With a plethora of restaurant choices at Walt Disney World, there is something to suit every palate.  If you’re a fan of the typical burger and fries fare one normally finds at a theme park, you won’t be disappointed.  There are several options offering all-American meals that please the masses, but for our purposes this week, I’m looking at variety and plenty of it!  So, for your dining pleasure, here are three quick service options that offer more than average options.

1. Landscape of Flavors at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

With more than five different “shops” to choose from for lunch and dinner, there’s sure to be something for almost everyone at this resort restaurant.  From pasta to Tandoori chicken to a barbecued pork sandwich (my personal favorite at this stop) and more—I’ve not yet heard a bad review.  The restaurant also offers a large and varied breakfast menu featuring French toast, a breakfast burger and chocolate chip pancakes!  One of my favorite things about Landscape of Flavors may be the desserts!  Delicious baked yummies and gelato are the perfect end to your meal.


Get Food Wise: Take a look around the restaurant before choosing your seat.  There are four different areas lightly themed after the four sections of the resort, Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid.


2. Be Our Guest

I really was trying to avoid including this one because it’s so darn taxing to get in here for lunch, but after our fantastic meal here on our most recent trip, I just had to make it one of my personal top three.  First, the ambience is fantastic.  Whether you’re dining in the West Wing, the ballroom or the Rose Gallery, each room is meticulously designed with Disney’s signature attention to detail.  Even more fun is the new technology in use.  MagicBands and enchanted roses laid on your table “talk” to the dishes to let them know you’re ready for lunch.  Within minutes, your meal arrives on a cart pushed by costumed wait staff and is served on china.  Not too shabby for a quick service stop.  Even if we look past all the show, the food itself is delicious.  Between seven of us, we ordered almost everything on the menu and split it all between our plates.  Not a thing was wasted except for what we just couldn’t eat because there was so much food.


Get Food Wise: The waits at Be Our Guest for lunch are long.  Looong.  So long that they bring out water and umbrellas for those in line.  Consider getting in line for a later lunch since some families send a runner to get in line not long after rope drop.  Also note that not everyone has to be in line together, so take turns while the rest of the party experiences nearby attractions.


3. Sunshine Seasons

Situated just outside Soarin’ is one of Epcot’s dining gems!  Similar to Landscape of Flavors, there are a few different counters from which to order featuring great sandwiches, Asian fare, soups, salads and more.  Sunshine Seasons has always been a crowd pleaser for my crew, especially the kids who enjoyed the more “grown-up” kids’ meal options.  Again, the crown jewel here may be the mouth-watering desserts.  Try the strawberry shortcake!


Get Food Wise: Sunshine Seasons also offers a great breakfast, so consider starting your Epcot day here!

What’s your favorite place to grab a quick bite at Walt Disney World? 

  • red014

    So many to choose from… I’d say Flame Tree Barbecue (food is B, atmosphere is A+), La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico (surprisingly satisfying tacos that I must get at least once every time I visit WDW), and it’s hard to argue against any of the waffle sandwiches from Sleepy Hollow.

    • Erik Olson

      Flame Tree is a must-eat-here stop at Animal Kingdom. The shaded terrace overlooking the lake and Everest in the distance is always a peaceful place to unwind over a delicious lunch. We love the lush garden surroundings and visits from what are certainly the biggest Disney birds anywhere!

    • Flame Tree is a great one! We can never seem to time it just right to be near it during meal time, but when we grab a bite there, it’s always yummy!

  • Lord Alfred

    We never miss Sunshine Seasons when visiting Epcot. It is the perfect place to use your quick service dining credit for the day and we find the food is a definite cut above other QS restaurants on property. I look forward to it almost as much as our table service meals.

    We haven’t been to Be Our Guest but we hope to eat lunch there in early December. However, based on what I’ve read everywhere it’s a real pain to get in there, and I’m not real keen on waiting for an hour just to eat. We’ll see how lucky we get. Since they stop serving lunch at 2:30p, I’m guessing maybe 2PM would be a good time.

    Another good QS meal has been the Pepper Market at the Coronado Springs resort. It’s been through several format changes but the last time we were there, they used a card & stamp system where you are given a blank card when you are shown to your table. Then you go up and get what you want from the many stations, and they stamp your card. You pay for what you ate at the end based on the stamps. We found the quality and selection to be better than average and although it is QS, they have real silverware and servers that come around and keep your beverage filled.

