The Halloween decorations at Disneyland Paris are abundant, and the ghosts and ghoulies have a whimsical style – perfect for a Disney park! Here’s a photo report from Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog. ~~Rick

Halloween Invades the Disneyland Paris Resort!
by Alain Littaye


Here’s our Halloween season pictorial report – thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster.

In this first part of his report, Max is back with great pictures of the Halloween decor. It’s slightly different than last year with two new photo locations with Halloween ghost hosts. Most of the ghosts have had an update with different colors. The orange and black flags are also cool and give an American touch.





Here are the two new Halloween photo locations on Town Square.





Halloween bands now play on Town Square as well as behind the castle, as we will see later.



Let’s have a look at all the different ghosts all along Main Street and up to Central Plaza.












On Central Plaza, guests can see huge sculpted pumpkins of Mickey and friends with two new ones this year being Daisy and Pluto.




Also new this year is this Minnie photo location with her sewing shop.







Here comes Minnie!


Let’s move to Frontierland where the pumpkin men costumes have this year a slightly – and pretty cool – different design.











Mr. Jack’s photo location has a new fountain and there is another meet and greet with Minnie near the Silver Spur Steakhouse.



Here comes Minnie again!


Another Halloween orchestra playing creepy tunes can be found near the riverboat landing.



At Fantasyland, guests can meet Disney Villains in the castle courtyard.





And there is also another Halloween orchestra playing there too!


Max also filmed a video showing the different orchestras playing!

Don’t miss the next installment of this Halloween update as we’ll talk about the great new Halloween Cavalcade!

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Halloween Pictures and Video: copyright Max Fan – Dlrp Welcome

  • michael darling

    Fantastic bands! They really set the mood…and it’s cool you captured all three. Now, WHY OH WHY can’t WDW do this? Instead, everyone gets escorted out of the park, so a “party” can be held for those who pay.

    The ghosts, the colors, the scarecrows, the special photo op scenes…..everything looks as it SHOULD, at every Disney park. This looks like pure Halloween fun. Thanks for sharing.

    – Merci Beaucoup!

    • Haven

      I share your sentiment on all of the parks featuring such grand decorating for every holiday season. The trend of after hours private parties (not just at Disney parks) has run amok in the last several years giving an excuse to dumb down for the day guests. The vast selection of decor at Tokyo and Paris has always astounded me.

  • Algernon

    Great pictures. I’ve never been there. After visiting only Disneyland in Anaheim, It’s kind of like stepping into a parallel universe, where things are different, yet a lot the same!

  • Malin

    I think the decorations are by far the best Disneyland Paris has ever done for Halloween. Everything is in good taste and the Pumpkin Men look and fit in greatly in Frontierland with the new costumes. Plenty of entertainment and it just looks first class. Now if we can only get a new Halloween show for Dreams plus the addition of Remy this would seriously make me consider coming for Halloween next year.

  • BradyNBradleysMom

    I didn’t know they had Halloween in Europe. I am going to have to look into the history of it being celebrated over there. That could be a fun Halloween project for my boys and me today!

    • Malin

      Halloween originally came from Europe and was introduced to America. Although most of what we associate with Halloween today came from America like Trick or Treating. Make sure you also check out how the other European Parks celebrate this date!

    • DobbysCloset

      I think it is fascinating how the rituals Europeans brought to America morphed into our own traditions that we now share with both Europe and Asia, creating a global “secular holiday.”

      Always wondered what the Chinese whom manufactured so many of American holiday trappings thought about them…

    • CaptainAction

      I’m very sad about being able to see the tracks at the Indiana Jones Adventure, aren’t you?

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  • QPerth

    Oh I could happily watch the Main Street Halloween Boys band, featured from 6.30> in the video, ALLL day and night long. That Accordion Player is something else! And he really gets into his character too. Thanks for sharing that!

    • Chernabog

      I know! I was like…. hello Mr. Accordion player…. *bats eyelashes*

  • Erik Olson

    Excellent report, thanks to Max!

    • CCS

      The Halloween costumes, decorations and music are all inspired! Question, though: when were the photos taken — very shortly after park opening? There appear to be few guests walking around. The grounds are beautiful and I’d like to experience this version of the Happiest Place on Earth!.

  • Mr. Kalogridis, are you paying attention? Take a look at the lackluster decorations at WDW and the high prices your folks are charging for the increasingly stale Halloween parties and perhaps you can push them to make some invigorating changes. Offering more Halloween fun and ambiance is actually a great sales tool for you. Embrace Halloween, it’s a huge revenue opportunity. Lighting and projections do not cut it leave your park feeling bland during the day.

    While you are at it, start offering a more adult Halloween party at Disney Hollywood Studios with Mazes, dance parties, special shows and fireworks. You’ll broaden your audience and make a mint.

    Great job Disneyland Paris, looking good!

    • CaptainAction

      Dusty, I wish these guys would listen. I appreciate your message.

      I was at Disneyland the morning of the opening of the new Star Tours ride with my sons. Mr. Kalogridis ignored thousands of us guests who had been in line since 2am. My sons and I lined up at 3:30 am and were about 300 folks back. Mr. Kalogridis ignored us all and left us all on main street where none of us could see the opening ceremonies with Storm Troopers and Vader, etc. The opening ceremonies were only visible to media and Disney Execs. We were not even allowed to approach and line up for Star Tours until after 11:30!

      Mr. Kalogridis finally finshed and walked passed the waiting guests. He seemed surprised to be getting alot of boo’s from the neglected guests. He hadn’t given a thought to any of the guests who were lined in circles around the hub weaving everywhere and all the way out of the park waiting for Star Tours to open but only Disney execs and media folks were riding for hours. If memory serves, guests were let into the ride around noon.

      I couldn’t imagine Walt forgetting to let the guests see the opening ceremony left around the corner to just hear lightsabers, etc and to guess what was happening. I couldn’t imagine Walt forgetting to let guests ride the new attraction for hours while the privileged rode over and over again.

      I don’t think Mr. Kalogridis has the right focus that a Disney exec should have. I see a lot of neglect for the guests and I think it’s coming from the top because I just don’t see any changes.

  • vnormth

    and still Phantom Manor remains closed????

  • poohmeg

    Love the pumpkin people – they remind me of something from Oz!