Disafterdark, Series 2 Episode 3 – The Piano Man and the Pub Singer

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Published on November 03, 2013 at 1:15 am with No Comments

Welcome back to our humble podcast and thank you for listening.

We are joined again, by Tom Ameen. This week, Paul B is drinking Brothers Cider, and Paul D is drinking ‘Hobgoblin’, while Nick is on Coors Light and Tom is on Diet Coke. What are you drinking while listening?

We talk to Tom about his new album, which you can find here. Or on his website: http://www.tomameen.com/

We chat about some news..Then I try to Cool Wall four items with the backing track supplied by Tom. Nick has a short rant about vinylmation. And in a very special moment, our very own pub singer joins Tom Ameen.

See you all in a short while. Thanks for listening.

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About Paul Boniface

Dis After Dark was started in 2012 by Paul Boniface and Nick “Soapdish” Branch as a Disney Podcast for Grown Ups. It started with a focus on a mature audience, but after a few episodes we decided to try re-focus and become the show that we are today. Paul Dolan was added to the line up in the summer of 2012 and the show has remained the three of us ever since. We are all based in England.

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