Welcome, Mortals, to the DoomBuggies Spook Show, a new podcast from DoomBuggies.com. The DoomBuggies Spook Show is dead-icated to bringing you a bit of Haunted Mansion news, haunting theme park happenings, and Haunted Mansion history in every show. We’ll be focusing on both reminiscing about the history and development of the beloved Disney Haunted Mansion attractions (and other similarly dark rides), as well as the fan culture that surrounds the Mansion.

We have a double feature for you today. You’ll find our premiere episode as well as our current episode of the DoomBuggies podcast!

In our premiere episode, we talk to Marvel Comics editor Bill Rosemann and Vice President of Publishing David Gabriel to discuss Marvel’s upcoming series “Seekers of the Weird,” based on Imagineer Rolly Crump’s 1965-era designs for the “Museum of the Weird,” a proposed Disneyland attraction intended to complement the Haunted Mansion. We also discuss Rolly’s concepts and how the comic fits into the Disney universe. Also, meet Megan, a Haunted Mansion fan who had a unique and memorable experience inside of the Mansion during this year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Plus, the latest Mansion news, an introduction to the podcast, and listener ghost stories.


In the current episode, host Jeff Baham discusses “The Haunting,” the 1963 film by Robert Wise which was an inspiration for the Haunted Mansion during its development. We also review Sam Gennawey’s new book, “The Disneyland Story,” and discover where the Mansion fits into the overall development of Disneyland Park. The episode also includes gift-giving ideas for Haunted Mansion fans, news items, and more.

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  • Jeff, LOVE the new show! I know it’s a lot of work, but we are so thankful that you’ve carved out some extra time to put this show on!

  • Mousecat

    Thanks for the great review. Okay, I guess I better buy the latest version of your book. Agreed, until the second edition comes out I will blame it on Jason’s book.

    Sam Gennawey

  • karcreat

    As a massive HM fan, I was thrilled to find these podcasts…please keep up the great work, I shall ‘hurry baaaack…hurry baaaack’ again very soon to check for more!

  • karcreat

    LOVE this podcast…

    I can’t wait to ‘hurry bacaaack…hurry baaaack’ for more…keep up the very entertaining work!

  • karcreat

    Hey…weird, double post…my apologies!

    Looks like some playful spooks interrupted my post!….;)

  • Thanks for the encouraging words, folks. I’ve got a year’s worth of topics right off the top of my head – so I look forward to the opportunity to keep creating good episodes, hopefully with something new for everyone.

  • HBG2

    Hey Jeff,

    These are great! And thanks for all the shout outs along the way. I’m doing quite an in-depth look at The Haunting for a post at the blog which will probably appear in February. It’s 99% written, so it’s weird and satisfying to hear how much similarity there is with your own take on the film, especially with regard to the “house is alive” thing.

    Looking forward to the next.

  • RDF444

    This is a wonderfully entertaining, extremely professionally composed, and informative podcast. Jeff’s attention to detail is obviously a big draw for me. A must add to your playlist.