Today’s round up is full of holiday goodness, even if you are not in the spirit of the holidays quite yet! Disneyland and Walt Disney World have already started to set up decorations, but Halloween is not even over yet! Starbucks successfully keeps on pouring out their popular brew, and we have many reports of various trips to the Halloween parties from both sides of the country! Last but not least, we have two great stories for you to read: Kevin reviews Glow with the Show at Walt Disney World while Bob Gurr races in with his time spent sports car racing! Read on to find out more.

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Just Glow With the Shoooow
There’s a song in the WDW Finding Nemo Musical which seems apropos to the current situation: “just go with the flow”, Crush might belt out, and he might as well be singing about the new Glow With the Show light-up Mickey ears on the East coast. These technological marvels are a few months behind the West Coast debut, but they do stack up over here, and I suspect our evening entertainment has changed forever.

DESIGN: Those Were The Times No. 20 – 1950 Sports Car Racing
Bob Gurr, race car fanatic?  That’s right.  This Disney Legend was a speed racer way back in the day.  In fact today we set our time machine to 1950 and try to keep up with Bob as he shares his lifelong passion for racing.



Tip of the Week

I spy… a bullet hole? (More of a fun fact!)

Yes, there is an actual bullet hole inside the Haunted Mansion. When you go into the Mansion’s grand ballroom, take a close look at the ginormous spider web (complete with a spider, of course) that’s hanging down from the fourth column on the right. While it makes for a nice, spooky decoration, it’s actually there to hide a bullet hole in the glass!

Why did this happen? This unique story will vary. Some believe a young child shot a BB gun or possibly a slingshot at the glass, but it didn’t break. Other stories suggest a far more sinister story; that someone with a gun actually fired at the glass back in the 1970s, leaving behind the hole. No matter which story you believe, the fact remains that spider web is most definitely serving as more than mere decoration! Rather than replace the whole (very, very large) pane of glass (which would involve taking off the whole roof of the Mansion), Disney opted to cover it up with a unique decoration.


Disney Parks News and Reports

More Halloweentime trip reports are coming in this week, and we are also getting news of the World of Color fountains in DCA getting in the Christmas Spirit this coming season. And over in Disneyland something special may be happening with the Jungle Cruise for Christmas!  ~ Aladdin

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Oct 15 Halloween Party with photos
Mr Smee, make that mouseknotts, and family have some Halloween Party fun in Disneyland!

Barbaraann’s Short but Sweet Halloween Trip Report
Barbaraann travels across the country, to enjoy some Halloweentime fun at Disneyland!

Toy Story Nutcracker coming to Disneyland
Disney has released more information about the new Christmas show that will be showing on the fountains in Paradise Pier! Take a look here for a tiny sneek peak!

Capt. Hook 93rd Trip report for the day of Oct. 19, 2013
Capt Hook takes us along on his most recent trip to Disneyland, and has photo with all sorts of characters! From Sulley to Cinderella, and Mulan to Malificent!

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My Disneyland Resort Photos
DizneyPhotoGuy has some wonderful photos from around the Disneyland Resort, and starts off with the Cave of Wonders to the Caverns of the Caribbean!

Jingle Cruise – Disneyland Holiday Overlay to the Jungle Cruise
If you want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, you will surely find one or more on the Jungle Cruise. What’s that? A Jingle Cruise? No doubt some of you would prefer a Silent Night, but prepare yourself for 3 Pairs of Toucans, in a Palm Tree. And you know what 3 pairs of Toucans add up to? A six pack!   Just what kind of things would you expect to see on The Jingle Cruise, this Christmas? What kind of jokes do you anticipate? Tell us here!


MiceChat Newsletter

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
So how did Aerosmith get tied to a Disney roller coaster? Mondo Mouse is curious about the origins of this ride.

Scientists: Himalayan Yetis may have been arctic bears
CaliforniaAdventurer has found information as to the origins of the Yeti.


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Schedule for Fiscal Year 2014
TravisMT81 brings us info on next year’s events taking place throughout the Tokyo resort.

happiness on high ballad. version
ridetotheworld has shared the Happiness is Here ballad from the 30th anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland.

Will Shanghai be a multi-park/hotel resort?
Mondo Mouse is wondering if there is a master plan to make the Shanghai Disneyland a multi-park/resort?


