It has been a rough week for Disneyland as they re-launch their disabled access program. How is it holding up with the many upset guests that do not like the changes? We also have big news of the finally announced Avatarland. Some Disney fans have been wowed, and some are still on the fence. How do you feel it will stack up with Potterland at Universal? Also, this year’s Halloween time offerings have been successful with many nights sold out, but has the limit of the amount of people allowed in been increased? Sure seems really busy during these ticketed events. This week round up is chalked full of information from our articles and posts from you!

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Disney Animal Kingdom Avatarland in Context
The Avatarland project at Disney’s Animal Kingdom got a sudden and unexpected boost Friday night (United States’ time) when details and concept art were unveiled at the D23 Expo taking place in Tokyo, several time zones away. Some Disney fans were happy; others remained uninterested. But when you put the Avatar project into proper perspective of the Walt Disney World storyline, it forms a more complete picture of the Disney response to Potter. At the end of the day, this expansion (plus the other two in nearby parks) is really about Potter.

Frozen – A Look at Frozen, the Upcoming Disney Animated Film
It is a rare treat indeed to get a chance to peek into the future.  But that’s exactly what happened when MiceChat was invited to visit the hallowed halls of Walt Disney Animation for a sneak preview of Walt Disney Picture’s upcoming film, Frozen.

DASneyland struggles with new Disabled Program
Disneyland’s Halloween Time continues, but the big scare this week was the introduction of the new Disability Access Service (DAS), the replacement for Disneyland’s much abused Guest Assistance Card program. Disney prepared for big lines at City Hall for the roll-out of the new program which has seriously changed the way disabled guests will experience the park. Meanwhile, refurbishments and construction projects continue, including the Candy Palace refurb on Main Street, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s ongoing overhaul, the new Fantasyland fall safety additions and new Starbucks construction in Downtown Disney.


Tip of the Week

Take lots of pictures!

In the parks, you will see Photopass Photographers taking pictures of perfect spots around Disneyland and California Adventure.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they will take your picture with your own camera. Disneyland cast members are all there to help you and they’ll be more than happy to snap a shot or two.

If you don’t want to carry around your camera in the park, the Disney PhotoPass Photographers will take pictures of your entire family at key photogenic locations around the parks.  You can register online to view your photos and buy them individually.  It is a great way to capture the magic without any of the work of packing a camera, keeping it charged and downloading the photos from your memory card.

If you just love to take pictures with just your smartphone, remember to charge your phone before you leave, because there are very few outlets in Disneyland for public use. You also may want to invest in a battery charger which will give you that extra time without having to sit and find a plug and wait for your phone to charge.

Disney Parks News and Reports

Halloweentime trip reports keep coming in.  It’s also time for an Octoberfest festival in Paradise Pier.  Then we want to know whether you would prefer a Star Wars or Tron themed attraction in Tomorrowland!  The results may surprise you!  ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Newsletter

10-4-13 Halloween Party – Snow White and The Prince go to Disneyland!
Brer Mole and his girlfriend have this Halloween Party Report, from Disneyland. Brer Mole even made both of their costume! Take a look here!

Oktoberfest @ DCA Paradise Gardens Oct. 14-31
Ach du lieber! Bratwurst, Beer, und Bavarian Pretzels! It’s Octoberfest time in Paradise pier through October 31st! All the details are in this topic!

Given a choice – Star Wars Speeder Bike or Tron Light Cycle?
Last week in a MiceAge update, news of a possible Star Wars Speeder Bike attraction taking over the Innoventions building and Autopia came out. This week, Tomorrowland 1967 asks which you would prefer, a Star Wars or Tron based attraction? Vote in this poll, and let us know what your choice is, and why.

DAS – How is it coming? Is AP really the issue
GoCanes wants to know on your experience with the current DAS system, good? Bad? What tips should one take to the park when using this new system.

MiceChat Newsletter

Joe’s Halloweentime visit to the Disneyland Resort
mre200200 is back with a fantastic report on the Halloweentime offerings at the Disneyland Resort, do I smell barbeque?

Nightmare B4 Christmas themed party
Who doesn’t love a themed party, especially one during Halloween! DreamsofColor brings us some fantastic photos of their Nightmare before Christmas party!


Below is an idea for a third gate in Anaheim that’s a bit different. ~ Trekkie Dad

3rd Gate — not for kiddies, too scary
Goatboy was just thinking out loud. Like it, or not?


