Welcome to part 4 of Yesterland’s “then and now” series about Disney California Adventure. Part 3, featuring Paradise Pier, promised a follow-up article with more Paradise Pier comparisons. Here it is! Today, Yesterland looks at more of Paradise Pier in 2002 and 2013.

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: DCA Then & Now, Part 4: More Paradise Pier.

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  • eicarr

    I LOVE these DCA before/afters!!!! Glad they kept the fun/random Route 66 restroom

    Paradise pier has a long way to go though with some of the most boring attraction lines in the resort (ie Midway Madness, California Screaming, Mikey’s Fun Wheel etc.)

  • DisneyDesi

    Wow, those fountains look terrible during the day. I cannot believe they would allow such ugliness to stay around for so long. Couldn’t they lower the fountain bed during the day? Or fill up the lagoon higher than the fountains and then drain it into a retention basin before the show? If Disney can create engineering masterpieces like TOT and Test Track, they should be able to figure out this.

    In the comparisons of the beach photos, the 2013 looks like a scene from WALL-E where the pollution and garbage has destroyed all signs of life. Really the fountains look like rusted garbage.

    • Werner Weiss

      The fountains for World of Color were designed to “disappear” below the surface of the water when not in use, but apparently making that work reliably and consistently has been a problem.

  • richboi117

    I miss Paradise Pier’s blue water and the wave machine! Ugh WOC really makes the water that ugly rust color, even when the fountains aren’t exposed.Talk about an eye sore!