Please join us in welcoming a new column to MiceChat, Disney Cast Blast. We think you’ll agree that this column is a bit like eating popcorn. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop. The stories below were collected from Disney cast members who have fun tales to tell.  – Dusty

Kilimanjaro-o-whoa-whoa-whoa Baby!


I was working at Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris. I had been assigned to Pram Parking (stroller parking) for this part of my shift. At Kilimanjaro Safaris we would actually take strollers from guests while they were in line and park them in one of our two stroller lots.

On this occasion I was greeting guests and passing their strollers down the hill to my partner. As one family approached me I asked the dad for their stroller and he proceeded to push it right past me and down the hill (he was very excited to be reaching the attraction). As his stroller rolled down the hill and into the other ones already parked I calmly looked at him and informed him that he forgot to take his child out first!

Piiiiiigs Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Spaaaaaace


This story has become a bit of an urban legend but I was working in the area the day it happened. Two larger women wanted to ride Space Mountain and sometimes when handicapped or larger guests ride an attraction it takes a little longer to load them into the ride vehicle.

This particular day two plus sized women were loaded in the train causing a ride stop due to taking too long to get them situated. Once they were in and on their way they made it to the lift hill inside the ride. As they crest the lift hill a Cast Member in the tower announced “Piiiiigs Iiiiiiin Spaaaaace” in true Muppets fashion. I think it was a college program Cast Member that did not care and was about to quit. Needless to say he was terminated.

This Ride May Hurt Your Unborn Hamburger


I was working at Space Mountain De la Terre à la Lune at Disneyland Paris. At this particular time I was positioned at “load” sorting guests into specific groups and lines.

SIDEBAR – Even though Disneyland Paris is located in France, most Cast Members speak English or 1,000 other different languages.

While sorting guests into their proper load queue, I noticed that one lady was pulled from the main line off to the side. This only usually happens if there is a problem and they are not allowed to ride. The Cast Member was explaining in great detail to the guest how this was a roller coaster and that it is very unsafe for a pregnant woman to ride.

The Cast Member did an excellent job explaining how not only could she be injured but also the unborn child. The woman listened and with one simply sentence replied “…but I am not pregnant.”

I then went to break.

Monorail? Or Monofail?


One evening during sunset, I was piloting a train on the express beam to the Magic Kingdom. At that time we still loaded four guests in the front cab of the monorail. It was monorail blue if I remember correctly.

That day I experienced one of the most memorable conversations I have ever had with a guest. It was a lady in her early 50’s. She looked and reminded me of Flo from the old television show “Alice.”

The following is a transcript from that conversation.

GUEST: “OM MY GOD! THAT SUNSET IS JUST GORGEOUS! It’s like the sun…like…’s like a giant ball of fire!”

ME: “Ma’am? It is.”

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