This week, of course, the big news is Avatar, Avatar, and more Avatar. We look at come concept art, see a video, and begin to wonder what took them so long to share. In addition, we have questions about the mine train and boat rentals (unrelated), and a fun game of what would you do. Check it all out this week in the Walt Disney World forum. ~ YoYoFlamingo

MiceChat Newsletter

Avatar Land First Look
While WDW has been full of crazy promises about the new addition to Animal Kingdom, they have been very mum about the details. However, in a surprising move, they released some concept art at the D23 Expo in Japan – translating to the middle of the night on a Friday of a holiday weekend for those of us in the USA. Check out the pieces of art we’ve waited years for, and see if you still enthused or unenthused by what it promises.

Avatar Land video from D23 Tokyo
Not enough Avatar for you this week? Well, an additional video was also released at the Expo in Tokyo that gives a little more hype and explanation about what they are intending to build in Animal Kingdom. Watch Joe Rohde and James Cameron wax poetic about the land, and see some interesting footage as well.

So I’m renting a boat on my WDW trip….
Share your thoughts about the value of a boat rental on Walt Disney World property; what are the deals and not to be missed places to rent?

What Would You Do?
A simple proposition: 2 people in front of you at the Country Bear Jamboree lift their iPads above their heads, blocking a young child’s view. When politely asked, they curse out the parent. What would your reaction be? Share your insights – and read others’, in here.

Anyone know when Minetrain ride is scheduled to open?
It seems like such a simple question, yet why does it have such a convoluted answer, which has seemingly been shrouded in secrecy?


New Announcement expected today: Marvel attraction…Iron man ?
Not only was it expected, it arrived and Hong Kong will get The Iron Man Experience in 2016.

Why does Walt Disney Studios Park exist?
Due to the situation of Disneyland Paris, WDWordly is wondering why they built Walt Disney Studios.

The Happiness year Grand finale.and Whats next!
disfa10 shares news about next year with a new Happiness is Here parade and other programs.


AV Room

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly,  where we talk about Alice in Wonderland, Roy Disney, Mission Marvel, and The Beatles! DISNEY HISTORY! — Down the rabbit hole we go as we learn a bit about the Alice in Wonderland attraction in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George looks at Roy E Disney for his Book of the Week! 60 SECOND REVIEW! – Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel is the latest DVD we tackle in the 60 Second Review! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, The Beatles are this week’s Five Legged Goat

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Sarah lost her Green Screen but covers everything Disney this week!

MiceChat gets FROZEN!
A short animation, to be sure, but one that demonstrated the physics of snow, how it falls, how it clumps and how it behaves.  The thought that is put into each and every detail on a film like this is , to be honest, overwhelming and very impressive. But do you think this clip will make the final cut of the film?


Wakefield Report, covers the latest in theme park news! find full notes on this podcast at

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Disafterdark Disney Podcast, Series 2 Episode 2 Soaptanian and the three Muskerpauls. ack to the old ways. Paul B(1) and Paul D are drinking ‘Old SPeckled Hen’ and ‘Magners Cider’ respectively, Nick is on Pepsi Max and our guest for the show is on MOuntain Dew.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, is giving you the run down on Lee and Tracey’s trip to Orlando in August. They are joined by Darren and Eric to discuss their opinions of all the new experiences and all the classic favourites that Universal Orlando has to offer. Included in the report, we have some “live” reports from the parks too!

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 | iTunes Link

Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, Eric & Mike are back with a new episode of the Unofficial Seaworld Podcast, where they interview the creative mind behind Seaworld San Antonio’s Howl-O-Scream event Brian Knowlton.  Along with news, rumors and stories from all 3 SeaWorld parks.

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Mousetalgia Episode 259 & 260: Double Feature: It’s a Halloween double feature from Mousetalgia. Save some time to listen to two great episodes to one of our favorite podcasts. There’s no turning back now . . .

259: Direct Link | 260: Direct Link

Window to the Magic: ALSO COVERS WALT DISNEY WORLD! Jeremiah takes you along as he enters The Magic Kingdom for the very first time as a Florida resident and shares his thoughts and feelings as he surveys his new domain!

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The Season Pass, is at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2013 in Hollywood!  Audio from all SIX mazes, plus the Terror Tram, and an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Creators of HHN, John Murdy and Chris Williams.  Because of the mature nature of Halloween Events, conversation is a little more intense (tons of bleeps).

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V24 Disney Radio

V24 Radio’s Fall 2013 Survey is now online!

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Other Theme Parks

Halloween is growing closer and we have more reviews this week for the haunts at the parks. ~ DLandFansAZ

USH HHN 2013 review
First review this week comes from biggsworth for Universal Studios Hollywood.

