President Dwight D. Eisnenhower’s Audio-Animatronic twin plays the lute on Spaceship Earth. That’s just one of the many, many amazing details in this new book. Volume 2 offers 28 stories, evenly spread across four categories: “Walt Disney Stories,” “Disney Film Stories,” “Disney Park Stories,” and “Other Disney Stories.”

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: The Vault of Walt: Volume 2.

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  • Lord Alfred

    The new book sounds great. Pity there is no Kindle edition yet, as I no longer buy physical books, so I’ll have to wait.

    • Werner Weiss

      I checked with the publisher yesterday because I wanted to include a link to the Kindle version. Apparently, Kindle ebooks go through a process beyond the control of the publisher, and that process is not yet complete for this title. It could happen any day. When it does, I’ll update the review/interview article.

      • Lord Alfred

        Thank you for the information. I’ll keep a weather eye out for the Kindle release. I added the physical book to my wishlist so I wouldn’t forget. BTW, thank you for Yesterland. It’s a wonderful site and I’ve wasted many hours there I could have been working.

      • stamphead

        The Kindle version was released today

      • Werner Weiss

        I added an Amazon link for the Kindle ebook to the bottom of the review, along with the other Amazon links.

  • Jungle Trekkie

    “Yesterland” is a living book, expanding every week. And it’s one of my favorite books.