AV Room

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly,  where we talk about Disney Inn, Tinker Bell, Gravity Falls, and the Confectionery! DISNEY HISTORY! — The Disney Inn was one of the original resorts at Walt Disney World. Learn about it in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George takes a look at Tinker Bell An Evolution for his Book of the Week! 60 SECOND REVIEW! – Journey just west of weird as we look at Gravity Falls Six Strange Tales in the 60 Second Review! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, the Main Street Confectionery is this week’s Five Legged Goat!

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Wakefield Report, covers the latest in theme park news! find full notes on this podcast at

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Disafterdark Disney Podcast, Series 2 Episode 2 Soaptanian and the three Muskerpauls. ack to the old ways. Paul B(1) and Paul D are drinking ‘Old SPeckled Hen’ and ‘Magners Cider’ respectively, Nick is on Pepsi Max and our guest for the show is on MOuntain Dew.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, is giving you the run down on Lee and Tracey’s trip to Orlando in August. They are joined by Darren and Eric to discuss their opinions of all the new experiences and all the classic favourites that Universal Orlando has to offer. Included in the report, we have some “live” reports from the parks too!

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Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, Eric & Mike are back with a new episode of the Unofficial Seaworld Podcast, where they interview the creative mind behind Seaworld San Antonio’s Howl-O-Scream event Brian Knowlton.  Along with news, rumors and stories from all 3 SeaWorld parks.

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Window to the Magic: ALSO COVERS WALT DISNEY WORLD! Jeremiah takes you along as he enters The Magic Kingdom for the very first time as a Florida resident and shares his thoughts and feelings as he surveys his new domain!

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The Season Pass, Continues Celebrating Halloween in Theme Parks with TWO episode straight from Northern California: A Look into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest with Park President Don McCoy & Experiencing Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America with Entertainment Manager Clayton Lawrence.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America


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Other Theme Parks

My night as a monster at Knott’s Scary Farm 2013
Scarymouse brings us a very detailed report from their visit to the scary farm!

Trip Report USH HHN VIP 10/20/13
Amazing Night! BogLurch two words that highlight their VIP amazing trip report to USH, Horror Nights !

Freakling Brothers Trilogy Of Terror
Last but not least, Madmonkeygirl brings us a trilogy of reports from Knotts to Universal Studios Hollywood.


Other Theme Parks

teve Davison, creator of Haunted Mansion Holiday, Small World Holiday, World of Color, Remember, and countless other Disney spectaculars invites you to come  to see his latest creation.  Beyond the Fence,  is a moving tribute to an important individual. Tickets are available now, but will go fast.  Get yours today.


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Universal Orlando Update – Diagon Alley and big CityWalk changes
We are back this week with a resort wide update! Big changes are happening in CityWalk, there are some beautiful new Diagon Alley details, along with some fun photos from the MiceChat Halloween Horror Nights.

Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare Lives Up to its Name
Rob Zombie, musician and film maker, is no stranger to horror.  His special brand of macabre metal and theatrical staging are an iconic element of the rock and roll landscape.

The holidays move in on Halloween Time as off-season refurbishments continue at Disneyland
Halloween Time is still in full swing at Disneyland but that isn’t stopping the holidays from moving in early. The first signs of the holidays are now popping up around both theme parks.

Essential Walt Disney World Books
If you’re doing any serious research about Walt Disney World or if you’re the world’s biggest Walt Disney World fan, then there are a few books that you need to own. I’ve been collecting Disney-related.

Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales, a Review
George: Gravity Falls debuted on the Disney Channel in 2012 and seemed to be an unlikely hit. When Disney offered a review copy, I jumped on it, mainly because it’s a popular show with my.

MiceChat Newsletter

Disneyland refurbishments continue before the holidays arrive as toys find a new home in Paradise
Disneyland refurbishments continue as the popular Halloween Time season starts to wind down and the theme parks approach the ever-popular holiday season.

Magic Kingdom Construction and Photos!
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’re covering the Magic Kingdom. Over 50 photos, so let’s go! If you’d like to support the column and shop on at the same time.

DCA Then & Now, Part 3: Paradise Pier
Today, in the third of a series of Disney California Adventure “then and now” comparisons, Yesterland looks at some parts of Paradise Pier. More of Paradise Pier will follow in a future article.

How to Stop and Smell the Roses at a Disney Park
We just flew home from another great trip to Walt Disney World, and, boy, are my arms tired.

SAMLAND: Selections from the Library
Sam Gennawey reviews two interesting books for Disney fans today.  First up King of the Jesters, the Danny Kaye biography from David Koenig.  And after that is New Media For Designers + Builders by Stephen.


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