The holidays arrive at Disneyland with new offerings and returning favorites

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort, Features


Published on November 11, 2013 at 6:26 am with 32 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • eicarr

    Not an animation fan but Olaf looks cool!

    THOR looks great, even Marvel banners liven up a dead land. Can’t wait for more marvel and Star Wars.

    Wonder if Bill Hill and the Hillbilies chose to leave the nice Horshoe Stage and then they actually chose to retire?

    • The Billies did not choose to leave on their own. They are being forcibly retired.

  • Kateyandstitch

    Everything looks great! Thanks for the long update! The sad part is, I am reminded the court of Angels will be gone this year :( I’ll miss it!

    • Larry Parker

      Agree totally regarding Court of Angels. And we had such high hopes for Michael Colglazier, Disneyland’s recent new president. Instead, we get a profiteer akin to another Michael who unfortunately used to lead.

  • peoplemover1

    Happy Anniversary Andy and thanks for 6 years of some of the most beautiful pictures of the park (especially at holiday time) I have ever seen! I can always count on great information and commentary on everything going on in the resort … Good or bad! ;) I know you sacrifice personal time, sleep, and sanity to bring us what we want every single week!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

  • FerretAfros

    Thanks for the update! Are the reindeer returning to Big Thunder Ranch this year? I didn’t see them mentioned anywhere

    • Sparky

      They don’t have the reindeer anymore. They haven’t for a couple of years now.

  • Wendygirl

    This was NOT the Billys decision. They were told just before the announcement went up on the Disney Parks Blog. They were as shocked as the rest of us were. What a way to be treated after all they’ve given to not only us but Disney.

  • Wendygirl

    Also, if you are so inclined, please sign the petition. If you elect to leave a comment, please be respectful in what you say.

  • 3rdGateFan

    Happy 6th anniversary Dateline Disneyland , and probaly the best DD of the year, keep it up, I love how guests try to get Tony Baxter spill some beans on new attractions coming to the parks, you know he won’t answer any of them but at least they try, LoL !

  • ParkerMonroe

    Nick Cannon’s wardrobe appears to be very Mary Poppins’ Jolly Holiday inspired.

  • Sparky

    Happy 6th anniversary to Dateline Disneyland! Thanks for the reporting and great photos! I got the chance to ride Jingle Jungle Cruise on Saturday. The decorations were good, but the holiday jokes need some work. Most were pretty weak, some were cringe-worthy. I heard little laughter from others in the boat I was in. If this idea is to work, they need some really good and clever jokes and puns.

  • Big D

    Glad to see the holiday decor on Jungle Cruise is actually pretty good. I like the blend of Christmas and jungle themes (especially the Santa hat). Of course, as always, it’s the skippers who really make or break the ride, so hopefully Disney gives them some good material to work with.

  • Happy 6th anniversary to Dateline Disneyland and the amazing Andy Castro!

    BEAUTIFUL update today.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Great update as usual, Andy. I love how you cover everything from food to new decorations.

    My own take on the Frozen meet and greet is that Animatronic is more interesting than the meeting of the two female characters inside. I wonder if crowds will just form to see that.

    I am still ticked that the Big Thunder is still under wraps. It now feels like the same people who brought the Fantasyland improvement to WDW also brought us the renovation for Big Thunder. Nothing seems to be changing. It seems just the same as it will be in February. Maybe they will be putting guests in cages to prevent them getting too close to the rocks for our “safety.”

  • amyuilani

    Nick Cannon could not have been comfortable dressed to the nines in upper 80s weather. Then again, that’s southern CA for you.

    The park looks beautiful, and as always, your gorgeous photos really capture the glorious color and detail. :)

  • scarymouse

    Spectacular Job guys! Can’t wait to see fencing around innovations instead of Thor signage…..otherwise its just sad to see the billy’s knowing the end is near……

  • SilverMouse

    Congratulations Andy on 6 magical years of Dateline Disneyland!!! It’s hard to believe its been that long. Thanks for making Monday a day I look forward too, instead of dreading. Would asking for another 6 years be asking too much? Thanks again for all of your hard work!!!!!!