    • danyoung

      They’ve had the card and stamp system for quite a while at the Pepper Market. What’s new is that you now pay for your meal right at the table, and there’s no more mandatory 10% tip – both excellent changes!

      • Thanks for the update! It hadn’t changed when we last ate there.

    • Pepper Market is another fantastic one! We had dinner here with friends a few trips ago, and they worked well with their food allergies, too.

  • Dan Heaton

    Sunshine Seasons is good, but the atmosphere leaves something to be desired for me. It feels a lot like a loud cafeteria, and the tables are often sticky and not that clean.

    My favorites in the parks are Flame Tree Barbecue and Columbia Harbour House. The former gives you a lot of food for the price and has great outdoor seating. The latter has a cool quiet upstairs and reminds me of what the Magic Kingdom was like back in the ’80s and ’90s. The food offerings are pretty limited, but they’re solid, especially for the Magic Kingdom.

    • I’ll give you that about the atmosphere. It’s definitely a hub of activity there, but I overlook it for the food options. 😉

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    La Cantina de San Angel has been a favorite of mine for years. The chicken tacos are really good for a theme park and I love the salsa verde there. I just wish they still sold full-size churros like they used to (instead of those churritos they sell now).

    Can’t leave out Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney. One of my favorite sandwich places ever. I’ve brought friends there for the first time on several occasions and they’ve all loved it. We actually have a location in Tampa so now I don’t have to drive as far when I get a craving for an All-American.

    My 3rd favorite is probably Capt Cook’s at the Polynesian. Did you know they serve Tonga Toast during breakfast as well? The flatbread pizzas are pretty good (I like the pulled pork sandwich with Aloha chips) and of course…. SELF-SERVE DOLE WHIP!

    • Ooh, yes! We love Capt. Cook’s! I bypass the included club level breakfast to run down and grab Tonga Toast at least once per stay at the Poly. Yum!! And I’m a big fan of the grown-up grilled cheese there. Soooo good!

  • DobbysCloset

    A new ParkWise entry is always first on my morning reading but Jessica, this feels like just an appetizer! Dobby loved the story about the restaurant where everything is yummy and people ate until they were full, leaving food on the plate for The Dog Under The Table.

    A question: when restaurants at the parks have long lines, is there any DAS arrangement for folks to sit somewhere as they wait? (Not that “I’ll explode from hunger” is a disability…that’s just SOP for little doggies.)

    • I don’t imagine that there would be any other restaurants aside from Be Our Guest where the line would be so long that one would need to produce a DAS form. There is a seating area near the door and bench-type seating near check-in that one may be able to utilize while waiting, but always take a minute to check with cast members if a line proves to be too daunting.

  • jcruise86

    Excellent & helpful article, Jessica! THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Malin

    I’m considering staying at Art of Animation next year. The praise for Landscape of Flavours has me favouring staying here even more, I complately agree with your thoughts on Be Our Guest and Sunshine Seasons.

    • I had first-time WDW guests stay at Art of Animation this year, and they spent most of their quick service meal plan entitlements at Landscape. You could eat there every day of your trip and not have to repeat an entree.

  • holierthanthoutx

    We love Sunshine Seasons! We eat there 2-4 times each trip, and our very last meal of each trip is always there, as we always spend our last day at Epcot and eat there before heading out to start the journey back to the resort to catch the Magical Express bus.

    We haven’t eaten at the other two places mentioned here yet, as we were unwilling to wait in line for an hour for Be Our Guest when we were there a couple of weeks ago, and, as DVC members, we’re unlikely to ever end up at the Art of Animation resort.

    • Thankfully we received an invitation to participate in FP+ for dining, or we probably would’ve skipped it, too.

      Not sure why you’d never make it to Art of Animation just because you’re DVC members. It’s a fun resort to explore, and I’d definitely go just for lunch on a down day. I say expand your scope on your next trip. Lots of fun shopping, photo ops and food options around the World.

  • poohmeg

    We always eat breakfast at Sunshine Seasons at Epcot, but last time we were there, they didn’t have sushi! There seemed to be some kind of VIP event going on in another area for which they were providing the food, so the staff was pretty distracted and it was unclear whether they just didn’t have it that day or they had permanently stopped having it at breakfast. Do you know if it has come back?