An Orlando institution recently ended a beloved tradition involving five celebrity ducks. No. It wasn’t Walt Disney World. The five celebrity ducks are not Donald, Daisy, Hewey, Louie, and Dewey.

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  • JWhiz

    I was lucky enough to stay at the Peabody in late 1988. I was a college student who had been flown to Orlando to film an episode of MTV’s old game show — Remote Control. They put us up at the Peabody. I had no idea about the ducks. The morning of the taping, I happened to be on the main level near the elevators at the right time. The elevator door opened, and I heard quacking. As I said, not knowing anything about them, I peered into the elevator and say the ducks. With the horns sounding and a flourish, the ducks came out of the elevator and waddled their way to the fountain where the spent the day. It was such a cute, memorable surprise for me, way before cell phone or digital cameras. Yet I have always had that wonderful memory and will continue to have it. Sad to see them go and the end of an era, but the story and memories brought a smile to my face. Thanks for posting this even though it is “off property”.

  • JWhiz

    Oh yeah, the part I left out was that we filmed the episode at some unknown studios. While we were driving through the backlot, our driver/guide pointed out a water tower that had Mickey ears on it. They really didn’t mean anything to me other than they were a novelty. It was a quick trip, in and out in two days. Several months later I picked up a copy of USA Today and on the cover I saw a map of a new park that was opening. Imagine my surprise when I saw the same “Earful Tower” included in the new Disney-MGM Studios park. Yes, I was actually at the studios filming a TV episode months before the park would open. Nowadays it wouldn’t have been a mystery, but this was years before the Internet, so I had no idea this new park was being finished.

  • Jungle Trekkie

    Thanks for bringing us the Peabody duck story with the usual Yesterland excellence.

    I wish that I would have known about this and seen it on one of my trips to Disney World. Now they are yesterducks. At least we can visit them at Yesterland whenever we want.

  • poohmeg

    I never realized there was a Peabody in Orlando – I’ve known lots of people who have stayed at the original Memphis one, which everyone says is an absolutely wonderful place (I’ve never had occasion to go to Memphis) – I actually kind of like things that are unique to their place of origin, so I think it’s kind of cool that the Memphis ducks are back to being truly unique! 🙂

  • better_by_design

    Sad to see the ducks (and the Peabody name) leave Orlando – although as a Hyatt regular, I’m not going to complain about having a perfect option for conventions in the future.

    Glad you mention that folks should come visit the original – and now only – Peabody here in Memphis. The Orlando fountain looks to be a near copy of the original, though our lobby is far more lavish (if smaller).