Bright Nights for Osborne Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios

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Published on November 15, 2013 at 2:00 am with 14 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Malin

    Providing Starbucks doesn’t take out either Starring Roles or the Writers Shop I’m not to bothered where it goes. Perhaps Management are under the impression that once Fastpass + is rolled out across the entire property the area won’t be so congested.

    It would be a horrible move for the Studios to stop the Osborne Christmas Lights. Plus Disney would stand to lose money from such a decision from sales of the Glow Ears and loss of attendance. I’m also a bit confused why construction would prevent it since most of the work is rumoured for the removal of the Stunt Show and Backlot Tour. Are the Streets of America also headed in this direction. I think even WDW are not that stupid to remove this Holiday classic. While its certain Epcot would welcome it with open arms. I’m certain the Studios will want to use and keep it. A possible area could be Sunsetand Hollywood BLVD.

    • FerretAfros

      The lights survived the closure of Residential Street (and some would say they improved once they moved to their current location), so I suspect that they’ll find a way to make them work with whatever facades they have available. Given that it truly is all about the lights, and not the buildings underneath them, they could practically do it with the blank walls of Commissary Lane

      • poohmeg

        I agree with FerretAfros – I would be SHOCKED to see the lights go away or move to Epcot since they are such a huge boost to attendance and spending. Epcot has plenty of Christmas stuff of its own in World Showcase, and the Osborne Lights would seem tiny compared to the massive scale of everything over there. People worried they would go away when residential street went away, and they just got bigger and better, so I’m sure the same thing would happen if they need to be moved again.

  • Terrytiger

    That is not Starbucks going in. It’s a new Joffrey Coffee cart similar to the ones scattered around Epcot. A friend works for them and that is going to be his new work location.

    • NorwayPavilion

      Fantastic lights, horrible stage, again. They seem intent on taking the Disney out of Disney. They dont even offer holiday entertainment or parades anymore and they have to have that ugly stage up? The hat is bad enough but the stage is worse. Its like being at a state fair. It so sad the type of management in place today. They are clueless anymore, the park use to be so beautiful.

  • FerretAfros

    Thanks for the photos! I ran the Wine & Dine Half Marathon last weekend, and we got to run through the Osbourne lights, but I was really surprised to see that there weren’t any of the official on-course photographers in that area

  • Big D

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos!

  • Director_Guy

    “I still don’t see why people pay $25 for something they cannot see since it is on top of their head…”

    You’ve never bought a hat before?

    • billyjobobb

      I would totally buy a pair!

  • Tielo

    I love the lights when they where at residential street. When that went away the experience became less (just my opinion). Still a great reason to visit the parks when I was an annual pass holder and it was the one of the few times I went to visit DHS.
    Bringing the spectacle to another park wouldn’t make sense. They could put it in Epcot in 1 country but the park has it’s own night time show and doesn’t need it. It’s of course silly for Disney to keep the otherwise nice but useless movie streets when they need the land to expend. I can only see the display moved to the main street of the DHS or the street with the TOT on the end. They are almost of the same size, have nice buildings but probably will become a problem with the flow of guests. Maybe Disney Marketplace would be a good option?

  • solarnole

    I would not be surprised if they got rid of the lights and replaced it with a holiday World of Color or made it only available during a $70 hard ticket like the old free daily Christmas parade.

    Its funny even the Grinch at Universal does not have a heart small enough to up charge his holiday shows and parades.

    Maybe the next magicband will have a dancing blinking light as it tracks you.

    • Malin

      Reason being is that no one would pay for Grinchmas. What I find hilarious about Universal is that it doesn’t even offer its Guests the Macy’s THANKSGIVING DAY parade until December the 7th. Thanksgiving is on the 28th of November.

      • Malin

        And yes I’m aware they call it the HOLIDAY parade. But the Holidays start during Thanksgiving and continue to Christmas and since only one the Happy Hippo float is being shipped down to Orlando from the real Parade they really is no excuse why Macy’s coudn’t start the season without the float.

  • QPerth

    Wonderful update Cory, and thanks so much for the video of the light show. All I had ever seen before was pictures of the ugly light strands and scaffolding over the buildings, and some night time shots. Always wondered what the fuss was. After seeing that spectacular little show, I get it now. How amazing! I hope they don’t get rid of it, and continue to improve it year after year.

    Looking forward to your next report, thanks so much again, I appreciate the effort that goes into these and that you share these with us all over the world. -Q