Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we have an update from around the Magic Kingdom area, and have over 70 photos! Let’s get started!

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!



Here are a few shots of the almost completed expansion of the bus terminal.






Jingle Cruise has its own attraction poster.



Flags were at half staff in honor of Diane Disney Miller this week.



No better way to start a day than with Main Street Vehicles.




Pluto was ready for the rain.




Mickey’s Christmas Carol windows are now installed.











The Main Street Ice Cream Parlor has decor up as well.



In Adventureland, there is a very obvious scrim up for refurb work.



I finally got to experience the Jingle Cruise this week.



Decorations are mainly in the queue area and on the boats themselves.







The ride experience itself is basically the same, with some holiday jokes thrown in by the skippers.










Overall, it is a fun little addition, which I think would be welcome for the holidays every year. It probably doesn’t cost much, and it helps people get into the season.




Moving to Frontierland, the Br’er character statue is back up near Splash Mountain, but it is still under walls.




The Liberty Belle was parked over by Big Thunder Mountain for a bit for some promotional filming.





These signs will soon look different, as Nikon is now the official camera of Walt Disney World.



I love visiting in the morning. Empty park!



Halloween and Christmas popcorn buckets for sale.




Peter Pan is open after a refurbishment.



Village Haus’ outdoor area is still closed.



Time for a look at the ever growing Mine Train.






At Be Our Guest, the holidays are in full swing as well as FastPass+ dining options.








In Gaston’s village, the fountain wasn’t running this week.




Near Mermaid, the new DVC kiosk opened up. I’m not a huge fan of these being littered throughout the parks, but at least with this one, there are some pretty cool details and things to look at.









Back to Mine Train.







Getting closer every week. I for one, am really ready for those walls to come down.



That is going to wrap things up for this week. What do you all think about the changes for the Jingle Cruise? Thoughts on DVC kiosks being all over the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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  • FerretAfros

    Although WDW gets a lot of flack for its (lack of) seasonal offerings, I really like the Christmas Carol windows at the Emporium. DL, which usually gets lots of praise for constantly changing things, hasn’t changed their Emporium windows since the beginning of the 50th in May 2005. That’s 8.5 years without an update. And the windows are a retrospective of previous window displays, so they’re much older than that in reality. Let’s savor the rare WDW victory!

  • Sifferz

    I’m pretty excited about the mine train! Looks like the majority of the mesh is just about finished, and the rest of the work in 2014 will hopefully be on the darkride portions. Maybe they could even bring down some of the walls, if that is the case, so it at least isn’t such a huge and unfinished ride right in the middle of new fantasyland.

  • PecosBill

    I’m surprised by the amount of Kodak imagery still remaining in the parks. I wonder if the Nikon deal means they need to redo the intro video in the Muppet 3D pre-show?

  • airick75

    That mine train ride is taking forever to build. I was there in the summer of 12 and it had already begun building. A year and a half later and it looks like it still has 6 months to go. How long did it take to build the entire Carsland? There must be a story there somewhere.

    • FerretAfros

      Carsland began construction in 2008 and opened in 2012, so a long construction time shouldn’t be a surprise. Additionally, the Mine Train was not a part of the original Fantasyland Expansion design (Aurora and Cinderella meet & greets were planned for that area), but was swapped out after the public announcement at D23. They had to design it while other areas were already under construction, further slowing the process

  • solarnole

    Splash mountain was built quicker then the mine train, so was the Grand Floridan DVC. If the ride was a DVC or a gift shop it would be open and ready in a matter of months, not years. You can see where Disney spends more money for faster construction

  • solarnole

    I wish they would bring back the Fantasyland Skyway that was a simple family attraction that everyone liked to ride. They could even theme it to a dragon

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I am a believer in doing something well or not at all. The “Jingle Cruise” just seems so lame I cannot recommend it. It should have had some real story to it. As it is now, it is just a few jokes thrown in and lame decorations. What should have been the story is the desperate attempts to celebrate Christmas in the midst of the jungle. That might have been funny in what lengths they might go to decorate and remind themselves of snow. But instead, somehow in the midst of the jungle they have store bought decorations. And instead of it dominating their thoughts in their longing for home, the skippers go on pretty much as as normal with a couple holiday jokes thrown in. It is a pathetic attempt at an attraction. One really senses that MONEY was the motivation for this disappointment. It is sad that Disney has sunk this far.

    • OprylandUSA

      Really? Money? Do you think many folks scheduled their uber-expensive Walt Disney World vacation based on the Jungle Cruise?

      No way. It’s a nice little plus to their little holiday offerings. Just chalk it up as another Limited Time Magic distraction.

  • thebear

    Can’t say the DVC spots really bother me. They usually fit in pretty well.

  • jl925sanders

    I’d like the mine train ride to be safe and fun. So, take your time Imagineers.

  • DobbysCloset

    Dogs in the rain… Thanks for the Pluto photo. My dogs are arguing at the moment as to whether Pluto is a Real Dog. Real Dogs don’t mind a little rain. My Lab mix would sit on the balcony for hours in the pouring rain. The Boxweiler hardly notices it. Dobby, being Chihuahua, hates rain and all things wet with a passion, but I am convinced that Chihuahuas are more akin to Alien Experiments like Stitch than they are to dogs.

    Too bad the Park didn’t spend a few extra hours turning the walls around the B’rer Critters into a bramble patch — would have been very cute.

    And I am for pulling out all the stops on the Jingle Cruise — as much kitsch as possible, please, not just a bit of tinsel. Hopefully this will catch on and get a bit more complex each year.

    • Kateyandstitch

      I nicknamed my chihuahua stitch because he has an unusually high badness level for someone his size 🙂 He also hates the rain!

  • Laura P

    So excited for the mine train photos! It looks like it’s really coming together, I can’t wait till it opens! 😀 And the christmas decoration in the Be Our Guest restaurant look lovely.

  • QPerth

    Finally got a chance to check out these latest updates, thanks as usual Cory!

    I watched a video of the Jingle Cruise this week, and thought it was a subtle, tasteful and worth doing overlay to a classic attraction.

    Great pics as always, until next time, thank you!