The Disney and theme park news Round Up is back for your reading pleasure. This week Kevin Yee pontificates further on Walt Disney World and its Magic Band struggles while Disneyland prepares for the Candlelight Processional.  Will the subs be going down for a refurbishment in January or a permanent closure? We also have news and pics from Knott’s Berry Farm where their multi-million dollar, Windseeker attraction is being removed after just one sporadic season of operation. Plus, we’d like to invite you to join us on a special MiceChat Disney cruise to the Mediterranean in June of 2014. 


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Privacy at Disney World Waning? RFID and Tracking Updates

Kevin Yee suspects that the Disney MagicBands do, after all, contain the capability to be read at a distance, and therefore track your every movement in the parks. The assumption until now was that Disney would only be able to track its visitors when they took the step of placing their MagicBands (MB) within millimeters of the readers to pay for purchases or join the FASTPASS+ line, and that customers were therefore in charge of deciding when Disney would know where they were. But recent developments have changed those assumptions.



The wildly popular, private, MiceChat performance of The Fruitcake Follies is now sold out.  But there’s still a chance for yule tide cheer.  To be added to the waiting list send an email with your name and the number of people in your party to [email protected]

Tip of the Week

Full parks, I see it in your future!

For those who plan to visit the parks during the holiday season, this information is for both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida. Both parks will usually reach full capacity at multiple points during the holiday season. Pay special attention to the dates December 25th, 26th and 31st as these days are the most likely to reach capacity, particularly the Saturday of Christmas week.

Be advised that once you leave the park on very busy days, you are not guaranteed reentry. This is true even if you have a ticket and handstamp, are staying at a Disney resort, or even if you have dining reservations in the park. If the park is full, it’s full. But there are a few tips.

On days the parks may potentially reach capacity, arrive first thing in the morning and plan to stay in the same park all day. Dress in layers and bring a jacket or anything else you may need for later in the day and stow them in a locker when you arrive, those lockers will sell out quickly! If the gates do close and you find yourself outside the park, ask a cast member where the standby line is. As people leave the park, they’ll usually let folks waiting in the standby line enter.

Of course, you could pick a less crowded day to visit the parks.

Disney Parks News and Reports

The Christmas processional of Candlelight returns for one weekend only at Disneyland this year, and it’s this coming weekend!  Some are also having déjà vu feelings over the possibility of the subs going away – again, and the old Fantasyland Skyway Chalet also rumored for removal.  You can see the footsteps of Eisner and Pressler sadly still haunting Disneyland, with these awful decisions. ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Newsletter

Finally back after a long year
After a one year break from Disneyland, sbk1234 and family returned, to enjoy the holiday season! Here’s their report!

Submarines to close permanently Jan 4 other bad news
The Disneyland web site says the Nemo Subs will be down from January 6th, until at least the end of September, and rumor has it that it may even be a permanent closing! This sounds like the beginning of the of the Paul Pressler era all over again! Tell us your thoughts about this.

Old Fantasyland Skyway station to be demolished after holidays
You might think the old Skyway Chalet load station might have made the perfect meet and greet location for the Scandinavian Princesses from Disney’s newest animated movie. Sadly, that will not be the case, as the old load station may soon be demolished.

Candlelight 2013 narrators announced
The Disneyland Candlelight Processional is scheduled for this coming Saturday and Sunday, December 7th and 8th! Find out who the Narrators are and other details here, for this traditional Christmas celebration!

MiceChat Newsletter

Disneyland Hotel 1990’s
Oldhotelguy brings us some great photos that are not of the 1950’s and 1960’s, they are of the 1990’s!

Director_Guy’s Halloween Adventures: Mickey’s Halloween Party
Here is part two of my Halloween trip reports. In part one, which can be found here, we went to Halloween Horror Nights. In part two, we went to Six Flags Fright Fest at Magic Mountain, which can be found here.


