Dusty and Doug are back behind the microphone with their pals from Super 78 and they’ve got some amazing news that involves you. We’re going to save Walt Disney’s house, the one he was born in! But that’s certainly not all, we take a quick look at the jingle jangle spirit in the theme parks this Christmas season and we’ve also got news, rumors and more about upcoming Disney Imagineering projects.

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You can find out more about the project to save Walt Disney’s birthplace on MiceChat HERE.

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Complete the information below and we’ll enter you in a contest to win one of the limited-edition Walt Disney Birthplace cedar shake wood chip (from the original cedar shake roof material Elias used to build the house) molded into an engraved acrylic block.


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MiceChat Podcast Credits


  • Dusty Sage of MiceChat.com
  • Doug Barnes of the SeasonPassPodcast.com


  • Dena Benadon – CEO and Executive Producer of Super 78. Dena is leading the effort to purchase and restore Walt Disney’s birthplace in Chicago.
  • Brent Young – Principal and Creative Director for Super 78. He’s also the co-host of the Season Pass Podcast.
  • Robert Coker – Co Host of the Season Pass Podcast and employee of Super 78.


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Amazing music by Steve Williard and Andrew Taylor from Amplify This Music

  • mratigan

    Fantastic podcast! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • It’s very exciting. Walts house is in VERY good hands!

  • We had a great time recording this episode and I think Dusty was amazing at capturing a side of the story that hasn’t been discussed before.


    • You mean Robo-Dusty. 😉

      Always fun recording shows with you Doug!!!

  • Kevinsharris

    Hearing that the Star Wars projects may not go through was devastating. I won’t be returning to Disneyland any time soon.

    My Magic Pus sounds like a big boil that needs to be popped.

    • Bob Iger isn’t a stupid man. I think he understand the huge risk the multi-billion dollar MyMagic+ is to the company and he isn’t going to risk further company money until he sees a light at the end of the NextGen tunnel.

      I do think that Star Wars will happen for the parks, the question is when. Disney spent too much money buying Lucasfilms not to leverage those properties in the parks. Let’s hope they fix MyMagic+ soon and that it results in big increases in guest spending.