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Published on October 11, 2013 at 2:00 am with 22 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • CaptainAction

    Great pics, thanks.

    Which year are they from?

  • Malin

    I have a lot of appreciation for the Studios. Had a great time at this park just recently… So many great attractions to check out here like the Tower of Terror and Great Movie Ride.

    I thought it was weird seeing Cars Land posters and other artwork available to buy at Art of Animation. Just a suggestion but how about some WDW artwork. New Fantasyland perhaps.

    What a horrible suggestion to make Starring Rolls the new Starbucks. This location provides some of the best and most unique snacks on property. I think the location is too small. I think Disney should turn one of the stores on Sunset BLVD into a Starbucks location. It will provide the space needed and one less location to sell all the generic merchandise.

    • poohmeg

      Sunset Blvd. would make more sense anyway, since that’s where the stampede heads first thing in the morning – so some people could wait in the Starbucks line while the rest of their party goes to get their fastpasses.

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  • parker4fm

    I would LOVE to see a similar Osborne Lights setup at DCA! Of course, it would be on a much smaller scale. Anyone else?

    • MarkW

      No. Too ugly during the day!

  • TCadillac

    I like the Haunted Mansion Collectables such as the one shown in the picture above but I really wish they’d make something different instead of always being centered around the Hitchhiking Ghosts. Can we get a dueling portraits or some characters from the Graveyard finale????

  • Great update Cory! I love the Osborne lights. They are such a unique holiday offering.

  • EC82

    With the Chinese Theater now owned by a new company, you’d think Disney could renegotiate those rights. No doubt, they want and need the publicity this would bring them, and the rights costs could help pay for the cost of removing that ugly, ugly hat!

    • BradyNBradleysMom

      I can’t tell if you are kidding or not, but if you’re not kidding you are just repeating a long-debunked lie told on fan sites. There’s no rights-issue with the Chinese Theater. It was built before buildings could be trademarked. Disney can use it all it wants. The fact that the Big Annoying Hat is still there is because Disney has been too cheap to tear it down. It costs nothing to let it sit there rotting, but would cost several hundred thousand (if not a million) to tear it down and repair the plaza after having it sit there for more than half the park’s existence at this point.

      • toonaspie

        They can cover the plaza with flower pots for all I care, if it means losing the hat and the Chinese Theater being the new park icon like it should be.

  • Great Movie Rider

    What’s the status of the Roger Rabbit silhouette in Eddie Valiant’s window?

  • giantnfl

    I hope Starring Rolls doesn’t become the new Starbucks location- where will I get my Butterfinger Cupcake!?

  • airick75

    I can appreciate a little cross-park pollination in the art galleries on either coast, but you’re right, they should not be featuring Disneyland at the Disney World store!!! What are they thinking? It’s bad enough the average tourist doesn’t know the difference – are we to fear the cast members or management at this location don’t know the difference? It’s preposterous to think, but what else are we to conclude when they present their merchandise like this?

  • Orlando71

    Now that they announced avatar land concept art in tokyo, when will they reveal star wars land/attractions?

    • CaptainAction

      Star Wars Corner (Land was too expensive) will break ground in June of 2032.

      Avatarland will be break ground at WDW in 2017 after Dwarf Train opens. Avatarland is scheduled to be completed in 2032, unless WDW execs “slow walk it” to save money on labor.

      I got all this from a secret inside source.

  • QPerth

    Thanks Cory for the great update!

  • Orlando71

    Nah, something tells me Disney will make sure Avatar opens in 2017 on schedule because they want to make as much money as possible, and that would be in between the new movies. As for Star Wars Land, the Dis execs would be fools to pass that up, and if they do, they will pay big time for that.

  • danyoung

    >Welcome to Disney Hollywood Studios!<

    I only point this out because I think it's a huge silliness within the Disney company. It's not Disney Hollywood Studios – it's Disney's Hollywood Studios. And it's still Disney's Animal Kingdom. The one park where they've dropped the 's is with Disney California Adventure, a name that seems totally awkward to me, and isn't consistent across their theme park properties. Pick one, Disney, and stick with it!

  • cyre

    Thought I remember hearing Luxo went out to TDL some years ago.


    Little unexpected treats like that are missed

    • OprylandUSA

      Nope. The company that owns the Luxo company only allowed them to use the lamp for their logo. They didn’t want him out at the parks.

      At least that’s what i was told.

      • DisneyFan1

        The company that owns Luxo is Pixar, and Disney owns Pixar. If they want the lamp out in the park, then it will be out in the park!