The newest addition to The Magic of Disney Animation – a Meet Minnie character interaction – is a success on every level. It certainly satisfies on the character interaction level, but what really caught my eye was the level of detail on the hidden details, tributes, and homages in the queue. I am obviously biased, as the author of the Hidden History book on Walt Disney World that chronicles the tributes to Imagineers and remnants of former rides found in today’s parks. Naturally I’m going to like something which adds to the oeuvre.


This video walks you through the details and the tributes. There are a ton!

For those not wishing to watch the video, here’s an abbreviated list of tributes:

  1. The Jungle Cruise poster names a Disney park ride
  2. That same poster mentions July 17, the date when Disneyland opened in Anaheim
  3. The Jungle Cruise poster also mentions Imagineering legends and executives such as Patrick Brennan, John Lasseter, Harper Goff, Bill Evans, and Marc Davis.
  4. Disney characters are all over the posters, including one of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (who is also mentioned separately in the Casablanca “Casamousa” poster).
  5. The Mary Poppins poster mentions Kent Powers, a character from Quack Pack, part of the Disney Afternoon shows of the 1990s. You’ll also find mention in various places of Drake Mallard (the other identity of Darkwing Duck), Fenton Crackshell (DuckTales), Webigail Vanderquack).
  6. The “Bride of Frankenollie” is not just a Frankenstein reference – it honors animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.
  7. The same Frankenollie poster mentions Harrison Hightower IV, a reference to a character invented for the Tower of Terror in Tokyo DisneySea.
  8. The “Mouse Pacific” (South Pacific) poster mentions the Sherman Brothers
  9. The credits to Mouse Pacific offer doubled references to the Tiki Room, with each emcee bird mentioned as the first name, and the last name of the voice actor given. “Michael Burley” references the bird Michael, voiced by Fulton Burley, for instance. The others are Jose Boag (Wally Boag), Fritz Ravenscroft (Thurl Ravenscroft), and Pierre Newton (Ernie Newton).
  10. In the background of Mouse Pacific, on the right side, can be seen the Tiki Room as it appears in the Magic Kingdom
  11. Near the Tiki Room image is a bird in flight; this is the Orange Bird, the original sponsor of the area when it was called Tropical Seranade.
  12. The Cleopatra poster is “presented” by Mortimer Mouse, Walt’s name for his new creation that his wife Lillian renamed to Mickey.



Like the Haunted Mansion and the Exposition Hall renovations before it, this one took a staid location and gave it real historical significance and character. For us frequent visitors, that renders it way more exciting.

On my visit this past weekend, there was essentially no line to meet Minnie. I mean zero wait. This was likely due to three factors:

1. the location was not named for Minnie. I suspect this may change in the coming weeks.


2. the park map had no mention of Minnie Mouse as a character meet location.

3. the FASTPASS+ machines installed here were still covered up by burlap, and will presumably come on line later to generate a steady flow of visitors.

In other words, the ideal time to visit Minnie at Disney Hollywood Studios is right now, or at least last weekend. She’s about to get way more busy. And it’s certainly a worthwhile visit, at least from the historical perspective.

  • CaptainAction

    Does this room where Minnie is look a little like a padded cell with some knick knacks to make it homie?

  • Monkeyofframp

    I thought it was Fulton Burley, not Fred Burley.

  • Kevin Yee

    It is Fulton Burley… misspoke there! Mea culpa.

  • poohmeg

    It’s been a year since I’ve been there, and I’m having trouble picturing where this is within the animation area from the photos – when I was last there, the photo area had Sorcerer Mickey on the left, Pooh and friends with their new movie straight ahead, and the Incredibles up on the raised area. I know the area where Pooh was changed with the recent movies (it had been Dug and Russell on our previous visit) – is that where she is?

  • lighttragic

    Love all the references but can we call John Lasseter a imagineering legend? certainly an animation legend and pioneer

    • AvidTurtleTalker

      My guess is that he was put on the Jungle Cruise poster as he used to be a skipper

  • NashSmartGuy

    Why is Minnie greeting friends in a funeral home parlor?

    • BradyNBradleysMom

      This is one of those things that once seen cannot be unseen. I never thought it looked funereal until you said that…but now the walls look like coffin padding and the display case in the middle of the room looks like it’s displaying urns and things for cremation.

      I can’t ever not see “funeral parlor” in that picture now.

      • DobbysCloset

        I had breezed by the photo without my glasses, thinking “pink boudoir” with mismatched carpet and dress until you, a commonsensical kind of mom, said you were stuck in funeral parlor mode.

        But it can’t be. Minnie is a particular dresser and look at how she’s dressed.

        Then the whole thing becomes incongruous and you realize they’re trying to turn Minnie into “Princess Minnie,” a role she has played in her films, without a costume.

        I think Minnie would like to dress up as a Princess like any four-year-old and should get the chance to meet her fans for photo ops in her princess costume in that boudoir. She can wear her street dress when she meets folks on the streets.

        Does this help?

    • CaptainAction

      Funeral parlor or a padded cell?

  • Kidgenie

    ^^^ Because everyone was just…. Dying to meet her!

    • NashSmartGuy

      Awesome. It does look like she’s standing in the dead center of the room.

      • BradyNBradleysMom

        At least she’s drop-dead gorgeous as always. Such a pretty mouse.

  • disneytom

    How awesome, another character meet and greet (rolling my eyes). When does the new interactive game open?


    • DobbysCloset

      Just like an “adolescent.” Poking fun at the pleasures of little “kids.”

  • DobbysCloset

    Kevin, I am very glad you are feeling better. I am looking forward to setting aside time to watch the video. We know “they” care — they grew up in the culture just like us –, but deciding by committee takes years, if not decades.

    “Disnicolor” perfectly describes the lenses through which I have seen the world since I was born in 1955. We had the first of the color TV’s and Walt was the grandpa I saw weekly. I don’t know who I love more, Walt or Mickey, and I am too jealous of Minnie to be fond of her. On the other hand, I cried when I finally got to hug Mickey at DLR after not seeing him for ten long years.

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us, especially the plethora of detail, in Disnicolor.

  • redrhino54

    Very cool ! I love that video, and appreciate the close-ups.

  • Country Bear

    Great coverage Kevin, thank you. Love your eye for all of the details. It makes me interested in seeing this for these very details.

  • solarnole

    It does look like a funeral home ha ha ha. Wow they even miss on meet and greets their bread and butter.