Welcome back to the Mouses Head and thank you for the download.
Our guest this week is Michelle, ex of the Minnie Minxes and now a Disney Dream Girl.

Here’s what the crew is drinking this week. Paul B is on “3 Monts” , Paul D is on Bankside Chardonnay,  Nick is on San Pellegrino and Michelle is having a Magners Cider.

Join us as we chat about some Disney news. Michelle shares news about the new Disney Dream Girls Podcast. Nick gets back on a small soapbox. And the pub singer is back.

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See you all in a short while.
Thanks for listening.

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  • DobbysCloset

    I found the sound levels too unequalized to listen to the podcast. I usually can’t listen to amateur sound recordings at all but I often listen to British programming on YouTube etc. and find it calming and even cute and kinda sexy sometimes. I thought I might try your show since my last visit to an English pub would have been “Shaun of the Dead,” especially since there was a woman’s voice on board but, sadly, could not create a comfortable audio experience for myself. If you want to visit Oregon I can give you some info re good local beer and wine.