Hong Kong Disneyland put on a spectacular Halloween this year. Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog put this report together for us. Let us know your thoughts, do you see anything below that you’d like the US parks to copy?  ~~Rick

Hong Kong Disneyland 2013 Halloween Report
by Alain Littaye


Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween season runs through October 31 and I have found some great pictures of it for you! New Halloween photo ops have been installed this year starting by this great Chernabog figure – above and below – close to Sleeping Beauty castle.


The “dark force” also expansd to Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch, with this creepy photo op below of Toy Story’s Babyface placed in Toy Story Land.


…While in grizzly Gulch guests can test their luck at Grizzly Gulch Fall Harvest Games.



But as usual it’s HKDL which creates the creepiest Halloween theming. This year the park introduced the “Scream no more” challenge, i.e HKDL guests must attempt to go through the different Halloween areas without screaming!





Let’s have a look at these “no screaming” areas, mostly located in Adventureland.


Our tour starts by the Graves Academy in which guests can find different scenes…


…The Library scene…


…The Laboratory scene…


…And the Gym room scene…


At the “Revenge of the Headless Horseman” nearby they come face to face with “the Beeboy being trapped by Spidergirl”…


…or enter the Magician head-off scene.


Another thing pretty cool is the Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire…


Guests can meet creepy creatures on kind-of “freaks” circus trailers with three different colors.




Have a look at the video below showing guests walking through this Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire.

In Main Street U.S.A, just like last year, the Vampire Coven and the Werewolves Tribe, two emerging forces of evil, are stirring up an intense clash to determine who will be the ultimate leader of the darkness that permeates every corner of the Park.


It’s there that guests can enjoy the always popular HKDL Halloween parade.


Here is the video of this year’s Halloween Parade.

And, last but not least, in HKDL Discoveryland guests can enjoy another Halloween special on the Halloween stage.


Mickey and his friends welcome you for HKDL Halloween until October 31st…


..And make sure to don’t miss the Halloween merchandise!


If you haven’t downloaded it yet my HKDL application with more than 200 gorgeous high-res pictures is always available on the iTunes Store – click [HERE]!


  • That Jack parade float is awesome!

  • DuckyDelite

    That is a great parade, but I don’t understand the dancing interludes.

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      It’s called a “show stop”. Many parades at Asian parks do this as Asian cultures love shows. Tokyo Disneyland does this in most of their parades. The crowds there love it. Oddly enough, The TDL 30th anniversary parade doesn’t have a show stop though and on Facebook I’ve seen a lot of Japanese fans complain and ask why no show stop.

  • I WANT this in the US parks!!!!!!! Simply amazing.

  • XxBellaThornxX

    That Jack float is AMAZING!! I think its time to start the petition to have it in DL by next Halloween! Wow, just wow!

  • Malin

    I have never understood the reason why Disney doesn’t try and offer an alternative event at both DCA and DHS. Make it darker and scarier then the Not So Scary Halloween Party’s but keep it tasteful unlike Knotts or Universal. Personally I’d attend both and I’m sure others would too and you can double your revenue for ticketed events.

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      I agree. The current parties at Disneyland & WDW are nice but too “cutesy”, but some can’t handle the blood & gore of events like at Knott’s, Universal & Busch Gardens. We need a “middle of the road” event that will give you a good scare but not gross you out and still be relatively “family friendly”. Looks like Hong Kong Disneyland does this really well.

  • k_peek_2000

    They could EASILY put on a huge event like the HKDL at DCA. they’ve got more than enough room, the millionaire and old Hollywood and Dine building could house walkthroughs. A sideshow would fit perfectly where the Maliboomer used to be, a Halloween version of World of Color, theyre is soo much potential for a slightly scarier (but still tame compared to KSF or HHN) event.

  • Baloo

    I really wish they did something like this in the US parks. If they don’t want to do it in the Magic Kingdom parks they could always do it in DCA and DHS or DAK.

    Actually DAK would be a cool park to do it in since they have lots of green areas to do some cool stuff