There’s a distinct possibility that you will be photographed more on your Disney Parks vacation than you have been on any other trip you’ve taken.  With that in mind, some park goers make some not-so-smart ensemble decisions.  Or with all the planning, sometimes the most obvious dos and don’ts fall by the wayside.  Here’s what NOT to wear to Disney…

1. New Shoes

Everyone loves a new pair-o-kicks, but your Disney vacation is NOT the place to debut them.  With miles upon miles of walking and lots of standing still, your feet will begin to hate you by lunchtime.  When pondering your footwear, a pair of worn-in, comfortable shoes is your best bet.  If you have extra room, throw a second pair in the suitcase.  Sometimes it feels good to change it up, especially if your current pair is giving you a “hot spot” and you feel a blister coming on.  I slip a pair of flip-flops in for the pool, and my feet are happy for the week.


Caption: A comfy pair of sneakers is a great pick for the parks.

Get Park Wise: If you do happen to score some new shoes before your trip, start wearing them a few weeks prior so your feet aren’t in shock when you hit the hard, hot concrete of the parks.

2. Offensive Clothing

Offensive is relative, but use a little common sense when packing your daily outfits.  Let’s leave the profane shirts at home.  We’re in a rated G environment, so avoid curse words, naked people and bloody images.  Yes, I’ve seen all three walking around Magic Kingdom.

Disney is also not the place to let your rear end hang out of your shorts, whether out of the top or the bottom.  Save the low-cut shirts for your night out on the town,  and let’s make sure those skirts leave a little to the imagination.  I’d also be willing to bet you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you leave some of these at home.

3. Bathing Suits

This one sort of goes along with #2, in that it’s partially due to the fact that some bathing suits cover so little.  I definitely understand throwing a swimsuit under your tank top if you know you’ll be splashing into the briar patch or rafting Grizzly River, but I’m going to be a little cranky, old ladyish and say that it’s really not appropriate to be traipsing around the theme parks in bootie shorts and a bikini top.  I will say that I’ve mostly seen teen girls guilty of this, but I’ve seen some grown-ups bordering on wardrobe malfunctions.

I’d say the exception to this rule would be little ones who may spend a good portion of their day playing in spraygrounds around the parks, but in those cases, I’ve not personally seen the swimsuit-clad kiddies sporting the look away from the water play areas.


Get Park Wise: If you anticipate a drenched outfit, be sure to avoid denim.  Nothing kills a day quite like wet jeans.  Keep this in mind for water rides, as well as mid-day summer showers that Disney World is known for.

And A Few Things You Should Wear

1. Layers

This is especially important during the winter.  Mornings and evening can be chilly, while afternoons are pleasantly warm.  I’ve even known summer travelers to throw a light jacket or cardigan around their waist to slip on while in the air-conditioned restaurants and attractions.


2. Light Colors and Fabrics

On our most recent vacation, a friend of mine and her daughter joined us for their first vacation to Walt Disney World.  While the daughter had plenty of park-ready duds, mom was a fan of black pants and shirts, mostly long-sleeved.  It took a few weeks, but I got her to agree to take shorts and tees in light colors.  She wore her typical outfit on our travel day, and once we hit Orlando air, she was so glad she had a suitcase full of cool cotton clothes.  Light, breathable fabrics are perfect for the parks!


3. Disney Gear

You’re at Disney.  Everyone’s at least a little geeky just by being at the Happiest and Most Magical Places on Earth, so embrace it!  Wear those Donald Duck tees, Minnie Mouse dresses and Mickey ears!  It takes the pictures from fine to framers, and, frankly, it’s just more fun!


What are your wardrobe guidelines and Disney dos and don’ts?