Disney California Adventure is just one week away from the grand reopening that we’ve all been waiting years for.  As of June 15th, the memory of the Sunshine Plaza, Maliburritos and Super Star Limo will vanish from our minds as the hyper detailed Buena Vista Street and Cars Land will likely zoom to the top spot on must see attractions in Southern California. We survey the last touches being added to these areas of the park as they prepare for their big Media Previews later this week.

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Disney California Adventure


Lush detail is already visible on Buena Vista Street, and what has been exposed as the walls have begun coming down is exceptional.

Behind the walls, at the front gate, the Red Car Trolley is parked, ready for preview guests to tour it this weekend.

Looking Towards the Carthay Circle Theatre on the right

Landscaping is nearly complete in Buena Vista Park

From the inside of the park, in front of the Carthay Circle Theatre we get a look at the rest of Buena Vista Street.

Billboards have been installed on top of some of the buildings.

They have perfected the lettering on the marquee. Looks wonderful now.


In our final lap through Cars Land before opening, we get a little help from Disney with publicity stills. You’ll see a combination of our photos and Disney’s below.

Disney’s photos are all beautiful but hyper staged.  😉

Cars Land OverviewWhat will be our final overview shot from the Fun wheel.

Walls will be coming down soon around Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Near Mater’s the show building for It’s Tough to be a Bug is being repainted.

Let’s hope that it is a mural that blends more with the surroundings.

The temporary FastPass location for Radiator Springs Racers has been revealed

Suits and select media were being escorted around on Tuesday. As their columns begin to get posted this week, please be sure to leave them comments with links back to all the great coverage we’ve been giving to Cars Land for years! 😉

We even caught a glimpse of the costumes for Philmore’s

Near the Pacific Wharf entrance to Cars Land, some filming was going on.

This is a staged shot with all of the beach balls in flight

The main attraction!

Cars LandCars speeding around the track are now a regular sight.  Here come red and purple.

And two blues battle it out

Classic Burma Shave style road signs

Just look at that view folks. Just a photo and already, we are in love.


The waterfall as seen from the Radiator Springs Racers attraction

Doc Hudson animatronic in the ride

Sarge and Filmore in the ride

You’ll recognize Red from the last D23 Expo

Stalaclight Caverns!

As you read this, thousands of cast members and their guests have visited Cars Land and thousands more pass holders will enter for the first time this weekend. As you visit for the first time, please be sure to check in on MiceChat and leave your ratings and reviews. We’ll have epic coverage of everything new at the Disneyland Resort over the course of the next week and we’d like you to play a staring role in letting the world know what the hits and misses of Disney’s new attractions are.


Here we are in Paradise Pier.  Enjoy the fun, the sun, and the misprinted billboards. It’s fun to laugh at now, but they’ll fix it soon enough.

Yes, this is Cars Land, but as seen from the Paradise Pier bridge.  Thank goodness they themed the backside.  Now if they could just get rid of the parade warehouse which sticks out like a sore thumb. . .

On the boardwalk, the billboards were recently swapped out for more theme appropriate images:




GOOSE!  Note the gentleman on the left with the two backs and how the images hangs over the border on the right. Some stellar quality control there. But they’ll fix it soon enough we are sure.

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  • d que blog

    Hey all! Yes, I got the chance to visit Cars Land on Wednesday. No photos (boo!) but I got to experience all the attractions.

    Quick review: Cozy Cone: A, Ramones: B+, Sarges & Curios Shops: B+, Maters Junkyard Jamboree: A-, Luigi’s: A, Flo’s V-8 Cafe: A+, Radiator Springs Racers: A++.

    TIPS: Get your FastPass for RSR Early! Then get in line and ride. You will want to go twice. Have Lunch at Flo’s, the food is great and there are great views of the land from the dining room. Don’t be in a rush, even if it’s crowded. There is a lot to see and it’s worth it.

    Visit D Que Blog for more videos, photos and fun.

  • Fishbulb

    I simply cannot wait to ride Radiator Springs Racers. It finally seems like DCA is going to be a full fledged park!

