This brings us to the festivities of December 5, 2013. The well-organized hour began with remarks by local officials, restoration specialists, and by owners Brent Young and Dina Benadon.

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Restoring Walt Disney’s Birthplace.

  • Amazing!! Thank you Werner for the coverage on the event. This is very exciting!

    -Doug 😉

  • Geezer

    Thanks Werner…… It sounds like they plan on doing this project correctly. That’s terrific news.

  • sonnyk155

    I’m offended that you have an ad with Dr. Oz seemingly endorsing a product. At the end of each show he says he’s not selling anything. For you to take money from an organization using Dr. Oz’s image is unethical and disgusting.


    • Werner Weiss

      I also find false endorsements to be offensive. It’s fraud. I assure you that I didn’t select and approve advertising “with Dr. Oz seemingly endorsing a product.” But I do not doubt that you saw such an ad.

      The display ads at are determined and served by Google Adsense. Yesterland’s profile with Google has been set up to block some categories of ads entirely (for example, ads for gambling). Google takes various factors into account when selecting what ads to display — not only the content of the Yesterland page, but also what others sites that you’ve been to recently. A thousand different Yesterland readers viewing the same Yesterland page could see a thousand different ads at the top of the article.

  • hannibal8

    Too bad Henry Ford is not still alive… he’d move the house to Greenfield Village. This sounds like a good Plan B, though. Thanks for reporting on this Werner!

    • Werner Weiss

      I love Greenfield Village. Many historic structures would have been lost forever if they had not been moved to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Mr. Ford died in 1947, but Greenfield Village has kept growing and improving since then.

      However, there’s often something important lost when a historic structure is removed from its original location. The restored Walt Disney Birthplace will be a source of pride to the community and an inspiration to the community’s children. The church that Elias Disney built and where the Disney family worshiped is a short walk from the house. The context is part of what makes the house so special. It was a working class neighborhood when Walt Disney was born, and the neighborhood is remarkably similar today. Other houses on the street are from the same era as the Disney house.

      Ideally, the original house would remain at its original location, and a replica would welcome a steady stream of guests at Greenfield Village.

  • BrentYoung

    Thank you for the wonderful coverage of the Walt Disney Birthplace. We will make sure this site is protected and saved. There is a lot to be learned as we peel back the layers and you will be the first to know. I hope we can engage all the Disney fans on this important journey.