Would the Disneyland Resort benefit from a Broadway-style theater or a Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster? Join the discussion. ~ Trekkie Dad

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in DL?
Two threads merged into this discussion where you can express your opinion in a poll as to the best place (or not at all) for a copy of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster.

Something rather out of the blue…
DisneylandMaster wonders if a Broadway-style theater would succeed in Anaheim’s Downtown Disney.


This week brings us a broad range of topics, from helping someone with their final project to airplanes, to turnstile free. Oh my! With so much going on, let’s skip the pleasantries and head right to the Walt Disney World forum! ~ YoYoFlamingo

All WDW Parks Are Now Turnstile Free
According to the Disney Parks Blog, the entrance turnstiles are now gone from the Magic Kingdom, the last of the Walt Disney World theme parks to have them removed.

There is magic in the air….LITERALLY!
WestJet has taken Disney Magic to the skies with their new Boeing 737. Check out what makes it so magical!

Question – Needing Help…Please read. What Disney attraction would you invent?
Help out an elementary education major and help her design a Disney Park attraction. Sure, we don’t condone doing someone else’s homework, but at least offer some suggestions to set her on the right track.

How long should I stay at WDW for?
Our weekly travel question comes from Jabroniville who wants to know how long to stay at Walt Disney World for? If Universal and other sights are included, what would be an ideal length for a Florida neophyte?


Trip report 27/11/13
mtlchuck brings us a great trip report from Disneyland Paris.

Hong Kong Disneyland Projects put on HOLD
With the announcement that Disney park projects are being put on hold, MickeyHKP is wondering what this may mean for Hong Kong?

AV Room


Sarah brings us her favorite DLR Christmas Attractions!
Have you seen World of Color: Winter Dreams? What did you think? What’s your favorite addition to Disney Parks during the Holidays?!

The Haunted Mansion Show Episode 1 (PILOT): Welcome Foolish Mortals
Something new has materialized on MiceTube. It seems innocent; just another webshow. But there’s a twist: this webshow is Haunted! Join your “Ghost Host” as he presents a whole new show that will make your bones shiver . . . or not.

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly,  where we talk about Diane Disney Miller, Planes, and Anaheim Produce! DISNEY HISTORY! — Diane Disney Miller passed away recently. We pay tribute to her in this week’s Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George looks at Diane’s book about her father, The Story of Walt Disney, for the Book of the Week! 60 SECOND REVIEW! — Stay grounded with Planes in the 60 Second Review!! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, Anaheim Produce hides this week’s Five Legged Goat!


The Seasonpass Podcast offers their final part of coverage on the 2013 Thea Awards and TEA Summit. Conversations with Chick Russell of Universal Creative on Thea recipient Transformers: The Ride. Also discussion with the creative team behind the Canada Sports Hall of Fame.

Wakefield Report, covers the latest in theme park news! find full notes on this podcast at

Direct Link | iTunes Link

Disafterdark Disney Podcast, This episode has Josh G tells us which Disney video games to spend our hard earned cash on this black Friday!

Direct Link

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, we start with a live report from the parks from Jessie Smith, we then bring you the news, in a slightly different format and then move in to our main topic and that is some armchair creating.

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Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, where your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin are here to share with you that latest SeaWorld news, rumors and inforamtion as we talk about what is happening at all 3 SeaWorld Parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio.

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Window to the Magic: ALSO COVERS WALT DISNEY WORLD! Jeremiah takes you along as he enters The Magic Kingdom for the very first time as a Florida resident and shares his thoughts and feelings as he surveys his new domain!

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Mousetalgia Episode 267: Diane Disney Miller; Wine & Dine Half Marathon

This week, we welcome Joseph Titizian, writer for the Walt Disney Family Museum blog, to join us in a celebration of the life of Diane Disney Miller, with whom Joseph was a good friend.

V24 Disney Radio

This week, V24 Radio brings you Attraction Audio from Disney Parks!