  • DisWedWay

    It would be great if “Dan The Miner” were in front of the Carthay Theater once again washing his pan of gold in the fountain.

  • cruise

    Love the new format, though it would be nice if you had the links to the other In the Parks columns for the day at the END of the article as well… this would make it easier to jump to another section after reading this one.

  • SoCalFan

    The billboard in PP was swapped out and replaced on Wednesday I believe. There’s a pic in the DCA Project Tracker. New format is nice. Great update!

  • NettyVal09

    Awesome update thanks!

  • Johnny

    Does anyone else think that Disney should have simply named the new area of the park “Radiator Springs” instead of “Cars Land?”

  • Timekeeper

    Great Update! I hope to see Carsland real soon!


  • Quentin

    It would be nice if you had an option to still read the article in one giant column. It would not be an issue except I have crappy Century Link internet. So it takes me 10x as long to read all the material, because I have to load 4+ different pages. It would be Awesome if you had a way where we could still view it in one article. Having to load all the pages makes me frustrated because my internet is absolutely terrible. And reading the updates in a bad mood is no fun! 🙁 Otherwise everything is way more professional.

  • Susan Hughes

    This summer is going to be so exciting, not just because of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street, but the entire resort as well.
    The re-imagined Matterhorn Boblsleds open on the same day, along with (for the first time since 2007) mountain climbers scaling the Matterhorn.
    Ghurardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop is already open. The new Carnation Cafe on Main Street too. And hopefully sometime soon, Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney.
    And after a year and a half, the good old Pixar Play Parade will bring a nice bit of entertainment in the early evening at DCA.

  • OriginalMousekteer

    No matter how “hyper staged” the publicity shots are, no pictures can do these areas justice. I was invited by a friend to the cast preview this week and both of the new areas are fantastic!

    Buena Vista Street, while shorter in length, is fully the equal of Main St. USA. It is charming and detailed beyond belief. My only complaint so far is that the interior of the “Pig Cafe” is super noisy because of all the hard surfaces. I really don’t have a problem with the restrooms–they were one of my favorites in the original DCA and I think the color palette meshes well with BV St., despite the somewhat contemporary border tiles with palm trees.

    The scale of Cars Land is incredible. I’ve only been inside during daylight, but even then it was extraordinary. I disagree with criticism of the merchandise mix in RS Curios–between the three stores, there was a good mix. We ate at Flo’s and snagged THE prime center table on the huge window wall overlooking RS Racers. The food was very good, portions were huge, and the decor was as good as Disney does. RS Racers is so much fun and I can’t wait to ride it several more times. Mater’s is a great super-size of Ladybug Boogee (which I love). The Flying Tires are a bit of a disappointment for me because I was never big enough to ride the old Flying Saucers alone before it closed. Basically, it was like a slow, sluggish bumper car ride–but the theming was incredible!

    Overall, I would say that Disney got their money’s worth for $1.5 Billion. I can be as critical as anyone–from Lite Tragic to re-using castles and Haunted Mansions in other parks, to Tomorrowland ’98 and Rocket Rods, to Superstar Limo to cheap video sequels produced offshore, I can be as critical as anyone (and then some).

    I truly believe that DCA now fully qualifies as a Disney park. I still disagree with some of their decisions as to the use of their finite real estate–Grand Californian and Cars Land have HUGE footprints and they have wasted a lot of acreage on support buildings that could have been basements or second stories. And the imagineers only got 90% of what they wanted (signage in Hollywoodland and Paradise Pier, California Screamin’ queue, Carousel canopy, etc.). But honestly, they have done FAR more than I ever believed possible.

    Bottom line–I’m thrilled with the result. I can’t wait to see it with the construction fences down and after dusk. Before the AP blackout, my out-of-town friend and I will be outside the gates at 7 am. Enjoy!!!

  • Gn2Dlnd

    I also would like the option of reading as one big update. And, is the font gray? And tiny? Very hard to read.

  • doppio

    I really love the new format. The layout is simple and clean, makes navigating much more enjoyable.

  • LishaBear

    Love the new Micechat layout! Can’t wait to see Carsland in person. In the meantime i will have your updates to keep me informed. Thank you!