It was a rather busy week at the Disneyland Resort.  The holidays are in full swing with hoards of guests clogging the parks, but it was also business as usual for a resort accustomed to the big holiday rush. There is still a bit of news for us to share and a lot of beautiful photos of the parks. Mickey and the Magical Map enjoyed some adjustment recently, Big Thunder is load testing the trains, and there are some little projects along the Rivers of America as well. We’d also like to show you what we are thankful for at the Disneyland Resort.


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Mickey and the Magical Map

Subtle changes were made to Mickey and the Magical Map that are actually quite nice.  Of note is the long-needed addition of Stitch to the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride number.


The song and choreography are virtually unchanged.  But now Stitch enters through the magical map screen and slowly works his way down to the dancers. The lack of characters in this number was one of our early complaints about the show and we are thrilled to see the number enhanced as it was clearly appreciated by the cheering crowd.


Acting as impish mischief maker, he plops himself into the center of the little dancing duel.


The final dance pose is punctuated with Stitch center stage as he should have been all along.


Later on in the show Mickey arrives for the final song in full-fledged map maker attire.  This makes perfect sense since, at the end of the show (spoiler alert) Mickey is no longer an apprentice.  Hence, he should not be in the apprentice outfit.



It’s very encouraging to see the forces behind the show willing to alter, tool, or update the performance to see what fits. Nice work by the entertainment department.

XBOX One in Innoventions

The walls inside Innoventions have come down around the Xbox exhibit.  The area now features the XBOX One.



It’s a big hangout spot for folks that want to play video games, just like the last exhibit.



A flat screen on the wall attempts to tie Walt and the Disney Company into the whole thing by talking about innovation.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Over at Big Thunder Mountain testing continues.  The trains have regularly been cycled through with water jugs in place of guests.








Rivers Of America

Along the Rivers of America some maintenance is occurring.  Nothing major, but certainly notable.


The little boy and his dog are back stage right now being refurbished.


The access path along the backside of the river is being cleaned up too.


Dumbo still patchy

Let’s hope that Dumbo’s sorry look will be touched up soon.  The ornamentation is still patchy with primer.



With the recent news from the MiceAge article this past week, there are now a number of projects up in the air.  One that seems to have been outright cancelled is Mostropolis in the corner of Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.




What would you put here if you had your way?


Speaking of Hollywood Land, has anyone else noticed that it’s still spring?




Flik’s Fliers

The child spinner ride has returned to the skies.  However things are a bit unfinished.



Still one carriage is out of service.


What We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things that we are appreciative of.  We decided to take a moment to talk about a few things that we are thankful for at the Disneyland Resort.  A lot of times it the little things that go taken for granted.

The Cast Members working crowd control


As guests to the Disneyland Resort, we are allowed to check our brain at the door and wander around in zombie mode.  But it’s the cast members that have to manage the heaving masses of criss-crossing humanity that have to funnel it all. Especially between Fantasmic and Main Street Fireworks on busy holiday nights. On top of that, they have to do it all with a smile.  Thanks you guys.  We appreciate you.

High Capacity Rides


Even on the busiest of days these rides keep you moving without ever feeling like you are stuck in place.  The crowds could be overflowing, but Pirates, Mansion, Mermaid, it’s a small world, all take it in stride.  Thanks for a big show for a large amount of people.

Ducks in the park


Yes, the ducks.  Who doesn’t have fond memories of throwing popcorn to the ducks in the water?  Or who can hold a smile back when a mother duck is walking her ducklings through the park?  It’s fun to see real wildlife wandering around (we could say the same thing about the cats).

The Remaining Quiet Spots in the Park

Big Thunder Trail to the West of Big Thunder Mountain is a beautiful and tranquil spot.


There are some wonderful out of the way spots in the parks which we adore. Big Thunder Trail, the back woods feeling of the Hungry Bear, Tom Sawyer Island, Fantasia Gardens, Magnolia Gardens (near the Haunted Mansion), Splash Mountain bypass trail (behind the Harbor House)  are all great spots to get away from it all.

Big Top Toys New Window

A Christmas miracle occurred when the holidays rolled into Disney California Adventure.  The nasty window at Big Top Toys was changed over for Christmas to feature an animated Santa Claus going over his list. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for removing the intelligent pile of stuffed toy!


Starbucks in the Park

If it weren’t for the coffee giant finally making it into the park, we would still be sipping he swill that had a monopoly in the parks. Thank you for the Starbucks locations in the parks.



There’s a lot we are thankful for, great nighttime spectaculars, a revived California Adventure, improved food service in the parks, aggressive refurbishment schedules which keep the park looking like new . . .

What are you thankful for at the Disneyland resort?


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And that wraps up our holiday edition of In The Parks. While there was some bad news this week about future projects, there is still a lot to be thankful for.  So, for now, appreciate the good, hope for the best and have an amazing Thanksgiving day weekend.  Thanks for reading and we will see you In The Parks!