While Disney fairytales might evoke images of flying elephants and sparkle-clad princesses, there’s no shortage of creepy fun to be had when visiting the parks. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Disney-style!


Haunted Mansion

A Disney classic so popular it’s a hit on both coasts, the Haunted Mansion is a must-do if you’re touring the parks in October.  While the happy haunts are always fun to visit, Halloween scares up even more ghoulish grins.  Jack Skellington and his crew bring their Nightmare Before Christmas flair to Disneyland during Haunted Mansion Holiday, which lasts through the Christmas season, too.  If you’re visiting the East coast ghosts, keep an eye out for the chance to have your picture taken with those famous hitchhikers or a phantom carriage driver and his “horse.”


Get Park Wise: Take a few extra minutes to go through the interactive queue at Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion.  The refurbishment has proved to be a fun one full of games and great photo ops.

Tower of Terror

No trip to either West or East coast Disney would be complete without checking into the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  Another offering seen on both sides of the country, the Tower of Terror is a great way to scream in the season.  Even if you’re not too keen on the thirteen story plummet, take a walk through the queue and opt to take the chicken elevator back down to the safety of ground level.  Disney’s version of Rod Serling’s iconic intro to the Twilight Zone episodes is worth it on its own, but the queues are fantastic and really show off Disney’s attention to detail.


Halloween Parties

Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World offer special hard ticket parties during the Halloween season.  With the purchase of a separate ticket, you can join in on the evening events featuring special parades, fireworks, shows and more!  This is also one of the rare opportunities where adults can don their favorite costume to a Disney park, so go all out and trick-or-treat!


Tickets to these events are limited and do sell out, so if you have a particular evening in mind, it’s a good idea to pre-purchase your tickets.  As a bonus, there’s often a pre-purchase discount.  Check out possible advanced purchase discounts for annual passholders, military and Disney Vacation Club members, too.

ŸGet Park Wise: Unofficially, party ticket holders can get in to the park about three hour prior to the official start of the party, so use that time to grab dinner and a few rides so you can spend your party time on special events.

Fun at the Resorts

Halloween party sold out on Halloween night?  This happens often, but you’re not out of luck!  Some Disney resort hotels offer All Hallow’s Eve fun, too!  Check out your resort recreation guide or with the hotel concierge for more information.


Not Going to the Parks?

Bring a little Disney magic to your home!  Both Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror have campy, slightly terrible movies to get you in the spirit.  Our family blasts Boo to You and Hallowishes tunes as we pass out candy to trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  One of my favorite ways to get into the spooky state of mind?  Google “Disney ghost stories” and see if some of your favorite Disney locales have seen any visitors from beyond.


How do you do Halloween at the Disney Parks? Have any great Disney Parks ghost stories or favorite urban legends?  Share with us, and have a Happy Halloween!