Is a Disneyland VIP tour right for you? Mousetalgia reports from a full day of VIP touring around the resort and offers tips and advice regarding VIP tours, some of which may surprise you. The VIP Hosts and Hostesses (in the famous Disneyland plaid outfits) act as living Fastpasses, and we discuss the pros and cons of having nearly instant access to so many E-Ticket attractions. Can there be too much of a good thing? Also – we report on a new lunch menu at Club 33, with seasonal desserts that are to die for, and we discuss the pros and cons of reserved seating for Main Street shows. Kristen also reports briefly on the resort-specific games and offerings for hotel guests. Plus – Tony Baxter’s Main Street Window is installed above the Magic Shop, our first listener review of Frozen, and a report on a limited-time magic opportunity to meet and greet Thor at Disneyland.

  • daveyjones

    it’s thrilling to listen to people go on and on about their dining experience at club 33 and all the little details about how their orders got messed up this way and that!

  • evergreen

    “Is a Disneyland VIP tour right for you?”

    I would love to get the answer to that question – but unfortunately I would have to listen to your entire audio that is over ONE HOUR in length to find out. Can’t you do a five minute version? Or print a transcript of the audio? Thanks.

    • shevys

      It’s a podcast. Who wants to listen to a five minute podcast? Not me. Carpe Kingdom, keep up the great work!

    • daveyjones

      i have to agree. transcript, please.

  • The majority of this week’s show is basically an answer to the question “is a Disneyland VIP tour right for you.” Since we don’t know “you,” we thought the best way to answer that question is to offer some examples of other people’s experiences, and allow “you” to judge them in relation to your own expectations. If anyone gives you that answer in 5 minutes, I’d be wary of taking the advice, but that’s just my two cents.