Today we offer an an abbreviated version of In the Parks as we focus on the new Marvel exhibit inside Disneyland’s Innoventions.  Thor: Treasures of Asgard welcomes the first Marvel meet and greet inside a Disney theme park.  It seems that  Dr. Jane Foster has discovered that Anaheim will be the next location where the Bifrost will open up a portal to Asgard. Hmmmm . . .

Entering the queue, we ramp up the entrance and enter the cacophonous barn that is Innoventions.  Making a sharp turn to the left, we see the Ironman exhibit and, just beyond, the new Thor exhibit.

As guests queue up in what is a glacially slow line, they can study the rather impressive collection of detailed props from the film.

Thankfully there is plenty to read up on and look at as the line can reach well over an hour.

Groups of approximately 20 are let in at a time and invited into a small room filled with more relics.

Upon entering the cramped room a cast member from Innoventions invites us to look at the collection put together by Dr. Foster during her travels to Asgard.  We are left here for some time to take in the exhibits until finally the voice of Odin bellows from beyond and opens the gateway to Asgard.

Up until this point the presentation was rather cold and sterile, aside from a few nice props.  But then the wall opens and suddenly an impressive throne room is revealed, with Thor standing waiting to greet guests.


There are some very impressive details lavished on this small meet and greet.

The floors too are covered in a vinyl graphic that completes the immersive illusion.

Then, of course, we exit after getting our photopass pictures and cards and we filter through a hallway of posters advertising the new film.

Overall, this was a rather impressive meet and greet.  The only downside, as with any character visit, is the line.  They do attempt to keep things moving as best they can, but when you have a hot property like Thor, long lines are to be expected.

Stop by Asgard and say hi to Thor if the line isn’t too long.  This is one hunky character experience.

Tony Baxter Window on Main Street

The other big news today is the window dedication for Tony Baxter on Main Street USA. Tony has certainly earned this honor and we look forward to sharing it with you. We’ll have photos and info for you shortly. Check back later today on


Today’s update was abbreviated because we’ll be back with you again on Monday morning. Andy Castro and Dateline Disneyland are taking next week off and we’ll be filling in to help you with your theme park addiction.

Have a great weekend everyone! Will you be visiting the new Thor meet and greet at Disneyland?