Legoland California welcomed a brand new attraction yesterday, Pirate Reef. MiceChat’s In The parks crew was there for the press event and we are happy to share all the excitement with you. One of our lucky readers will even win 4 tickets to the park to experience the new attraction for themselves!

We also have a brand new look for our weekly In The Parks column. Rather than bringing you one big long article every week, we are going to be delivering lots of smaller stories which are easier for you to read and share on mobile devices and to your favorite social networks. We’ll still bring you the same amount of content we always have, it will just be much easier to find and share than ever before. We hope you enjoy

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Today, Legoland celebrated the opening of their latest, watery attraction, Pirate Reef. Young and old will enjoy this thrilling boat ride that takes riders into the heart of a silly Lego Pirate battle while getting riders completely soaked in the process.


Guests began to arrive in the early morning for the grand opening ceremony that included many celebrities and locals from the town of Carlsbad, California.

Captain BlueBlock and Captain RedBlock welcomed the esteemed guests.

Mayor of Carlsbad,  Matt Hall

Austin Anderson, Nickelodeon’s Victorious

Alicia Minishew from All My Children

Tony Hale, Arrested Development, VEEP, Chuck

Andy McDonald, XGames Gold Medal Winner and his family showed up.

Steve Blake, Point Guard, Los Angeles Lakers

And a favorite of ours from a bunch of Christopher Guest films, John Michael Higgins

The opening Ceremony began with John Jakobsen, President, Legoland California welcoming the guests.  Of course, something went horribly wrong and pirates invaded.

Jakobsen invited all guests aboard and the boats began to plummet down the watery drop and create massive waves, drenching the riders and spectators alike.

The ride is the first at Legoland California to actually be a shared attraction between the original theme park and the new Legoland Water Park.  Guests can enter the queue from within either park.  The operators alternate between loading one boat from the water park queue and one boat from the theme park queue.  The ride operators then direct the riders to the correct exits.

Why is this ride shared between the two parks?  Simple.  Water, and LOTS of it.


Dr. Jim Sears, The Doctors, rides with his family.

Just in case the drop didn’t get you the spitting frogs will.

Cute, but dangerous little frogs

Yours truly even took a ride on this fun, but wet, attraction.

It’s a great new addition to Legoland that the whole family can ride together. The one thing that you should keep in mind when visiting LegoLand California is that it is a theme park designed solely for children 2-12. Teens and adults without children will feel out of place.  This is an intimate park for younger kids and their parents to spend time together.

To celebrate the opening of this brand new attraction, We are giving away one family four pack of tickets to LegoLand California! One lucky winner will soon be sailing to Pirate Reef.  All that you have to do is answer the question below correctly in the comments.  A winner will be selected at random from correct answers.  Good luck!

Q. How high is the drop on the new Pirate Reef attraction?

Search for clues here

That’s it from Legoland.  But be sure to check the In The Parks page for stories from the rest of the SoCal parks today!

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  • SanDiegoAl

    Wow, seems like almost every park in So Cal has opened a new ride! The answer to the question is:

    25′ and it looks like you get VERY (as in Perilous Plunge) wet!! You look quite soaked Norm!!

  • mratigan

    Yup it’s 25

  • jarong

    25 ft plunge

  • indianajack

    Looks okay, but would be even better if it were a longer ride with more of a story and Lego set designs.

    • Monorail Man

      I agree. I love the concept of Legoland – and I understand the execution of just wanting to do kids rides – but I feel like it could be more. Either way, they still love it!

  • Aristeajoy

    It is a 25 foot drop.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  • mrogerson6083

    25 ft pirate plunge arrrgggghhhh

  • mybelleprncess

    Thanks for the update
    The drop on the new Pirate Reef attraction is 25 feet.

  • Phillipnotphil

    Pirate Reef has a 25 foot drop. That’s half the size of Splash Mountain’s drop and less than a fourth of the size of Perilous Plunge at Knott’s.

  • currence

    Pirate Reef has a 25 foot drop!

  • PAL

    The drop is 25 drenching feet.

    I see the logic of the new In the Parks design, particularly for mobile. A column of photos takes forever to download (and if you’re in the data-poor parks, ouch). For regular PC reading, it’s a lot more clicking.

  • DannyB

    The drop on Pirate Reef is 25 feet.

  • phil454

    I love Legoland! The drop is 25 feet.

  • weluvdisney

    25 feet is correct

  • MAH4546

    25 feet.

  • Chadwick

    The drop is 25 feet ARRRGGGGHHHH

  • Seant926

    25 Foot Drop.
    I’m from Carlsbad and would really like the chance to go with my family to Legoland. I haven’t been in so long haha

  • Seant926

    25 foot drop. A little bigger than the drop on Pirate’s of the Caribbean.

  • SafariRob

    It’s a 25′ drop. That’s plenty to get you drenched. Looks like a blast!

  • simaand

    Q. How high is the drop on the new Pirate Reef attraction? The Drop on the new Pirate Reef Attraction is 25 feet.

    Nice but interesting new layout.

  • bg0714

    the answer is: 25 foot drop! =)

  • caterpillargirl

    25 foot drop. Looks very fun. We are hoping to finally get my Lego Loving son to Legoland soon.

  • lnsemsf

    25 Foot drop on the ride.

  • madhatterfan

    25′ drop. Looks fun.

  • sucho23

    25 feet plunge.

  • shawnman

    25 FOOT PLUNGE! that looks like a great ride, and great creative job with the queing.. one inside the waterpark, and one outside…that is really a great way to set up the ride. Legoland has made such good useage of its property, its so cool to see this new ride….I would love to with the prize and be able to check out the ride this summer!

  • jasonk5

    25 foot drop. Thanks!

  • Arilvdc

    Its a 25 foot drop! Craaazy. I would love to go to legoland, we’ve never been.

  • Timekeeper

    I think they could have done more on it, but it looks fun none the less.


  • cheshiregirl

    It’s a 25 foot plunge that my little Lego lovin’ pirate would love to make. Every time he is consulted about vacation (and even when he’s not) Legoland is the place that he says he wants to go!

    • Norman Gidney

      CONGRATS CHESHIRE GIRL!!! You are the winner of the Family four pack.

      We will contact you for information on how to get the tickets to you!

      Thank you for entering everyone!

      • vanry5

        Congrats Cheshire Girl!! What an awesome giveaway. Hope you and your family have a blast!!!

  • Finding Gigi

    The 25 foot drop looks really fun!!!

  • bigfry

    Plunge 25-feet down a chute that splashes through the battle between Captain Red Brick and Captain Blue Brick.

  • coopercaseycody

    25 foot drop is the answer. 🙂

  • DisneyFan999

    25 feet! (:

  • disney4me2001

    25 foot plunge! It looks awesome!

  • SpcMtn77

    It’s a twenty-five foot drop!

  • vanry5

    The drop is 25 feet and what fun it looks to be!!

  • secretparkfan

    25 feet!

  • secretparkfan

    It’s a 25 foot drop!

  • AzDisneyfan

    Wow! 25 feet! My kids would love to try that out!

  • SpacemanSpiff

    According to the Legoland website, it’s a 25-foot drop. Our family loves Legoland– it would be great to win tickets to visit this summer!

  • Hello Kitty

    25 feet. Would love to win a trip to Legoland!

  • MarkILIS

    25 Feet! Cool idea to have it accessible from both parks!

  • shadowman

    25 feet! Never been to Legoland, would love to go!

  • philosofy

    The drop is 25 ft and looks like a ride that my kids would love to go on!

  • TamaraC4

    th’ deadly scuttle be 25 feet t’ th’ depths