When SeaWorld San Antonio opened in 1988 it was the largest SeaWorld park built at over 250 acres. Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, it was originally envisioned to become a multi-day destination

In 2011 SeaWorld closed it’s Lost Lagoon in park water park and transformed it into Aquatica. Essentially the 2nd gate that the park needed to help it take the first steps into becoming the multi-day destination that was originally envisioned.

When Aquatica San Antonio debuted in 2012, it took what Texans thought about Water Parks and turned it on it’s head by focusing more on experiences and theming instead of thrills.

In May 2014, SeaWorld San Antonio is going to continue to add to the daily experiences guests can find at Aquatica by opening a brand new experience.  A 13,000 Sq ft free flight aviary with over 300 birds will give guests the opportunity to float through a tropical aviary along a lazy river and wade into the experience by entering through a waterfall.















Guests in Orlando can experience the same attraction at Discovery Cove (which is where the photos below were taken).





With this new experience, and the nightly summer party called Island Nights, SeaWorld San Antonio is on a great track which should help it gain multi-day visits.

Now enjoy the latest episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast with Eric, Mike and our new co-host Erin as they discuss the new Aviary coming to SeaWorld San Antonio. There’s also an interview with Dennis Wirzman the VP of Entertainment with SeaWorld Parks.

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  • Not My Real Name

    There is a water park over at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and it is a typical thrill-ride park with a wave pool that is in the shape of Texas, with the panhandle as the deep end. This is definitely going to be different. They will probably won’t ever go to year-round operation, though. It can get near freezing, even in San Antonio.

  • Country Bear

    Looks like it will be a nice addition to SeaWorld Texas. Did they give any indication of where the birds will come from for the aviary? Hopefully they didn’t clean out a rainforest to populate the park as that would really suck. Ideally they would use birds born in captivity from other zoo parks or rescues.
    Here’s hoping they did the right thing.

    Thanks for the report Eric.

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  • ericg

    Correction- It can be below freezing in San Antonio as many experienced in the past two weeks. However, that does not impede SeaWorld or Six Flags ability to operate year-round. SeaWorld San Antonio is currently open practically year-round with the exception of the latter three weeks of January. Six Flags is open March through early January and I believe the park will eventually expand operations to include weekends in February and then January.