Dateline Disney World: Jungle Cruise Reopens and Magic Kingdom Construction

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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Published on October 04, 2013 at 2:00 am with 32 Comments

About Cory Disbrow

Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • billyjobobb

    That mine train had better be the best damn ride ever.

    When we were there last our boat stalled out and they had to come pull us in and we missed the last part of it. It would have been nice had they allowed us to board a new boat and go back through the way it was supposed to be. Sometimes it is easy to forget how important maintenance can be. Really glad to see Disney finally keep up on the place.

  • JCSkipr79

    the Pan meet n greet mural totally looks like the original ’55-’82 Pan loading mural by Ken Anderson. I approve………..

  • clewandowski

    I start every morning at work reading the new articles on MiceChat. I have only ever been to the Florida parks, but still love reading about all the parks. So I enjoy all the articles. I do love the Walt Disney World posts the best, ( sometimes I wish there were more about the other three parks – AK,EP, HS ) Anyways – this morning on the drive in while listing to Four Parks One World, I literally thought to myself ” I hope there is a dateline Disney World….well sure enough here it is, and you never disappoint me! I may be a little bit of a Disney geek, but hey if you’re on this site chances are you may just be one too! Thanks again for the post. !!!

  • mark

    Thanks for the GREAT photos! Love the Jungle Cruise.

  • bamato

    I’ve never noticed before, but is the river in the Jungle Cruise died brown/red versus the green seen on the DLR Jungle Cruise?

  • ScottG

    Seeing refurbs like this on older attractions revives my faith in the Disney corp. and suggests somebody there cares.
    Thanks for the great report.

    • PecosBill

      If they really cared they would provide ongoing maintenance and not let it get to the state of requiring a major rehab.

      • Erik Olson

        A 12 month park is going to have a tough time doing significant upkeep without shuttering the attraction. Scheduling this type of work, which always takes longer than you plan for, is even harder when you try and keep a ride open twelve to fourteen hours per day.

  • red014

    So now that Pan has a more secluded meet and greet area than the bridge to Adventureland, will he be meeting more often and consistently? I understand they couldn’t have 2 visible Pans at the same time, but the “maybe at 2:30, but I don’t know because he’s in the stage show” times were a bit difficult to plan around.

  • Malin

    Great update, that two of us excited about the new Coaster. I’m currently at WDW and did visit Universal for the day. I’m not surprised why its investing millions into new attractions while Disney is not at the moment. Universal is overhyped while Disney is not appreciated enough by the fans. I was on the Backstage Magic Tour on Monday and saw a lot of the AA’s being worked on at the time!

    • I think a lot of folks are excited about the new coaster (me included), they are just expressing their concern that it is taking so long to build.

      • a-mad

        I agree that it seems like its taking long to build… but is it any slower than any other project this size at WDW? I’m not saying this to defend WDW, because I actually think it seems to take them much longer to build things than you would expect.

        Two things are contributing to this particular project feeling slower, in my opinion:

        1) Disney executives making a switch mid-course in the plans for New Fantasyland to change up the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty meet-and-greets, and replace them with the 7 Dwarves Coaster. While the rest of the project was going full steam ahead, the additional work required from this about-face made it impossible for the mine coaster to finish anywhere near the rest of the project. I have no idea how much behind-the-scenes work took place to make this happen, but I’m sure it was extensive, with all the infrastructure needing to be re-thought out, etc.

        2) The extreme speed of the new projects being completed at Universal. I am quite impressed at how quickly these projects are being completed – and at high quality to boot.

        If neither of these factors were involved, perhaps the speed of this project wouldn’t be analyzed as much as it has. I’m not commenting to defend WDW, as I feel they could complete projects quicker – I just don’t think there’s a big difference in the length of time this project will be completed, when you compare it to projects of similar size and scope in the past at WDW. They’re all slow!

  • Tielo

    I was hoping the old skipper ride would get the upgrade like the Tokyo one does get with the enhanced music and effects at night.

  • a-mad

    Thanks Cory – excellent update and great commentary.

    I think we lose sight of the great things that are happening at WDW on a daily basis like this update illustrates. Yes, things could be better – but hopefully some of the enhancements made recently – and the addition of George Kalogridis – will contribute to some exciting things in the years ahead – not only with new attractions, but older attractions being treated with the TLC they deserve.

    Would the 7 Dwarves Mine Train get as much flak as it does if there was no Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley up the street? Probably not. But it does, for comparison purposes alone. If treated as a standalone project – many more would be singing its praises.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to WDW a few months ago. It had been 10 years since our last visit, so we are not frequent visitors that perhaps know the details as much as the locals or frequent visitors (and how I treat DLR…) – but our trip was pure bliss, and our overall experience at WDW far outshone the days we spent at Universal.

  • martinjbell1986

    Great update!

  • scarymouse

    Its good to see the park rehabs, The Jungle Cruise looks great, always a favorite.New rides always take forever to complete at Disney, although I haven’t been to Universal Orlando they do get the job done a a much quicker pace. Disney loves to tempt guests with little releases now and then showing the progress, were Universal has a initial release and then builds to completion and opens to the masses usually before Disney. Its a ploy that is working for them. Although Universal end product does look very good , Disney is Disney and they know what little details we fans are looking for , and the quality we expect. Most of the time they get it right it just takes them longer.

  • michael darling

    The jeep tires used to spin, as if it was just flipped. Didn’t know they ever stopped. The mist is a great addition. I don’t recall that effect. Would like to see the piranha effect added.

    Now that the restrooms at Pan moved, will they be doing an extended and re-themed queue?

    I sometimes wonder, if they had never BUILT a Peter Pan’s Flight years ago, and were JUST NOW creating one, if it would be more heavily themed, like the Mermaid ride. Can u imagine?!

  • CaptainAction

    WDW is has almost transitioned to the museum business. Nice to see the upkeep but all the excuses in the world are made by the fans as to why WDW can’t keep up with new.
    Mermaid is a pretty lame dark ride. Winnie was a nice creative addition years ago. Often is a 45 minute wait. Mermaid is a walk on almost all the time.
    It took less time to build All of MK, AND the resorts on the monorail, AND the monorail than WDW has ALREADY taken to build this kiddie coaster, and it isn’t open yet!
    Do you have any concept of being neglected and taken for granted? You are being taken for granted.
    Jungle Cruise needed the love but shouldn’t have taken MONTHS to fix. WDW doesn’t want to put enough castmembers on the crew to repair and knows you will just be happy whenever it opens. So, months it is.
    Universal is appreciative of their fans and striving to better serve them and it’s working.
    WDW is losing many fans to Universal each day.
    WDW is becoming the museum or nursing home of theme parks.
    Universal isn’t losing any fans to WDW.

  • Mousecat

    I am glad to see that the trapped safari scene in the Jungle Cruise has the correct railings, thereby avoiding being shutdown like it would have been in California.