It’s October which means HALLOWEEN time!  Discussion on multiple haunted experiences and attractions for the season including Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios, Empty Grave, The Purge, Blackout, Delusion, and more, plus a big review on the MiceChat Event at Knott’s Scary Farm’s Haunt and post-Trapped talk!  Tons of Disney news involving future Star Wars attractions, Iron Man in Hong Kong, and the new Disability Access Service at Disneyland. Get ready for some frightful audio MiceChatters!

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  • josephtaylor

    I gotta say, I’m not enthusiastic about the whole Star Wars re-themeing of Tomorrowland. I mean, I’m sure it will just be great once it opens, but I’d rather see Disney stick to a Disney property (and yes, I know that Star Wars is now considered a Disney property, but in my mind it’s still Lucasfilm) like Tron. From what I remember, the original idea was to put in a Tron light cycle attraction. What happened to that?

    • I’d rather that they have gone with a Tron ride in a mixed property Tomorrowland as well. But I’ve got to say that I’m not worried at all about the Star Wars direction they are going. It is going to be stunning and while Tron would have been fun, Star Wars is going to be a HUGE draw for the parks and bring LOTS of new visitors. They are making the right move in the overall scheme of things (especially since they now own Star Wars).

  • bespinally

    The Mos Eisley Cantina did take place in Tatooine. Mos Eisley is a city near where Luke and Obi Wan lived.

    • Lol. In my mind I was thinking Endor, as that is what I was talking about, but that’s not what came out of my mouth. 😉

  • bespinally

    BTW thanks for all the details about the Star Wars expansion. I really hope they go all out on this one. This is the primary concept that would make me and my kids want to come back again and again more than any other Disney Property.

    I see the historical importance of the Tomorrowland concept, and that this would carve out a large part of that diversity of “tomorrow” concepts, but I would like to say that Tomorrowland has been rebuilt several times, and if this is not a huge success in 20 years they could easily bulldoze it and build another futuristic concept. But I would bet dollars to donuts that this will be the biggest thing to ever happen to theme parks in the history of Disneyland or any Theme park. Now that may be an extreme statement but in a slightly more quantitative statement, I think this will increase attendance of Tomorrowland as well as the Disney resorts overall for many years to come.

    And for the people who say that Star Wars is set “long long ago” as if that was a good reason to leave it out of Tomorrowland I counter, what about Star Wars other than those 3 words in blue text at the beginning of the movie seems like the past of our “galaxy”? Everything about Star Wars is futuristic in regards to the galaxy that we live in. If hypothetically there was a galaxy far, far, away, that long, long, ago, had technology that surpassed ours by decades or centuries, it would still be futuristic to us at this time and space.

  • TallTaurus

    The Astro Orbitor at Disneyland was not intended for Disneyland Paris and put in DL instead. Actually it is a copy of the original Orbitron that was present when Euro Disneyland opened in 1992 (and is still there).

    Your description is about the replacement for Dumbo, where DL got EDL’s Dumbo in 1990 (after the original had a major component break) and another was made in time for the opening of EDL in 1992.