In today’s Mousetalgia, we discuss the benefits and perils of the new MyMagic+ experience at Walt Disney World and review Disney’s Frozen. First, we talk about dining at Walt Disney World, and the resort’s newest feature, My Disney Experience and MyMagic+, a system that has been getting a lot of press lately due to complications and bugs in the system. Technically still in testing, MyMagic+ promises to make vacations at the Walt Disney World resort a dream – but is the experience living up to the hype? Listen to Dave and Becky’s experience with the new system and judge for yourself. In addition, they discuss the holidays at Walt Disney World, and get stranded on Maelstrom. Also, Jeff and Kristen discuss Disney animation’s latest blockbuster, Frozen. Going back to princess-based fairy tales, Disney seems to be falling back into familiar territory, but does Frozen offer something fresh? We debate the merits of this solid box office hit. Plus – a great sweepstakes giveaway, holiday gift giving ideas – and more.

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  • This was a FANTASTIC show! Very well done and much thanks to the entire Mousetalgia crew.

  • wendygirl1979

    About the Frozen twist- at the end of the song (THAT song, I’m avoiding spoiling), my sister turned to me and whispered basically that she knew what was going to happen and of course was right. I’d already seen it at that point, and I was totally surprised. I’m non-observant, and she’s hyper-attentive to detail, so none of this is shocking, but it made me aware that THE song can be read more than one way, especially in retrospect.

  • Thanks Dusty! And wendygirl1979, good point about the song – but I still feel like determining the outcome from that is at best an educated guess. I mean, we all know there’s going to be a plot twist, so it wasn’t difficult to guess where the twist might be, but I just feel like a character in a film should offer at least one solid piece of evidence, however well hidden, that makes their actions throughout the film consistent with who they are. Maybe the song does that – I’ll have to think about that a little. Either way, I can’t wait to see Frozen again – what a fabulous movie… along with Saving Mr. Banks, which I saw last night. It’s a remarkable holiday season from the Walt Disney Studios.

  • Klutch

    This was my first time listening to “Mousestalgia”. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to produce this show. But there seems to be a lot of idle chit-chat which really drags out the timeline. I little chit-chat is fine, but I think the show would be better if compressed a little. Also, the commentators seemed to be at a loss of words and many points during the podcast. Perha’s a little editing would help here?

    While I can appreciate a laid back, conversational show, I think it’s a little excessive. Of course, others may like it this way. But I suspect I’m not the only person to find it overly long.

    • shevys

      I for one think that the banter is what adds charm to the podcast. If they could only get Kristen to stop using the word “like” so much (as in sometimes 10 times in a sentence) the show would be perfect. I for one enjoy it a lot, including this episode. Thanks!

      • Klutch

        I can understand your point. I just think approximately 90 minutes is too long.

        I too found the excessive use of “like” distracting. But I didn’t want to beat on them. They seem like nice people.

    • Sifferz

      That’s just kinda par for the course for the podcasts here; I always listen to them while I do my dishes/laundry, so I have a bunch of time to kill anyway and I enjoy hearing them.