In 2009, Yesterland visited former Magic Kingdom attractions that were still visible to guests, despite being defunct. Now Yesterland returns to the same locations to see what has changed.

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Defunct Magic Kingdom Attractions “Then and Now”.

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  • EC82

    The problem for me is less that these attractions are gone than they were such wonderful aspects of The Magic Kingdom — in all cases, they slowed things down a little bit, they allowed guests to relax and have a simple sort of entertainment or experience. They were the kinds of experiences everyone in the family could enjoy together, and they were not aimed at being “stimulating,” simply being tremendously enjoyable. What a real shame. They are certainly missed, every single one of them.

  • lynxwiler

    What irks me is that little was added to replace the missing attractions. Nothing bigger or better filled the gaps and those empty spots remain empty spots or ubiquitous gift shops. Sad.

  • fnord

    I felt sure you would mention Mr. Toad and Snow White.

    • Werner Weiss

      The original 2009 version of the article looked at physical reminders of Magic Kingdom attractions that were gone and had not been replaced by other attractions. The 2013 version added a look at what has changed since 2009.

      At Magic Kingdom Park in 2009, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride had been replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. A number of other early Magic Kingdom attraction had also been replaced, including Mickey Mouse Revue, Flight to the Moon, If You Had Wings, and Circle-Vision 360. Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride was still operating in 2009.

  • Malin

    Very surprised Disney hasn’t tried to turn the Diamond HorseShoe into a dinner show like its done in Japan. Would certainly provide more revenue then being sat empty for most of the year.

    I think the Tangled area is an improvement and greatly adds a fresh and much more themed look to the overallFantasyland theme and experience.

  • DobbysCloset

    I could never fault the addition of restrooms. Can’t be too many ladies’ toilets.

    Chipping away at the entertainment experience for the sake of extra profit is so very obvious when seen from this viewpoint.