.