Ride with us all hour starting at 1pm Eastern on V24 Radio!

From Splash Mountain to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Limited Time Listening covers it all!

Don’t miss it!


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MiceChat Newsletter

Windseeker removal begins?
3rdshiftCM reports that a crane has shown up to remove Windseeker from Knott’s Berry Farm.

Construction updates…?
There are construction walls at Universal Studios Hollywood and BogLurch is wondering if there are any updates?

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fruitcakefollies2The wildly popular, private, MiceChat performance of The Fruitcake Follies is now sold out.  But there’s still a chance for yule tide cheer.  To be added to the waiting list send an email with your name and the number of people in your party to [email protected]



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SeaWorld San Antonio Becoming Multiday Destination with Aquatica Expansion
When SeaWorld San Antonio opened in 1988 it was the largest SeaWorld park built at over 250 acres. Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, it was originally envisioned to become a multi-day destination.

Disneyland gets ready for Candlelight as the busy holiday season continues
The holidays are in full swing at Disneyland as the park gets ready to host its annual Candlelight Processional in Town Square this upcoming weekend.

ImagiNERDing Best Disney Books of 2013
2013 was a much slower year for Disney books than 2012. My list of the best Disney books of 2012 had 11 titles on it.

Marvel Iron Man Hulk: Heroes United
George: Marvel, like Pixar, has been on a continuous roll since the release of Iron Man in 2008. They’ve expanded their forays into animation thoughtfully, offering great product with great storylines.

Designed to Thrill: IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013
The typical theme park goer has probably never heard of IAAPA, the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions, let alone the annual IAAPA Attractions Expo.

Cast Blast: Future of the Old West
Welcome back to the Cast Blast, humorous stories from the front line folks who really make the magic. You Must be THIS Tall to Read This Blog! Submitted by: Mountaineer Years ago I was working.

CHILL: An Icy Wonderland at the Queen Mary
The Queen Mary in Long Beach California is certainly becoming an interesting destination to visit. Throughout the year it is an historic destination offering tours, restaurants, shopping and world-class hotel.

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New York City Dreams Tour with Adventures By Disney
Weekend Update reader and contributor igrules recently visited New York City on the inaugural New York City Dreams Tour with Adventures By Disney. She was kind enough to share her trip with us.

2013 Disney Fan Holiday Gift Guide
THE 2013 DISNEY FAN HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE! George: We’ve had a few emails and messages about doing an end-of-year wrapup for The Disney Review.

In The Parks Holiday Edition: What Are We Thankful For
It was a rather busy week at the Disneyland Resort.  The holidays are in full swing with hoards of guests clogging the parks, but it was also business as usual for a resort accustomed to.

The Holidays Have Arrived at Epcot
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for stopping by our column to catch up on what’s new at Walt Disney World.

Defunct Magic Kingdom Attractions “Then and Now”
In 2009, Yesterland visited former Magic Kingdom attractions that were still visible to guests, despite being defunct. Now Yesterland returns to the same locations to see what has changed.

Top Ten Things I’m Thankful for at Walt Disney World
Happy Thanksgiving, MiceChatters! Our family has so much to be thankful for, but I’m taking this column to list my Walt Disney World gratitude, then I want to know yours in the comments below!

Universal Studios Hollywood Launches Grinchmas with Whomanitarian Award
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Did you know that today is not only Thanksgiving but the start of Hanukkah as well? Oh, and one more holiday kicks off today . . . Grinchmas! Yes, Universal’s Grinch themed.

DESIGN: Those Were The Times – No.23 1955 Arrow Development – Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon
Today’s Wheel of Years has stopped at 1955. Most Disneyland fans typically assume that all Disneyland attractions have always been designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), and also manufactured and installed by Disney’s own shops.

Busch Gardens Tampa Is Ready for Christmas
It’s Christmas time at Busch Gardens, our favorite time of the year in the park. In today’s update, we’ll show you the holiday daytime offerings.

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