OoowwOoooooooooooo! Episode #66(6) is here!

Join us on our journey towards Halloween as we discuss the recent announcement that NBC Universal will be pumping $500 million annually into it’s U.S. parks, and hear Darren’s review of the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 23, with live mini reviews of each house!

Photograph By Darren Schmidt

We also have some audio from a Halloween Horror Nights Q&A session with Mike Aiello, Lora Wallace, Jim Timon, John Landis and John Diamonon – great stuff!

Photograph By Darren Schmidt
Photograph By Darren Schmidt

Finally, we send you off on a journey across England’s moors with an audio walk-through of An American Werewolf in London!

Photograph By Darren Schmidt
Photograph By Darren Schmidt

In the words of the Evil Dead – Join Us!

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  • Tielo

    You guys are talking abut 250 M each park but the 500 M is divided by 3 parks and 2 resorts.
    Still 500 M goes a long way at Universal (unlike Disney). I’m sure some attractions added are going to be on the level of the carnival games at IOA’s JP or the Simpsons at USO. I think that is great. Many smaller rides would bring kinetic to the parks and will keep smaller kids happy and don’t take up any major land.
    There is also a lot of room to replace stuff. I won’t be said to see Fear Factor close or Twister or Toon Lagoon. There is enough room to add to Suess landing and in the end they have a huge lake in the middle that could be filled in.
    For the 3th park they could replace the studios buildings between IOA and USO. It’s quite a piece of land, not huge but big enough to put in a boutique park in like the swimming with dolphins at Sea World or a really compact park that makes smart use of space. Disney is offering 2 half day parks and everyone is ok with that so why not put one in at UOR?

  • dsmith3373

    Another great podcast guys, thank you.

    My views on what you discussed;

    I think that any money invested in any of the parks is a good thing but I’m cautious of the bigger picture in their plan for increasing their ‘market share’ in Orlando. For me the USO resort is perfect, if you stay onsite its a lovely walk or boat ride to City walk and from their a short walk to the park gates, the size of the resort and it’s laid back approach (at least when I visit off-peak its laid back!). Adding a massive amount more hotel rooms, may give them more visitors but these parks just aren’t big enough for the numbers they seem to be thinking about. I really believe the third gate idea went up in smoke then the Cabana Bay hotel started going up, they just don’t have enough room, ok they can expand by removing the studio buildings but that isn’t going to go far, particularly if a third HP expansion is already a done deal. Unfortunately I really don’t think they have the real estate to become a holiday ‘destination’ for most people.

    Massively increasing their hotel rooms will also probably destroy another good chunk of I Drive business and I still have a soft spot for I drive, and god forbid if the occupancy goes down enough we might loose Ponderosa!!!

    The HHN stuff sound like a lot of fun (even for someone like me who can’t stand Halloween), I wish I had a chance to see the houses. And I loved John Landis’ crack in the Q&A about 1000 people coming to work HHN for minimum wage!

  • Lee Mallaby

    Tielo, you’re right we did kind of lump Islands and the Studios in to one, but after Daigon Alley opens, I expect most of that money to be spent on Islands of Adventure as USF has had a lot of money spent on it and feels a lot fresher than Islands does at this moment in time. Witht the Hogwarts express linking the two parks, NBC Universal will want both parks to be up to scratch and that’s not to say Islands isn’t, it just hasn’t had the TLC that Studios has over the last year or so.
    dsmith3373, I agree, as i said on the podcast, I think UOR is perfect. Islands and USF are with in walking distance of the hotels, each other and city walk, it is the perfect theme park scenario. Now we have heard a lot of rumblings about a 3rd gate, now where this would go is anyones guess. Is it a good thing? Well, if they’re looking to expand the amount of people staying on site then yes, will it hurt the feel of the resort? In my opinion, completely, but another new park to visit is always a good thing and the direction that UOR are currently going, we have no need to worry about the quality of a 3rd gate, if it ever comes to fruition.
    You are right again, that even in August, UOR feels like a much more laid back resort, Disney is go, go,go,go!! Yet, when we visited Universal we always felt liek we could take our time, grab a butterbeer and just chill out.

    Thanks for the comments guys.