Werner Weiss drove by what had been a big vacant lot south of Universal’s Island of Adventure. Now it’s a massive construction site for Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

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  • ChrisNJ

    Wow – at those prices, Universal will have a huge hit on it’s hands. I stayed at Art of Animation and I’ll say the suite price was a lot higher than $149 a night.

    Yesterland is one of my all-time favorite lands on the web.

  • Malin

    If I was on a Weekend break to Orlando or wanted to enjoy all Parks except Disney then this hotel might be worth considering. But I usually spend up to two weeks in Orlando at one time and most of it is at Disney. That’s why for my personal preference Disney is my choice of stay and that’s not going to change.

    • Country Bear

      Not a surprising comment.

    • CaptainAction


      You sound like you are having an internal debate. Sounds like you would like to enjoy all the great amenities of Cabana Bay at a lot lower cost than WDW hotels but can’t let yourself consider it.

      Extra magic hours at WDW just create the most crowded park of the day. Skip the magic hours and visit one of the other 3 WDW parks which isn’t offering magic hours.

      Other than the Master Bands, which command guests vacations at WDW, there really isn’t a great benefit to paying more for less quality at a WDW hotel.

      • Malin

        Before visiting Orlando this year we did consider Cabana Bay and the other three Hotels for next year. The plan was to spend much more time enjoying the Universal Parks with a day trip to the Magic Kingdom. But the time we spent at Universal this year was only a full day which was just the right amount of time needed to enjoy everything it had to offer. With this in mind it wouldn’t make sense for us to stay at Cabana Bay for a full 10 nights when most of our activities will be planned else where. For anyone looking for a Vaule Resort to visit the Universal Parks and the free scheduled transportation to Wet and Wild and the other SeaWorld Parks Cabana Bay sounds like a good offer. I’m not disputing that and if I had a Weekend break in Orlando and was only planning to visit Universal then this would be be a hotel worth considering. Although I’d possibly go with Royal Pacific Hotel to get the free express passes.

    • solarnole

      Disney is not in Orlando its twenty or thirty minutes away.

      If I wanted to stay in Orlando, I would stay at Universal Orlando because it is in Orlando city limits and not thirty minutes away by high crime Kissimmee and Osceola county like Disney. International drive is a much safer area and the prices are better.

  • poohmeg

    I’ve loved the look/concept since the first time I saw it – I don’t have any plans to visit Universal, either, but as a long-time fan of the mid-century modern style, it always excites me to see it pop up in a new project! I’ve noticed in the recent updates at a lot of the mid-range hotels like Courtyard, Fairfield Inn, Hyatt Place, etc. there have been a lot of mid-century touches, although certainly not as overt as this – so maybe simple lines and fun colors will continue to be a trend!

  • Erik Olson

    The guest rooms are a direct lift from the Tomorrowland episode of Madmen. Really exciting resort, will definitely book a visit there.


  • CaptainAction


    Thanks for the great update. Check on the Universal Annual Pass discount on the room. The AP discount always beats the stay more save more rate for us at the other Universal Resorts.

    We can usually get the Portofino for under $200 per night on weekdays. There are so many great perks to the Loew’s First Club, which is free to join, as well.

    Going to have to stay here on a low crowd time. We are going to have a hard time passing on the skipping the line perk from the other resorts.

  • Kurtoon

    Thank you for a Boss article Daddy-O.
    The Cabana Bay Beach Resort appears to be a well executed themed 1950’s motel gone ape.
    Both the CBBR and the Monsanto House of the Future have borrowed from the George Nelson color pallet. It is not unusual for different designers to produce similar products if they use the same source material.
    I dig that Fat City.
    Next time I hang out in Orlando, I will have to make the scene.

  • DobbysCloset

    Growing up with DLR, this is the architecture I remember from my childhood in Southern California, all atomic and googie.

    Inside my house my mother’s taste for Scandinavian furniture made reference to it as well. The House of The Future felt like home from inside. The molded plastic dividing screens had to be dusted weekly, one segment at a time…