Knott’s Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)
Then scotchtape brings us a review from Knott’s Halloween Haunt.

How is Mirror, Mirror coming along?
Bid D has an interesting theory on Mirror, Mirror at Knott’s and wants to see how it has evolved from opening day.

King Kong to return to Universal Studios Orlando?
Trumpet heard a rumor that a new King Kong ride is coming to Universal Orlando and is curious if anyone has any news?

Geek Land (name could change over time)
Disney has Star Wars to entertain the ‘geeks’ so what about a land at Universal that involves Doctor Who, Star Trek and other ‘geek’ stuff?


Other Theme Parks


Join us for’s Sip & Nibble Around Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival on October 18, 2013. Get full event details HERE.

 Micechat Events
teve Davison, creator of Haunted Mansion Holiday, Small World Holiday, World of Color, Remember, and countless other Disney spectaculars invites you to come  to see his latest creation.  Beyond the Fence,  is a moving tribute to an important individual. Tickets are available now, but will go fast.  Get yours today.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights Event on October 17th.
 Join MiceChat for a night of fun at Universal Orlando as we survive the zombies in our own rag tag group. You’ll need to purchase Halloween Horror Night tickets with Express access (it will be too crowded to see all the houses without it). For more details please email [email protected]

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Knott’s Scary Farm Shows Scare and Entertain
When most folks think of Knott’s Scary Farm, haunted mazes immediately come to mind.  Foggy alleyways with sinister monsters around every corner are the quintessential image from the world’s biggest, longest running, theme park Halloween.

SeaWorld Orlando Spooktacular is a Kid Friendly Halloween Treat
October in Orlando is Halloween Season, with each resort offering their own holiday event to guests.  At SeaWorld Orlando, their ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween event caters to families with kids and is included with your daily park.

Disability Access Service brings change to Disneyland as the holidays continue to quietly move in
Disney’s new Disability Access Service (DAS) at its domestic theme parks debuted last week and brought big changes to how disabled guests will experience Disney’s theme parks. The debut of the new system brought long.

Delusion: Masque of Mortality is a Must See!
Last year was our first experience with the “Haunted play,” Delusion. Not knowing what to expect, or what the heck a “Haunted play” was, we approached a stately old mansion in a residential neighborhood near.

Tinker Bell: An Evolution Book Review
It seems as if Disney Editions is publishing one flagship title a year. Last year, it was the spectacular Poster Art of Disney Parks. When word came that Disney was releasing a book detailing the.

Hong Kong Disneyland Previews New Iron Man Experience
Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, announced that Hong Kong Disneyland will receive the Iron Man Experience in 2016. This will be the first Marvel ride to open in a Disney theme.

Ghosts and Ghoulies Invade Disneyland Paris
The Halloween decorations at Disneyland Paris are abundant, and the ghosts and ghoulies have a whimsical style – perfect for a Disney park! Here’s a photo report from Alain Littaye of the Disney and more.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel
George: It’s not hard to deny that Disney is well-known for synergy throughout their various divisions. Not pointing fingers, but sometimes the synergy just isn’t quite right. The release of Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel

MiceChat Newsletter

Themed Entertainment Association SATE’13 Conference
This past weekend the beautiful and historic city of Savannah, Georgia played host to the Themed Entertainment Association’s (TEA) annual SATE Conference. Hosted this year by the Savannah College of Art & Design, SATE is.

Disney Hollywood Studios News and Photos
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World. This week, we’re taking a look at what’s happening at Disney Hollywood Studios. We have close to 50 photos from the park, so let’s dive right in!

The Peabody Ducks of Orlando
An Orlando institution recently ended a beloved tradition involving five celebrity ducks. No. It wasn’t Walt Disney World. The five celebrity ducks are not Donald, Daisy, Hewey, Louie, and Dewey.

Diary of a runDisney Virgin
So, not many of you readers know me personally, but I’ve made an appearance in my column pictures every now and then.

The Court of Angels – New Orleans Square Disneyland
The removal of the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square to make room for an expanded Club 33 has become the latest polarizing issue between traditionalists and those who are apathetic about change.

Secrets of the Wooden Door – An Old-Time Radio Halloween Audio Drama
Today’s Window To The Magic podcast is not to be missed. This is the sort of creative endeavor that you’ll want to share with your friends.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Test
Six Flags Magic Mountain has kicked off Fright Fest 2013 in the hopes of scaring up some fun this Halloween season.

Dueling Disney: The Holidays
This is Halloween, this is Halloween–Pumpkins scream in the dead of night. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene–Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright.


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